The pogger invented in 1917.

2021.09.19 10:22 WeLikeYaCutG The pogger invented in 1917.

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2021.09.19 10:22 cillabunny2301 No hookups! Looking for subs for my onlyfans. Have content I think you'd enjoy and I always interact with my fans. Tell me what you wanna see and I'll show you. Thanks loves

No hookups! Looking for subs for my onlyfans. Have content I think you'd enjoy and I always interact with my fans. Tell me what you wanna see and I'll show you. Thanks loves submitted by cillabunny2301 to CorpusChristiHookups [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 10:22 scgco A dormant address containing 616 BTC has just been activated after 8.8 years.

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2021.09.19 10:22 Weak-Worldliness1306 🥮 Mooncake 🥮 Launching Now| Earn CAKE while you go to the 🌕

⭐️The first CAKE reflection token with buyback feature. ⭐️Hold $MOONCAKE and get rewarded in CAKE and $MOONCAKE automatically every 60 minutes.
🏮 Total supply 1,000,000,000
🏮 Liquidity will be locked :
🏮 Redistribution - 5% of every buy/sell of $MOONCAKE is redistributed in CAKE to all holders
🏮 Auto Liquidity - 2% of transaction converted into liquidity automatically to create stability
🏮 Anti-Whale system - 2% on sell and buyback to reduce swing-trading and break whale’s control
🏮 Massive Marketing plan - 1% to marketing wallet to fuel this ambitious project and to reward our active community
🎯 Influencer marketing push
🎯 Whitelist spot competition
🎯 Meme contest
🎯 Listing on CoinGecko
🎯 Listing on Coinmarketcap
🎯 Listing on BTOK
🎯 TechRate audit
🎯Partnership with influencer (TikTok, Twitter, Youtube)
Go take a look! u Won't regret it :)🚀
🔹 Contract: 0xd7bd6e18f36d2cb3f90115fe64b0c3292978fc04
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.19 10:22 Raccoonborn Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed

Curious if anyone knows how the game runs on the 3DS? I know the demo runs like garbage with framerate drops, but how is the actual game?
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2021.09.19 10:22 Less_Tennis5174524 What should I use my Game Voucher on?

I have 1 remaining game voucher that expires soon, but I have no idea what to use it on. I've checked out the Switch top sellers list and read reviews but its hard to see what is actually worth it.
Here's the list of game voucher games:
I already own BOTW, Pokemon SwSh, Mario Odyssey, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, Pokemon Lets Go, Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, and Bayonetta 2.
I'm looking for something with good bang for my buck. Stuff like Warioware looks fun but it also seems like something that gets old quick. A plus would be if I can play it coop with my gf, but the only games that seems to offer that are party games, which get old quick.
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2021.09.19 10:22 updownv1zzii Minecraft SMP Live || Java 1.17.1 || Visiting Builds and Gaming! || S1 Stream 6|| Come join us!

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2021.09.19 10:22 AzrealGD NL or Shade for endgame (bossing)

I have both NL & Shade above 170 and decided to main just 1 character. Which class should I choose for bossing and why? Assuming able to fund endgame gears.
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2021.09.19 10:22 cupfullajuice How to backup my OS

I'm a new user of Pop OS but am familiar with linux, recently I had an issue where my screen would go grey on start-up and any help I could find wasn't useful (pressing escape gave no terminal output etc..) Long story short, I had to clean install. Not the end of the world but how can i avoid this issue happening again / how can I restore my OS if I have similar issues needing a clean install?
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2021.09.19 10:22 RUBBERDUCKLOVESCAKE Add some flair

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2021.09.19 10:22 jasonmike12 8D Emotional Detox Music for Healing "Broken Hearts" | Negative Cleansin...

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2021.09.19 10:22 Impro5 Evolution of IPhone

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2021.09.19 10:22 petskona : elegant Boxer Puppies

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2021.09.19 10:22 sahiltanna7 Redditors, what is ur favourite quote or a line that u live by?

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2021.09.19 10:22 i_amdaman [Dishonored 2] Platinum #214

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2021.09.19 10:22 The_Snuggliest_Panda Yall think im good on water or nah.. / nice organized work bench

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2021.09.19 10:22 7sploti QC AJ1 Mocha from SK [QY Batch] ¥270 + ¥50

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2021.09.19 10:22 hazardousmeme Which of these board would work well for DIY wireless headphone DSP ? (And are there others good candidate ? preferably open hardware & software)

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2021.09.19 10:22 vvarmcoffee Frustrated- Post Baby Body Expectations/ Information

I’m currently past my due date and starting to think about life postpartum. I am reading Cribsheet by Emily Oster and she mentions “mummy tummy” or basically, the loose skin and difference in your belly after you’ve had a baby. Which seems to be very common and permanent. I feel pretty at peace with my body and it’s changes and I wanted to look up some pictures of “mummy tummy”- a term I’ve heard many times now- on Google images to get some ideas of what to expect. All of the results were about makeovers, plastic surgery options, creams you can buy, before and after, basically how to pay money to fix your new stomach. I was frustrated and turned to Reddit to see if I could find anything there. I could find a lot more there, but it was all NSFW sexual material. A ton of it. Which I have no great issue with- other that I am unable to find any examples of postpartum bodies where they implication isn’t pay money to fix this or sexualize my mom body. I feel disappointed and frustrated that moms today don’t get the opportunity we had in the past to see other women breastfeed, give birth and move into motherhood firsthand. We may have female friends and family but we don’t live in the same extended family settings we did for so long and we don’t have the same exposure or normalization. I’m sure I could find other examples of “mummy tummy” if I keep looking but I just feel like it’s bullshit that when trying to learn about our new bodies we are inundated with negativity and sexualization. I don’t do social media so maybe that’s a better or worse place but I hope there is some platform that women are getting the message that your new body is nothing to be ashamed of.
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2021.09.19 10:22 SpendEnvironmental20 ⭐️🌜 MoonStar 🌜A new 1000x gem is born on the BSC. Join the next one before takeoff! 🚀

