Samsung to introduce smaller S22 to compete with iPhone 13

2021.09.19 10:06 techberg_ Samsung to introduce smaller S22 to compete with iPhone 13

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2021.09.19 10:06 menace2society696969 If you were to die today, what’s the one thing you would regret?

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2021.09.19 10:06 SearchEnvy Gift cards, serial numbers and hard technology

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2021.09.19 10:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Dueling Tunisian protests erupt over president’s power grab

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2021.09.19 10:06 New-Cricket-9828 My second pack today

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2021.09.19 10:06 PCandiceLovell Looking for a sugar daddy Who’s ready to spoil me. 💋💋

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2021.09.19 10:06 VermicelliCareless69 Please help
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2021.09.19 10:06 Early_Ad_4442 How do I get over a manipulative person?

So i’ve been talking to this guy who right from the start has showed clear signs of manipulative behavior, I ignored it at first and kind of just dealt with it because for some reason I really like him and still can’t figure out why considering how terrible i’ve been treated. He’ll act like he likes me and once i’m on board with that he starts to insult me heavily and than ends up block me, making me feel so awful and for some reason still want him. Days later he will unblock me and apologize all while blaming me for the mean stuff HE said until I end up forgiving him and then that whole process is repeated EVERY TIME. I know that this is so toxic and this isn’t something to settle for but I genuinely can’t help but like him. What can I do to get over him? How do I get over the urge to go back to him?
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2021.09.19 10:06 Competitive-Sign-827 [PC SERVER]ArkOrigins OldSchool 2x Harvest Breeding and Taming, 1x Experience-NoMods-BoostedWeight-PVP-SmallTribes-4Man-Cluster-Longterm-**NEW**

[PC SERVER]ArkOrigins OldSchool 2x Harvest Breeding and Taming, 1x Experience-NoMods-BoostedWeight-PVP-SmallTribes-4Man-Cluster-Longterm-**NEW**
Hello everyone,
I'm sick, sick of genesis, tek guns, OP creatures and servers shutting down. ArkOrigins is a community server where like minded people can play the good old ark. So if you are interested please dont hesitate to join our discord and join in the fun.
Server Settings
-Experience 1x, Harvest 2x, Taming 2x
-Breeding 2x, Hatching 2x, Baby Food 0.5x
-Dino Levels: Vanilla (150 Wild, 190 eggs Wyvern + Rock drake)
-Tek Dino, Rock elementals, Griffins and titanosaurs are disabled
-Character + Dino stats Vanilla with the exception of 1.25x Boosted weight.
-PvP server, Structures take 5x less damage on weekdays.
-Tribe Limit 4, Alliances Disabled - No Teaming
-Maps: The Island, Scorched Earth and Aberration.
-Stacks 10x All prime meat, 10x Raw mutton, 10x Wyvern milk.
All unlisted stats and settings are most likely vanilla.
Connection Links
The Island: steam://connect/
Scorched Earth: steam://connect/
Aberration: steam://connect/
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2021.09.19 10:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Israel carries out mass arrests of Palestinians after jailbreak

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2021.09.19 10:06 Tiny_Cook837 Gouketsu throws his signature stadium punch at Golden does he react?

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2021.09.19 10:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Indonesia police kill ISIL-linked leader in Sulawesi shoot-out

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2021.09.19 10:06 -9S6- Join

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2021.09.19 10:06 AntiBullshyt Dorothy Counts - The First Black Girl To Attend An All White School In The United States - Being Teased And Taunted By Her White Male Peers At Charlotte’s Harry Harding High School, 1957

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2021.09.19 10:06 NovaTonalli Weird dream about me having a stalker

