A pic I found from my Japan trip a while back, does this count?

2021.10.16 13:39 killmonger_v1 A pic I found from my Japan trip a while back, does this count?

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2021.10.16 13:39 stinkusmink Midas x Skolyx collaboration service boot [initial impression]

This is my first attempt at this, please be gentle.
Manufacturer: Midas Model: service boot Leather: Yogyakarta pull up? (Theres a very wordy explaintion of the leather but its apparently tanned by a single guy at Yogyakarta) Color: "brown" more of a congac in my opinion. Construction: hand sewn welt with leather toe and heel stiffeners. Leather lined. Last: Edlyn Eyelets: 7 brass Sole: black dainite
These boots are sone manner of collaboration between midas boot maker and Swedish shoe shop Skolyx. According to skolyx they are a bit different from what can normally be had in terms of service boot MTO from midas in terms of construction but i have no real point of reference for this. This appears to include -simplified seams to make them sleeker -leather structure in the toe and heel -A custom insole
The boots arrived in quite a nice box with gold embossed logos of the collaboration as well as a faux leather texture to the black part. Inside each boot was individually tucked into black bags with more golded logos on them. I have no reference if this is normal but It made me feel like an absolute king for a moment.
As i stated before I'm not too well versed just yet in the finer parts of footwear; however you know when you pick something up (or put it on in this case) and you can just sense that its a cut above what you are used to? These give me that feeling compared to my usual redwings.
The leather is very reflective and stiff as a coffin nail, which I am not particularly used to, but i am quite a fan of. Ot reminds me of chromex but a lot stiffer. I feel sad knowing these will crease. Hopefully I'll get over that kind of mentality. I need to figure out exactly what to maintain this leather with. As per skolyx regarding the pull up leather “The pull-up leather is quite special. It's developed by a friend to the Midas founder, who source local hides and buys his own tanning agents, and then travels to a tannery in Yogyakarta where he rents a few tanning drums and equipment for a short period, and stays there and tans the hides himself. Therefore batches are highly limited, and when they are out of stock it can take time before he can go back to the tannery and produce new leathers.” A bit flowery for my tastes! But it definitely looks nice to me.
The fit for me is pretty good. As far as i can tell so far, after a two hour walk with my 3 irish setters they are stiff but comfortable. No noticable heelslip and a bit of wiggle room up front. Im almost a dead 280mm by around 260mm with a particularly thin heel so the thinner last is actually quite nice, and instantly addressed an issue is have with a lot of other boots regarding my heel. Only time will tell though and if any fit issues develop I'll just addresses them with an additional insole and thicker socks.
The welt is impeccable and again, coming off of redwings I'm not used to the welt being what I see as perfect.
I am a huge fan of brass being used for just about anything so I'm very happy with that being the material of the eyelets, though i personally like a few speed hooks; its not the end of the world or a deal breaker.
Not much to say about the sole besides the heel stack has been polished to perfection; and I have been wanting to try sone dainite for a while.
Biggest downsides I can say so far are the laces, which i will need to replace with something more to my taste. And my own brain that will probably fight me on wearing the often in fear of causing creasing (but thats a personal problem i need to address myself)
I don't really know how to end this; These boots are pretty nice and i wish I had taken photos in a different place, my workshop is absolutely filthy.
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2021.10.16 13:39 smolcats19 That’s Amelia for you fellas😂

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2021.10.16 13:39 lochydjango EngineeringStudents Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.16 13:39 CommiePurple787 How do you successfully win the great patriotic war?

Hello there my friend, I'm just curious, but how do you win against Germany in hoi4? So, every time the date goes to 1940, I start to prepare a frontline in Germany, Hungary, and Romania, and use spearheads to attack when war breaks out. I get destroyed by 1 German division, even though I have 4-5, and I have good weapons, researches, and several infantries. It looks very odd when you lose against 1 division, not even a tank can stop it, not even arties, not even a template of infantries. can anyone tell me how do you successfully invade back Germany, Hungary, and Romania?
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2021.10.16 13:39 CornedTuna What are the subjects that I'll be tackling in BSIT for the four years in FEU?

