2021.09.19 10:58 Impossible-Ad5951 Free

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2021.09.19 10:58 3380AD Generating beyond 1050 years, is it possible?

I just got myself a new machine. It's what we could call a decent gaming machine, which while not crazy, is quite the upgrade compared to what I had before... I, now, don't need a full day to generate a 1050 years large world, for instance.
Now, here's the thing, I'm a bit stupid, and curious. I wonder how far I can go with this newfound power... Such as, how much I can generate. 1050 years on a small world is fairly fast now, and I wonder how long I could keep on generating... 1500 years? 2000? Even more? Who knows.
The problem is that we don't seem to be able to generate beyond 1050 years of history... Is it even possible to do that? I mean other than just playing and waiting for yeras to pass. And if the answer is a yes... How so?
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2021.09.19 10:58 CachitoVolador Posted 92 days ago by u/Jamie-Vu. If you plan on contributing any of your shares to the Infinity Pool, consider transferring them to Computershare to be held in your own name.

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2021.09.19 10:58 aphective Merv & Jaye P. Morgan - How To Be A Star

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2021.09.19 10:58 flavius-as Factory method inside Value Object

I'm going to describe a design decision which is probably going to bring a lot of hate and downvotes, however I see only upsides to it, so maybe you guys can show a better to do it and make your answer visible and help others, by upvoting the question too. So, here it goes...
I have a value object which is basically an input to the whole application, coming in via the URL (a web app). Let's call it SupplierId.
It is fundamentally a string, with the caveat that there is a known list of valid strings, bounded.
The current design decision is to also have a factory method inside the SupplierId::getSupplier() -> Supplier, which creates the supplier-specific object corresponding to the value of the SupplierId.
The rationale: the decision ("which supplier is it?") is already made by the user, who enters the URL, so that decision should not be made a second time in a factory class of sorts, nor should we second-guess ourselves, i.e. have a single decision point in the code, which leads to less bugs.
It definitely leads to less bugs because it's not possible\1]) to add a new SupplierId, without also adding it to the factory method, so there's no situation like "Oh, I forgot to add the string in both the SupplierId, as well as a new if in the SupplierFactory".

Do you consider having a factory method inside the VO a good decision?
Why, why not?
\1]) Well, it is, if a programmer want to write bad code, he really can, but he's less likely because the rest of the design makes it easier for him to write better code and it requires more effort to write bad code. That is for me a sign of a better design
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2021.09.19 10:58 jAmsagent47 What's the best comeback to "damn that's crazy"?

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2021.09.19 10:58 zeah20000 Toosie Slide surpassed 800 million streams on Spotify! It's his 14th song to reach this milestone. The most of any artist!

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2021.09.19 10:58 bloodreaper28 how much worth is a griffin?

i dont know what trades good or bad
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2021.09.19 10:58 trailer8k This is most likely what was going through their heads

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2021.09.19 10:58 Mr_8_Tap I don’t want to be a tree

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2021.09.19 10:58 Fordladyusa Is a AMD 5600x worth it over a 11400f/10400f - Paired with GTX 1080 and 144hz 1440p?

I am upgrading a old PC and using the GTX 1080, just considering if a 5600x is worth it over the new intel CPUS. I will keep my PC for 2/3 years.
I do not play many games that are really intensive.
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2021.09.19 10:58 BashfulTendencies Bashful tendencies - Little lights. This is an original piece it took 5 hours to write, record, and release. Little lights is also the first song I have ever written with a ukulele. I hope you enjoy the song, and have a peaceful day.

Bashful tendencies - Little lights. This is an original piece it took 5 hours to write, record, and release. Little lights is also the first song I have ever written with a ukulele. I hope you enjoy the song, and have a peaceful day. submitted by BashfulTendencies to IndieMusicFeedback [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 10:58 Cher2hot Anti-vaxxer forgets one important detail about the Black Plague

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2021.09.19 10:58 Aromatic_Buddy_4374 SST Blled Stuck on Progress

Im playing SST bleed and im basically going to cap at around 1 mil dps with further improvements being less than 5% for multiple EX. Asked some people for what to change to since im basically capped at 1mil dps with just 3EX worth of equipment. Also starting to die more often than I can gain exp at lvl90 doing red alched maps.
Has to be a duelist build. Someone told me to change to impaler crit and im not sure how to go about doing so/how expensive that would be to make it better than what I have currently, but others say any SST is absolute trash and does no damage when ive asked in a discord build group.