So, where do I start I was at my work with my girlfriend at my job at a small mom and pop dinner, I worked as a waiteress while she worked as the cook, psi we have these jobs irl.
In the dream I was late to work and my girlfriend was a mad at me for being constantly late to work (we start at different shifts in the day) and that we had a full house I was surprised because at our job it's usually quite and not alot of people come by. For some reason no one else was at work and it was just the two of us. Apperantly a tour bus came by and it was all old people... So then we were just working doing our jobs just like the usual and then this old geezer basically does a wheres your manager for me adding 1 onion slice instead of two on the burger like he asked. We got fired.
Of course I jokingly blamed my girlfriend for putting 1 instead of two and saying wow we really just lost our job because of 1 slice of onion and we just complained about the old geezer. We then got onto the topic about how were gonna get new jobs we need to pay for our dorms and we are in college. So I got the brilliant idea that we were gonna do a Ransom with my girlfriend! Oh what a romantic date kidnapping someone in a van. Truly what a keeper of a girlfriend I am. A true forbidden partner in crime love story that will keep you up at night.
So night comes I somehow have a white van, I just summoned it from thin air or something. I drive through a shady alleyway that was big enough for me to drive my white van through. I then think I hear cop sirens I step on the paddle and then boom I ran someone over. I was shocked to say the least. Me and my girlfriend checked to see if the man was alive we were just trying to kidnap someone we didn't sign up for murder. He was bloody all over but I still checked if he had a pulse and he was alive just unconscious guess that takes care of the getting him in the van situation. So we tie him and my girlfriend helps me carry him to the van. He was a young man about our age and looked like a college student like us.
So then we go into an abandoned building (we live in a city btw) so there's other buildings around we go through the alleyway through the backdoor of the building and tie him up into a chair in the basement. So my girlfriend tries to call the cops to make a Ransom but it wasn't working. So we tried figuring out why so we turned on the TV and watched the news it said that there was a murdered corpses in the same alleyway we kidnapped the guy. I start freaking out what happens if they find DNA evidence at us near the crime scene we can't make a Ransom now they'd trace us back.
The guy wakes up in the only one in the basement with him he of course is blindfolded but he is strangely calm of course he asked why was he was. Strange usually someone would as who or where they were kidnapped by. So I decided to get information out of him about who his family or friends were so we can make them pay the ransom instead of the cops. So I asked what his parents phone number was he said he had none, then for siblings phone nope, then I asked for his grandparents which he also had none. So then I asked him if he had any friends and he said he had none. At that point I was pretty pissed everything had been going wrong, first we got fired, then we did a Ransom where we almost killed a guy, literally were near a crime scene during the kidnapping, and now this guy who has no connections. So we kidnapped a guy for no reason. We weren't gonna kill him because I had my morals and it was only a bluff to get money. Look alright I'm find with kidnapping but I wont cross the line of murder. So I thought he was lying I tried playing bad cop to get information out of him. But he- he... Was turned on by it, by me hitting and yelling at him. It creeped me out that he was a masochist.
So I stopped I felt bad for the guy he got into this whole mess and I was now abusing a guy who's an orphan with no friends. I felt bad... So I talked to him about how I didn't mean for this to go so bad this whole day. He asked me why I was trynna do a Ransom in the first place so I started explaining to himself and I was talking to him about his trauma and how he's an orphan and how hard that is and how he never made any friends. We slowly got to know each other and our struggles our lives our hobbies yada yada.
I then decided after a few hours of talking to let him go biggest mistake of my dream life, I untied him and he somehow got the gun out of my hand and pointed it to my head so I wouldn't try any funny business trying to tell for help from my girlfriend who was upstairs. He then called me cute and all that shit and how he felt bad for me I was gonna die this way since I was so "cute" and that "it was a shame such a pretty girl was gonna die by his hands". Crying hysterically as he has me in a neck choke I couldn't think straight so I couldn't focus on what the guy was saying. He then decided not to kill me but brought the gun with him and basically left on his own accord.
A few days later we get re hired at the same mom and pop shop because they realized that they were already low staff and no one else wanted the job. So hurray for us. A couple of days later a guy comes in full hoodie on didn't think anything of it and he became a regular customer day after day and it went in for months I definitely thought it was kinda weird that after the incident this guy just kept coming back hood on same spot of the dinner orders the same thing every single day with no exceptions
Eventually I go out to throw out the garbage one day at the back of building the guy followed after me and said he was the guy we kidnapped and that he could tell the police but he said he was the serial killer who killed THOSE PEOPLE IN THE ALLEYWAY! And that he killed other people with the gun that I held with my fingerprints on it! (He wore gloves). He said he was going to pin his crimes on me if I don't do what he says and that I can say goodbye to my freedom as I will rot in jail forever known as a serial killer. If he brings in that evidence and since we did try to put a Ransom on him it would be the perfect crime to frame is and make himself look like the victim.
So he told me to follow him back into the alleyway I did, he didn't have any weapons on. He then uses the wipe thingy to knock me out cold as he put it over my mouth for a few minutes. He puts me in his truck I assume and drives me over to his basement where he says "The kidnapper has become the kidnapped how ironic! <3" I'm freaking out of course thinking he's gonna torture me and how I fell for his stupid trick.
He told me he was stalking me everywhere not just dinner and I hadn't noticed. I asked how he knew it was me... He said it was the same sweet voice he heard at the dinner I worked at and that he instantly recognized as the same voice that kidnapped him. He said it started out as a way to pin it on me trying get as much evidence from me so that he can pin me on the crime but it slowly turned into an obsession finding out every little thing about me from what colored toothbrush I had, to my blood type, as well as my college dorm roommate.
It was all a love obsession I asked him what's wrong with him and he said that what's wrong with him is that I keep him up at night that in the one who haunts him in his dreams, always having intrusive thoughts of me and the thoughts of me never going away in his mind. So I basically lived out the rest of my life in his basement the end and then I woke up.
Weirdest dream I ever had.
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2021.09.19 10:06 TheGoldenBananaGirl Celsius Network Reward | Join and get up to $110 Bitcoin as well as earning interest on all your crypto deposits! (Worldwide, Global Offer)