Hello, I'm a BSIT freshman and I would like to know what are the subjects that we'll be tackling in school. I want to know what are the subjects that I'll be tackling in my course since I want to advance read. Thank you! :)
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2021.10.16 13:39 The_Redstone_Doctah astrophotography budget first setup recommendations

hii:) can anyone recommend me a basic setup i can start with? i’m really interested in astrophotography but i’m at college and uk based so i don’t have much money, i have an iphone 11 normal one not pro, idk if that helps anything, i could probably go maximum £700 but would rather be below £500 if possible
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2021.10.16 13:39 Ralfop 4-in-1 Lotion Shampoo Gel Travel Dispenser Access up to 4 lotions, shampoos, and more instantly with the 4-in-1 Lotion Shampoo Gel Travel Dispenser! Simply rotate the top to access your travel bottle of choice. Leakproof and sturdy, this is a great addition to any travel bag.

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.10.16 13:39 AnnaGorlos Each person on this planet owns a different set of teeth, that is why we will introduce you to a product that can give that IDEAL SMILE to every person, regardless what kind of teeth they have. Introducing the PERFECT SMILE SNAP ON BRACES.

Each person on this planet owns a different set of teeth, that is why we will introduce you to a product that can give that IDEAL SMILE to every person, regardless what kind of teeth they have. Introducing the PERFECT SMILE SNAP ON BRACES. submitted by AnnaGorlos to Annaxo [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 13:39 Morgan-992 Customize Your Drawer! All the tiniest undergarments will have their proper place. These small drawer organizers have cells for easy organization. You can add or take away them as you want! Sturdy Quality Fabric Made of long-lasting mesh fabric which is durable, mold-free, and bacteria-free to ens

Customize Your Drawer! All the tiniest undergarments will have their proper place. These small drawer organizers have cells for easy organization. You can add or take away them as you want! Sturdy Quality Fabric Made of long-lasting mesh fabric which is durable, mold-free, and bacteria-free to ens submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 13:39 dukeoflol [Fortis] Hifi-Matic Skylark found in storage

Hey there,
Found this Fortis Hifi--Matic Skylark in the storage accidentally. It originally belonged to my grandfather who passed away many years ago.
I tried to look it up online but the information on it is scarce, was hoping someone could tell me a bit more about this watch. I don't even know much about the brand. Couldn't even find what Hifi-Matic even meant!!
I don't even know what something like this would be priced in this day and age.
Here are some pics: https://imgur.com/a/YaPiLxM
Let me know what you guys think
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2021.10.16 13:39 krmlngrmln Diamond demands attention

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2021.10.16 13:39 FlyingTurtle4790 Is 18 mods too many?

If not, should I accept more?
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2021.10.16 13:39 iown3cardealerships All Things Bright and Beautiful: A Spooky Space Babes Story

