Best priced tow bar?

2021.09.19 11:08 peanutbuttergelato Best priced tow bar?

Where can I find a tow bar (and fitting) for a good price?
Apparently there's a place in the Hutt that used to run specials in October.
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2021.09.19 11:08 alcervix How do you get the Dow , Nasdaq , etc. to run on Robinhood ?

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2021.09.19 11:08 RedTideStories [Satire] Peas in a pod

“You look ridiculous, you know that?” Peng crossed his legs as he leaned to the back of his chair, having one of those mini heart attacks as he thought he was going to fall over from leaning too much but turned out he was fine. He was not sure whether that split second of panic showed on this face.
“Oh yeah? Go say that again in front of a mirror.” Yun raised an over-plucked eyebrow that would make the thinness of a piece of paper shy. It was probably wise to have put on her glasses when she was trimming them this morning. A lesson had been learned and this was definitely a mistake not to repeat again.
Peng scoffed. He glanced at the girl with stickman arms for eyebrows and slowly gazed at that piece of card above those one-dimensional entities.
Yun tried her best to concentrate on the card on the boy’s face, ignoring that ever-so cocky look. Whenever she could think of something, he would jolt a bit, make a face as if he had something caught in his zipper, and threw her train of thought into the rushing rapids after an imaginary bridge collapsed from some TNT.
“Stop it.” She raised her upper lip.
“Stop what?” He raised his arms, nearly stumbling from this shift of his center of gravity before putting his feet down to stabilize himself.
“Ugh...” She rolled her eyes. For a moment it looked like a stickman was doing an arm wave on her forehead.
“Let’s get this over and done with.” Peng sighed. He knew he should not have taken that stupid bet. They said play stupid games and win stupid prizes. This time was not an exception. Not trusting the stability of his chair after all, he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his lap, gazing at the card on Yun’s forehead. The sudden closure of distance between their faces nearly made her jump off her seat. Realizing her gut reaction to slap him in the face might prolong the entire affair, she dug herself deep in her seat to make sure any unexpected movement would not lead to an unwarranted kiss. She too found her eyes fixated on the card on Peng’s forehead.
“Tacos.” Yun stopped breathing as soon as she could feel a puff of air on her face.
“Mexico!” She ripped the card off her head and the green-white-red tricolor with an eagle biting a snake on a cactus immediately confirmed her answer. Before confronting Peng, she instinctively used the card to fan that nasty stench away from her face. “Come on, that was way too easy! Besides, I’m supposed to be the one asking questions first!”
“I thought we all wanted to finish everything quickly?” Peng raised his eyebrows in confusion. Honestly, he never knew what was going on in her head.
“Yeah, but at least do it properly!” Yun protested. Now the imaginary stickman looked like he was making the letter Y with his arms. Peng wondered if he could also do M, C, and A? “You know when they watch this, they’re gonna say it’s not good enough and will make us do it again right?”
“Fine. Fine” He sighed as he glanced at his phone that was propped up by a cardboard box. As if being here was not enough, he did not want to imagine the humiliation brought by the people who made them film this later. “You’re doing a history degree right? Then let’s ask those history questions then.”
“F… Fire away.” She was taken back by his seriousness and leaned back into her chair. This was a rare sight.
“Uhm… What happened to this country last century?” He immediately blurted one out that first crossed his mind.
“World war two?” She said after she thought hard and rolled her eyes before meeting his half-closed ones.
“Yeah that’s helpful. And the century before that?” Peng took another deep breath. His patience was really wearing off.
“White people fucked your country up.” She brushed her fingers across her brow ridge. Perhaps she really did over-pluck them.
“Yeah. Thanks. That’s very specific.” He let a very audible tsk out to make sure she heard that just in case she did not catch that hint of sarcasm. “Were there Americans?”
“Yup, the Yanks were involved.” Well that certainly narrowed down most of the world he thought. “Any… Military interests?”
“Getting the Yanks out of Asia-Pacific? Yup. Ah, also expanding its influence down there too.” She pulled her phone out to look for some eye-brow trimming tutorials to avoid this tragedy from happening again.
“One-party state?” Peng was sure this question would finally confirm his answer.
“Er. Yup.” Yun paid no attention to him at all as she scrolled through the options presented to her on her phone.
“Imperial Japan!” He let out his signature smirk of victory that looked so cocky it might warrant a slap or two even from strangers.
The tapping on her phone stopped. Probably because Yun nearly dropped it and was struggling to stop gravity from smashing it onto the floor.
“Come on, it has to be that! Gunboat diplomacy from Admiral Perry? Building a whole navy to mess with the Americans? Invading all the way to Australia’s doorstep? A fascist one-party dictatorship? How is it not Japan?” Peng gave another grin at her.
Yun sat there speechless, staring at him, with her phone in her hands. Peng shook his head and peeled the card off his forehead. Instead of the white flag that bore the red rising sun, he was greeted with an angry red flag speckled with five yellow stars.
Peng leaped off his seat, knocking it clumsy onto the floor, as he scuttled towards his phone and nearly crashed into the table it was on face front. He was fine doing the whole thing again as long as this video did not exist.
For more like this, please visit our sub RedTideStories or our blog on
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2021.09.19 11:08 Subversivo-Maldito La cifra de jóvenes que ni tienen empleo ni cursan estudios en España es escandalosa...No solo ha revertido en 2020 un descenso que venía registrando desde 2016, sino que ha escalado al segundo lugar en los países de la OCDE.