Sign-up to Celsius Network and get up to $110 free BTC and earn interest on all your crypto deposits! Make sure to follow these steps. Referral Bonus now increased to $50! And promo codes gives $60 BTC
Step-by-step Guide:

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  3. Verify ID
  4. Send at least $400 USD in crypto in ONE deposit. Don't send multiple small deposits, send it all at once. (Recommend a little bit over $400 to account for market changes)
  5. Leave it for 30 days without withdrawing a single penny. You get interest during this period. (It doesn't matter if it drops in value over the 30 days, as long as you deposit over $400 and leave it 30 days, you get the money.)
  6. Get $50 total free Bitcoin! Withdraw it for free (no blockchain or gas fees) or leave it and carry on earning interest.
Other Codes for new and existing users:
STABLE10: Deposit $50 in USDT or USDC and receive $10 in BTC for free.
STABLE50: Deposit $200 in USDT or USDC and receive $50 in BTC for free!

Don't withdraw anything from the app until the bonuses are credited (30 days), or they will be cancelled.
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2021.09.19 10:06 Agertudici Me tryna do anything in a patient room at 2am

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2021.09.19 10:06 BrokenScientist Why do I feel so ugly?

Before I met stbxh, I was so confident. I loved the way I looked and was fairly happy with what I got. I'm not a model but I was happy with what god gave me.
Now, after he cheated and everything was falling apart in front of my eyes. I have never felt so ugly in my life. People still hit on me and tell me I'm pretty, but nothing helps.
The ugliness is from inside. Like, if he didn't appreciate my looks and went looking for something better. Maybe I am ugly?
Anyone else felt this way? What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful again?
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2021.09.19 10:06 Umnsstudennt Life was ruined by family and doctors

I’m severely heavy metal poisoned right now as a result of my doctors lying to me about the safety of MRI contrast, I extensively asked them questions beforehand and they flat out LIED to me. My parents weren’t involved at all in my health issues or getting me better. Now I’m in chronic pain everywhere and literally my brain is broken and I started the year with a 4.0 GPA in one of the best business colleges in the US now I struggle to remember basic things and my brain recognize the lapse in memory and sends me into an anxiety attack when it realizes how broken it is. I knew something was wrong the first day of the MRI and I told my parents, but they didn’t help me and omg did I fucking crash hard I couldn’t move and felt like 1,000lbs and the world felt completely distorted and blurry, I leveled out a little bit and still begged my parents for their help and they didn’t help me and I would just lay in bed 24/7 waiting to die. I had Togo to the ER at least 40 times and called the ambulance 5 times because I suffered MCAS and severe pancreatitis from the heavy metal, but yet my parents still didn’t help me and I was living at home at that point because I couldn’t live in my apartment anymore by myself. I’ve gone tot he psych ward 3 times to just get a break from the stress and my family who angered me by not caring and each time I went they tried to push me on psych meds. I went last week and the doctor seriously diagnosed me with severe schizophrenia and tried to have me committed for 6 months because he said my health issues are a delusion, I have multiple labs results that show I was poisoned and 3 other doctors who would support what I was saying, but he wouldn’t have it and contacted the county petitioning for my commitment, thankfully the county denied it and I was released, but I was so upset and stressed over this especially since he told me nothing about the petition and lied to me and my parents about everything. Since then I’ve just had an awful time every second of the day because of my condition and just the traumas of no one helping or caring. I just don’t see a purpose anymore even though im only 20 and had so much going for me. I just feel like I hate everyone and everything now and I just can’t relax and have a laugh anymore so im contestant lay in pain and stressed.
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2021.09.19 10:06 horny_ass_simp How would ASG advance to God Almighty?

If I remembered, To advance to GA he still needed the uniqueness and seq 1 characteristics from the Storm, Sun, and White Tower pathway. In order for him to temporarily become half a GOO, He needed to become a dual pathway god and accomodate the corresponding sefirah and it would be easier if he was from the hanged man or visionary pathway (which the two pathways he is currently in control of)
Then he could envision the remaining fake uniqueness and characteristics, allowing ASG to temporarily obtain the strength that of half a GOO.
How is he supposed to advance? Like, during the time he is envisioning that he has the uniqueness and characteristics, he would try to accomodate then he would advance to a complete GOO despite it only being imaginary?
Would it be after he ascend to GA, he would then only have the visionary and hanged man since that was the only pathway he had in the first place?
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2021.09.19 10:06 iiFloofy_Gacha Idk what to title this lol

Is it fine to handle piggies with covid 19???
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2021.09.19 10:06 Faentildeg No Bailout for Evergrande? CCP allows strategic bankruptcy to screw over foreign bond holders.

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2021.09.19 10:06 Verticallyismyname "Pixelated Ron isnt real he cant hurt you,, Pixelated Ron:

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2021.09.19 10:06 A_random_kid69 Noob, should have taken the mythic one

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2021.09.19 10:06 Awkward_Macaroni_ Does anyones workplace use the slang term "fotos" in place of "photos" during the editing process? If so, is this a common slang word in journalism?

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