Well, im stuck with Duelist anyway since I only have a week left to play the game before new world comes out and i wont have anymore time to play. Im not sure how much currency I will need to make impale better than SST bleed so im hesitant to swap without knowing anything, and ofc changing to some impale build is no use if it makes me squishier, as I already die too much in red maps with a supposedly tanky glad build.

I have about 3EX just in chaos/ex but could make a lot more from all the expedition currency and books I havent really used yet.

For any curious this is what Im running atm:
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2021.09.19 10:58 HOWISTHATTAKE A rusty gate leading to a house

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2021.09.19 10:58 a-r-c-h [FS] [EU-UK] SuperMicro X9DRi-LN4F+ Homelab Server
I’m moving house later this year and want to sell my homelab server as it’s not being used anymore. It’s a great machine for tinkering and learning as it has a lot of resource behind it. Some great individual components inside.
Components: - 80GB DDR3 ECC RAM - 2 x Intel E5-2650 v2 CPU - SuperMicro X9DRi-LN4F+ - NVIDIA GT 710 (no onboard graphics) - Phanteks Ethnoo Pro (Giant case for E-ATX Motherboard) - EVGA 750W 80+ GOLD PSU - H200 IT HBA - 2 x Cooler Master Hyper 212 X Fans
I researched the entire part list for a while compiling eBay and new parts. It’s served me well but isn’t used any more but is a great lab server that is nice and quiet.
Wouldn’t want to post as it’s heavy and delicate. I’m based on the south coast of the UK.
Make me an offer looking for around £350 for it all.
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2021.09.19 10:58 akimbofmg9 Gather rates and eco changes in AoE IV compared with AoE II

u/Koala_eiO asked what are the changes in eco in AoE IV compared with AoE II. I wanted to reply shortly, but…decided to create a dedicated post instead in the end. Not sure if this has been covered somewhere else already (if so, could be a blind test validation instead).
All the values use in-game timer in a multiplayer session (vs AI, as Britons aka English) which matches real-time (observed <1 sec deviation vs real-time in a 10 min recording). They are obtained from 60 FPS recordings, aside for base construction times (they are borrowed from the tech tree). Note that (ranked) AoE II DE uses a ~×1.66 gamespeed, but its coded values match the timer displayed in-game (showing ×1.0 gamespeed itself); they were obtained from Advanced Genie Editor (imagine if AGE existed for AoE IV…).
Gather rates (theoretical, no upgrades/civ bonuses; walking/bumping not accounted for) ended up being at least twice as high in AoE IV (AoE IV vs AoE II):