Un 19,9% de jóvenes de entre 18 y 24 años no tiene ocupación alguna en España según el informe Education at a Glance 2021 que ha publicado esta organización internacional. La pandemia ha agravado dos de los problemas sistémicos que arrastra España y que lastran su desarrollo y su equiparación a la media europea: la dificultad en la incorporación al mercado laboral y la gran tasa de desenganche de los jóvenes de los circuitos formativos. La brecha de género en esta cuestión, además, solo empeora la foto final.
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2021.09.19 11:08 slowpoke_76 MBTI/Gender interpretation

I am not an MBTI expert. I saw this data on personality types by gender.
Used those percentages to calculate what percent of men/women are I/E, N/S and so on.
Following is the result (rounded to nearest whole number):

Now, can the following be interpreted from this data (assuming data is correct and represents the population) ?
  1. Women are more inclined to the "Feeling" side.
  2. People in general are more inclined to the "Sensing" side.
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2021.09.19 11:08 CCeenesi Coupon NexTool XPH50.2 2000lm 6500K 380m USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight Set With Powerful 26650 Li-ion Battery 💶 Price: 28.00 EUR ⬇️ COUPON here ⬇️

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2021.09.19 11:08 LavaSharkyBoi Help im stuck in Ectoplasm

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2021.09.19 11:08 Haryn1910 Do Space Marines wear casual clothes when off-duty or on diploma missions?

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2021.09.19 11:08 Et_AdAstra check me

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2021.09.19 11:08 TIFIIH1271 I [22M] am in a three year relationship and I was trying to be flirtatious at a club.

First thing I want to say is that I didn’t cheat on her, I did however try to flirt and wanted a girl to notice me. I feel so horrible for wanting to do that. I was also drunk but that isn’t an excuse at all. I realized after that I didn’t want this and that I won’t ever do it again. I felt so low after doing that. I’m so sorry.
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2021.09.19 11:08 StErMi87 Build personal office workspace from scratch: suggestions to what to buy?

Hi there everybody, I just finished painting the "office" room and I need to buy furniture to create the perfect workspace/nerd cave.

At the moment the only thing that I have over there is my desk (IKEA tabletop + drawers like everyone :D) but now I need to add more. I already have a chair.

I have a ~14/15mq room to accommodate things so from your experience what could I add to my IKEA cart to start building the office room?
In this room, I would like to both be able to do my "normal" work but also relax like reading books so maybe an armchair + those small rounded coffee table
What should I buy? Suggestions for cable management under the desk? Show me your office/nerd cave room so I can take inspiration
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2021.09.19 11:08 chris1234567889472 How would you like to see housing fixed?

A recent post asked whats the worst thing about living in the UK. The answer was overwhelmingly housing. Would you tax 2nd homes more? Approve more new builds? Cap the relative amount of rent that can be charged on tenants depending on house value? Or do you think it doesn't need fixing?
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2021.09.19 11:08 aperson72 Last dungeon help

I'm at the astral convergence zone in Rena but I can't get passed this barrier blocking my way.Am j missing something?
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2021.09.19 11:08 Hot-Entry-3538 Looking to join a clan

I can farm or pvp I’m not a noob Psn- EEZzy—__—clapZ
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2021.09.19 11:08 RehaanMd [CBSE 10th Grade Geometry] I don't think A.S.S. is a similarity postulate, but it seems to work here?

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2021.09.19 11:08 FoundationRelevant37 Holup

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2021.09.19 11:08 _dysthymia Spotted this Windows Update screen inside a mall in Poznań

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2021.09.19 11:08 Hells0 Cuts like a paper!

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2021.09.19 11:08 ceffyl_gwyn What's the plan for the digital economy?

Under the previous culture minister, it looked like something serious was being developed with regards to regulatory reform and support for the sector. This seemed sensible, it feels like the digital economy could be an important part of a whole bunch of Boris' strategies, from levelling up to international scientific advantage.
However, it seems quite clear that Nadine Dorries is very much coming in prioritising the 'culture' part of her brief rather than the 'digital' part. It also seems clear, with 8 ministers in 10 years, that DCMS is not taken especially seriously as a department
So what happens to digital? What do you think this government's plans are, and what should they be?
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2021.09.19 11:08 gallifrey_fall The mask is too wide

My fencing mask is too wide for my head... Any tips on how to make it a bit more tight? I can't squeeze the maskr because then I'm afraid that I won't be able to get in with my glasses (can't fence without them)
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2021.09.19 11:08 Stressed_robot A couple of questions please.

Hi all.
I (a relatively new driver) am thinking of buying a CX-5, would you go for the petrol/gas or diesel engine? Also, what is your opinion on the 2022 model? To me the face looks like a grumpy old man. I think I prefer the look of the 2021 model. I live in Japan if that makes any difference.
Thank you. Happy driving.
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2021.09.19 11:08 BentuCocea TFW. Posting Mio content daily until she joins r/Hololive, Day 313

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2021.09.19 11:08 WindingLostWay [Sensible suggestions only please] Can anyone suggest a way to help me feel better about my daughter missing David Guetta at the Isle of Wight festival last night...?

She's only 14, but has spent years watching EDM shows / Tomorrowland videos on YouTube and was really looking foward to it. But after a long hot day she was just too tired and had to go home with her mum. I'm sure it's not lots of peoples cup of tea, but I'm just gutted she missed it. I have a horrible feeling that was kind of a singular chance for her... she's clearly too young for clubs for years, other edm events are miles / months away and far too big, and we're living down on the Isle of Wight so getting to anything is a pain. Sooo....
Aside from big festivals, are there smaller, shorter events that take place around the year that are not adult only? If _your_ young daugher wanted to see some crushingly loud EDM live what would _you_ do?
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2021.09.19 11:08 Cheesyman7269 It was just a trolling.

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2021.09.19 11:08 RayneJC Persian Rugs

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