This is my submission to the Halloween contest. for those of you worried about it, glory is still coming out tomorrow, albeit slightly shorter than usual. u/BlueFishcake owns the universe and all of the world-building. Hope you enjoy reading. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Why did breaking out of phase have to be so turbulent? It always breaks my focus, not that it took much focus to analyze planetary composition data, but it was still annoying. I bet it’s the Phase Drive itself that’s causing the turbulence and not any outside force. After all, bending space should be a relatively smooth process. Exosuits do it without much issue. When I get back from this expedition, I should try to design a new Phase Drive, without the defects.
I stared at the screen for a while longer, processing raw data into something actually usable, when Dharia entered my quarters. “Hey Syne, something is off about this planet’s energy readings.”
I rolled my eyes, probably another malfunction in our scanner I’ll have to fix. “What’s wrong this time?” I asked.
“Uhm, it’s kind of hard to explain… you’ll have to see it to believe me,” she said scratching the back of her head.
I used the desk to push myself out of my chair, exhaling as I stood up, and followed Dharia to the bridge.
Emerys was waiting impatiently next to a console. “Finally, our resident nerd has arrived.” She snickered.
Ugh, why is her voice have to be so grating?
“What does this mean?” Emerys asked, pointing down at the console. Its screen showed a heat-map of the planet’s surface. There was a massive spike in temperature somewhere in the middle of the map registering as 2 times hotter than the core of a star.
That’s odd, that wasn’t a normal malfunction. Where would I even begin? “Are you sure it’s an error? It looks like the signature is coming from the other side of the planet,” I answered. “We’ll definitely see something that hot.”
“You just don’t want to fix it, don’t you Syne?” Emerys scoffed, “...Well, it might save us some time if we check first.”
Of course I wouldn’t want to fix it! It hadn’t even been a week since the last time I had to repair the damn scanner. I didn’t get a doctorate just to have to fix things a Helkam recruit and a barely qualified Nightkru pilot broke through misuse. Emerys sat down in her captain’s chair and began to tap a series of commands into another console, prompting the ship to launch into motion, causing Dharia and I to lose our balance. Dharia caught herself. I, however, wasn’t able to grab onto something in time and fell face-first into one of the computers on the bridge. Emerys snickered behind me while Dharia only looked on in pity. Wincing, I climbed back to my feet. I’m getting too old for this shit.
It didn’t take much longer for us to crest the planet, and as I expected, there was a very obvious source of heat. A bright light emanated from the planet.
“Woah, what’s that?” pondered Dharia.
“Let’s find out!” Emerys declared, typing in several more commands to the ship.
We lurched forward again, this time I braced for the sudden motion as we launched towards the light. When we got closer it became clear that the light was originating from something in orbit… Is that a city? We weren’t close enough to make out any of the details through the camera, but a massive circular black structure loomed in front of us.
Emerys was the first to break the silence, “Should we… try to contact it?”
“I mean... that’s one of the things we signed up to do,” I answered.
She smiled, “You might be a nerd, but at least you got tits!”
Taping a few buttons on the control panel Emerys prepared the standard first contact message, broadcasting it in every way we had available.
Minutes passed with no response. Now that I was looking, our sensors weren’t picking up anything except for the massive laser boring into the planet below, it wasn’t even registering that there was something solid in front of us. If we didn’t have the cameras we wouldn’t even know it was there.
Time passed in slow anxious agony as we waited for a response… but nothing came, not even an acknowledgment. Emerys was about to send another message when something… faded onto our ship. Empty space began to warp itself forming an outline and started filling in with color beginning with black. A humanoid entity in a purple robe adorned with vibrant necklaces stood before us. Despite ample lighting, the hood hiding its face shrouded its features in an unnatural shadow. Emerys was the first to react, trying to drag Dharia with her as far from the entity as she could.
In a single instantaneous motion, it stood right in front of me, a trail of light blue left in its wake, its hands grasped the sides of my head, holding me still while it looked down into my eyes. Its hood had fallen revealing the face of a male. The words cute or beautiful failed to describe him, He was simply… glorious.
He stood a head taller than I did and his eyes were alight with color, irises shifting in a slow kaleidoscope, from red to orange, orange to yellow. It was so entrancing to just watch them swirl… I felt so comfortable in that moment, yet I had never been more helpless, never closer to death than I was right then. But in that instant, I’d never felt stronger, healthier… happier.
“You really are sentient…” He smiled in awe, “I thought I was alone.”
When he let go of me I involuntarily stumbled backward, "How do you…"
"Know your language?" He answered, "When I grabbed you I sifted through everything you knew, learning your language in the process. Don't worry though,” he smiled. “In your case, I can't touch anything, only look,"
"What the… how is that… why the fuck would you do that?" I asked, feeling violated.
He glanced around the bridge before settling back on me, "It was the quickest way we could communicate."
"C-come on Syne, it's not like you have anything worth h-hiding anyway." Emerys gave a shaky laugh.
He completely ignored her, "You seem to be interested in my vessel… Would you like to board the Citadel?"
My eyes widened, he just offered me the perfect opportunity to learn. I mean he fucking teleported on board our ship! We are decades from just teleporting information, much less an actual living being. I could even set aside the fact that he forcefully read my mind if he tells me how he did it. My mouth moved before I could even think, "Yes, that would be wonderful."
"Hey, I'm the Captain here!" Emerys objected.
He glanced in her direction, looked back at me then turned to face Emerys again. "I apologize for my assumption," He bowed.