🌜⭐️ MoonStar ⭐️🌛
Contact: 0x0b24785994750e2b3b228caa4512f9adb42262a3
MOONSTAR’s decentralized application will scrape influencer’s posts to determine their outreach based on specified action phrases. Clients can place their influencer advertising budget in trust through the smart contract, which will pay out in MOONSTAR tokens to registered influencers based on how effective their promotion is.
🔌 Connect With Us 🔌
⚖️ Tokenomics: ⚖️
💫 Ownership Renounced
✅ Contract Verified via BSC
💦 Initial Liquidity = 2 BNB
💰 Supply = 1,000,000,000,000
🔥 Initial Burn = 40% (400,000,000,000)
🔒 LP Locked
💰 Dev. Wallets = NONE
💰 Marketing Wallet = 5%
✨ Redistribution To Holders = 5%
💧 Liquidity Fee = 4%
💨 TX Fee = 9%
🍌 Slippage = 11-15%
Offical links:
🐵 Contract Address: 0x0b24785994750e2b3b228caa4512f9adb42262a3
🐵 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 100% LP LOCKED 1 YEAR 💎💎💎
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2021.09.19 10:22 CarbonatedAlt Bonk

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2021.09.19 10:22 mapletian Samsung Fold 3 hinge sound

Hey guys, I just noticed when I open the fold, I can hear the sounding unwarping the candy, very minor, I know it's normal, but I heard another very small popping noise when the fold almost fully open. This only happens when it is folded for a while and unfold it, and not every time. If I heard the noise and close it and open it again, nothing there.
Anyone experience the same thing?
I have got free samsung care plus and $99 front screen option, but still a bit worried. 😆
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2021.09.19 10:22 melix_melica What is the funniest Taylor Swift's lyrics ??

IMO, "Hey, kids! spelling is fun!" is just so hilarious 😂
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2021.09.19 10:22 peepeepoopoobutler How businesses will use NFTs to their advantage

You go to McDonald “yay monopoly is on” you scan QR code on the big mac box, spin a wheel and you earn an NFT prize or property which you add to your NFT board. While little stickers aren’t expensive, they create a lot of waste, using NFT’s could make the process cheaper and more immersive to help keep better track of your game, as well as loyalty to Mcdonalds.
Art galleries will have NFT displays view art on large TVs where you can admire and buy on the spot.
The bottom of your SportChek receipt offers chance to win limited edition NFT by partaking in a survey, partnered with one of their athletes they will be valuable, of course rarity. They also will send random NFT’s in newsletters too, keep you hooked.
Budweiser airs a commercial during the next super-bowl, telling you to “get your quamp on” (future phrase we have not invented) the screen shows a QR code to scan which leads you to download an augmented NFT which will help you “get your quamp on”
Autographs from your favourite celebrity, they use the newly invented app in the future called Celebusign, which turns autographs into unique NFTs by getting signed via persons phone attached to personal, memorabilia background photo.
The future for NFT is here once businesses see the potentials
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2021.09.19 10:22 MLGMassacre So, I see you guys fixed a lot of the issues I was having with my buttons. So I spent the evening re mapping my buttons with some of the new options. Can I make 2 tiny suggestions? And everyone feel free to chime in because if this is just a me problem I'll figure something else out...

Number 1, the dynamic scope focal position: great feature, press the button up to zoom in, press the button down to zoom out. When I selected this option I wanted it right next to my scope select button. But with the scale still under the button, if I make the button big enough to be comfortable. The scale won't go below the bottom of the screen which means there is a minimum, lowest position you can have this feature. It would be nice if we could at least move the scale off the screen.
Number 2, I forget what it's called exactly but the option to merge crouch and prone. Another super great feature, especially for phone users as it frees up space and gives me more room to hit absolutely nothing in a gun fight. I set this option up thinking great, theres a million things I could put in that corner I had the prone button. I spent 20 minutes figuring out what would be best there. Went into a solo gold match..... Now, for humility sake, im just going to explain what happened. I get into the first fight, theres like 2 bots and 4 real people. I hit crouch, fine. Needed to prone, just hold the button, great. Needed to crouch from the prone position. Euhg, that doesn't exsist with this set up. I had to press crouch 2ce, which made me stand up, then crouch. Kinda made me feel like a "whack a mole". Can I suggest if someone picks this option, we press crouch and crouch. You hold crouch, go prone. Press crouch again and go back to crouch OR... press jump to stand. See how nice that would be with 2 buttons.
Now, these are technically new settings for me because my buttons have been messed up for 2 seasons. But if there is a reason either if these 2 suggestions aren't a good idea, let me know. If you know what I'm talking about and agree with the change or have a different idea, leave a comment. Or if im missing something with my set up, let me know that to.
I can provide a video of all the mentioned issues I mentioned...
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