Vill creation time is only 20% less (20 vs 25 sec), and they still cost 50 food. In real-time, vills actually take longer to produce (it's ~15 real-time sec in DE);
All in all, villagers pay off way faster, and you bank way more res if you play it like AoE II. Vills also move faster (tooltip displays the correct speed) while the map itself is smaller (1v1 ("micro") map is only 102 tiles (17 mills with surrounding farms fit inside the accessible area) vs 120 tiles for tiny maps in AoE II);
Build time vs number of vills (including Landmarks) formula seems to not have changed since AoE II:
t(constr) = t(coded) ÷ (0.67 + 0.33n),
where n is number of vills, and t(coded) is time for 1 vill to build the building. (Tested on barracks building with from 2 to 6 vills and a Britons' Feudal Landmark with 5 builders.) Rephrased, the formula means: the first vill builds at full rate, every other vill builds at 1/3 rate.
House build time is 40% less (15 vs 25 sec, same real-time), and it grants 10 pop for 50 wood → much less time spent on houses in general; like in AoM, you can pre-build units to 99% if pop-capped;
Drop-off sites are twice as cheap and are constructed almost twice as fast (20 vs 35 sec), so refreshing lumbercamps is probably more viable now (don't forget they are hotkeyed on "Q" → "E" now by default), assuming you will chop through the wood faster with these gather rates, though chopping the trees down takes longer in AoE IV;
Farms cost 75 wood (37 for Britons), are seeded faster (6 vs 15 sec (fun fact: Incas in AoE II are still worse with 8 sec, lol)), and do not deplete; they are easy to build around the mill using this trick. Here is a small discussion on the farm mechanics. Whether farm food production cap (0.4 f/sec in AoE II) or something like that exists in AoE IV is unknown to me.
TCs cost 400w, 300s, take 120 sec to construct, and can be built in Feudal;
Eco upgrades can be researched starting in Dark Age, but take much more time (45–75 sec vs 20 sec for DBA/Horse Collar in AoE II). There are no Horse Collar line mill upgrades, but bonus hunt gather and farm gather exist. Wheelbarrow and ageing up do not block vill production.
Gather rate upgrades seem to stack additively (used to be multiplicatively in AoE II). Tested for "theoretical" gather rate of farmers, i.e. while in collecting animation: ~0.75 f/sec w/o upgrades, ~1.0875 f/sec with all gather rate upgrades, but no Britons' bonus – would be ~1.14 f/sec if multiplicative stacking was the case;
Resource storage: Trees have 150 wood, sheep/berries 250 food, deer 350 food, boar and deep fish 2000 food. Gold and stone ore veins have 2 sizes like in AoM: 8000/4000 gold and 4000/3000 stone;
Placing a farm while carrying wood/gold/stone does not give those res (still works for food, but it is not dropped off instantly).
And of course, ding-ding.
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2021.09.19 10:58 CRDespo What's more fitting for a paladin 1h or 2h

Basically the title
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2021.09.19 10:58 DependentEither9423 Raah

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2021.09.19 10:58 999JWRLD_ [QC] TJ sneakers - Panda dunk low - 148¥

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2021.09.19 10:58 Berabouman Is Getter Robo Arc anime finished? Also any other good ones out there?

The last Getter Robo I watched was Armageddon and that really shook my world - if you talk about an anime with your therapist it's a good one :)
Yes I Googled before I wrote the query above.
Getters have been hit or miss in recent years, didn't know about Devolution until recently. Any good? Shin (not Armageddon) was kind of disappointing TBH.
Believe in the power of the Getter!
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2021.09.19 10:58 JardexXmobilecz Can yall blink with one eye?

My sis told me not many people can. I need answers.
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2021.09.19 10:58 mild-eccentricity Humiliation

I was once a rat, scuttling beneath the bellies of red-eyed bulls. I heard only the banging of blood against ear and moved only to lurch from death-hungry horns. They demanded tribute and I paid with pride.
Years have since drained pass. Humiliation has seeped away as smoke etching haunting ghosts in midnight’s canvas. I see them as I see my scars – white cold imprints on new-born flesh. With time, they too shall pass.
I now sit perched up high. A hawk. I hunt down those memories to keep hunger at bay and collect their remnants – decapitated bull heads as trophies. But still, the thundering of hooves echo and my feathers betray a weak bristle.
A work in progress :) If you would like, please tell me what parts I should expand on or reduce. Thanks !
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2021.09.19 10:58 indiareef Looking for low fat ideas?

It can often be hard to find ideas for low fat meals. It’s especially difficult to maintain a low fat diet when you’re eating out.
I’ve found that knowing which foods are specifically low fat or “healthy” fats goes a very long way. Knowing these specific foods means I can quickly scan a menu and find a meal that’s most likely to be “safe” even if nutritional info isn’t available.
This low fat foods list is great for giving you general ideas.
Do you have any tricks for easily picking low fat options?
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2021.09.19 10:58 mrkambo Upgrades and Artwork

I'm hoping someone can help before I lose my mind, I spent a lot of time browsing posterdb and sorting out artwork for my movies, all the artwork is stored inside the folder of the movies and emby picks it up as it should
When radarr upgrades a movie and copies the new file over, it removes the old movie folder and along with it the artwork, creates a new folder and then copies said movie. I only noticed this the other day.
Went back through the last 5/6 movies radarr upgraded and it appears the same the custom art work is removed
Is there any way to stop radarr from removing folder and only removing said movie file, I searched through the options but couldn't see anything super obvious
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