"I-its alright… come on, Dharia, I want to ask you something," She said, dragging the Helkam out of the bridge, leaving me alone with the stranger.
"That glowing plant on your captain, do you think she’ll let me have some of it?" He asked.
"Maybe, but you’ll probably have to sleep with her to get any," I responded.
"Disgusting," he cringed.
I couldn't think of anything else to talk about while we waited, thankfully it didn’t take much longer for Emerys and Dharia to return. “We would gladly accept your offer to join you on your ship,” Emerys grinned with the eyes of a snake.
“Great!” He smiled.
A medallion materialized in his hand. “Grab on to this, and we will be there shortly,” he offered, holding out the medallion.
Without thinking, I reached out and grabbed it. Dharia and Emerys looked at each other before joining me, grabbing onto the medallion. Emerys snuggled closer than necessary to the stranger.
The very next instant we were standing in a garden. How was that even possible? Where did he get the energy from? My line of thought collapsed as I looked around me.
The only way to describe what I saw was mystical. We were inside of a massive glass dome, outside of which a city stretched on for miles. The garden itself was vibrant, blues and oranges mixed with greens and reds forming patterns in the grass. Multicolored moss climbed trees of opposite colors, various species of flowers intermingled forming vibrant patchwork displays.
Four massive trees stretched into the sky, glowing leaves of a variety of colors swirled up from the base sprouting off of their branches. Jets of color occasionally arced from somewhere in the city into one of the monolithic trees. At the very center of the garden was a large lake with four black stone paths that almost floated on its surface, leading towards a shrine at its very center.… If there really was a Forest of Eternal Bounty this would be it.
“So, what do you think?” He smiled, his eyes locked on me.
I stood in stunned silence, No words could begin to describe it. The others stood mouth agape, just trying to take it all in. Dharia was the first to ask, “Who built this?”
“I did,” He smiled proudly.
“You built this? Did you have any help?” Dharia asked in disbelief.
“I built this entire place alone,” he declared.
Dharia asked the question we all had on our minds, “How long did that take?”
“Not long, only a couple thousand years,” he answered nonchalantly.
Dharia’s mouth stood agape as she began to process what his answer actually meant.
“Come with me, I want to show you the control room.” He beckoned.
While we followed him in silence I noticed small bird-like critters darting from flower to flower in odd inefficient patterns. Larger fuzzier creatures prowled around the flower patches. I assumed they were trying to catch one of the birds until I caught one carefully reach into a flowerbed and pull out a dead flower before scarfing it down.
Whenever a bird crossed our path it would land on our guide and nuzzle into him before flying off again. One of the flower-eating mammals also brushed up against his leg, prompting him to pat its head before it scampered off.
Emerys had distanced herself from the group kneeling in front of one of the flower patches reaching in to try and grab one.
“Emerys, don’t do that.” He chided her in the same way he would a dog.
“S-sorry, I just wanted to…Wait... How do you know my name? I-I didn’t think we had introduced ourselves yet.” She shivered.
“I sifted through all of Hylo’syne’s knowledge, which includes your names too.” He answered.
“It isn’t fair that you know our names, yet we don’t know yours,” She teased.
“Hmm,” He scratched his chin and looked off into the sky, “I don’t have a name, only a title.”
“T-then what’s your title,” Emerys stammered in frustration.
“I am the only current Archon of Chroma,” He smiled proudly.
“Chroma is kind of a cute name, can I call you that,” she grinned.
His smile faded slightly, “That’s fine.”
We eventually arrived at one of the bridges leading to the central shrine. Once we were halfway there Chroma stopped us on a single slab of black stone and snapped his fingers. The slab began to rise into the air, levitating towards a very large chandelier.
When the elevator stopped we stepped into a circular room filled with screens, controls, and machinery. It was an absolute mess. The room was separated into quarters with three rows of consoles about a meter higher than the one before it. Aisles separated the quarters leading to a machine in the center of the room that looked like a reactor of some kind. The walls and windows were covered with computer screens displaying graphs that rose and fell meaninglessly.
“This room controls basically everything on the Citadel.” He said, gesturing to the many consoles, “Let me prepare rooms for you to stay in while you are here. Don’t worry, I already know your preferences.”
He pointed at Emerys and Dharia, “You two will share a room just to save time since you always end up together anyway, and Hylo’syne will have her own.”
The couple blushed but didn’t object, I did though, “Are we really staying here? I would feel much safer on our own ship,”
“Oh, I apologize, I figured it was the obvious choice, living here would be much more comfortable and economical. You wouldn’t need to eat or sleep while you are on board.” He responded.
“I wouldn’t need to eat? How is that even possible?” I asked, he isn’t a god, there must be a scientific way to explain this.
“There are ██████ around the base that provide the energy your body needs for its daily necessities,” He answered.
I couldn’t quite understand that word. Even if he said something in an alien language I should at the very least be able to grasp onto its structure, but whenever I think back to what he said it feels like I had forgotten something and the answer was just on the tip of my tongue. “Umm… sorry I couldn’t quite understand, could I ask you to clarify,”
He looked at me, confused for a second before he answered, “Oh sorry, let me elaborate… there are ████████ around the Citadel that ████████ a specific type of ██████ similar to █████.”
I nodded pretending to understand, asking him to elaborate further would probably end the same way. When I get the chance, I need to pick his brain.
“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to stay here for a while,” I relented.
Especially if I get a chance to learn the mechanisms behind this city. I mean, who wouldn’t want a chance at understanding technology possibly centuries more advanced than our own?
“No one cares about that nerd shit!” Emerys interrupted, bouncing on her toes, “I wanna see our rooms.”
“I’ll get right on that,” He smiled.
Chroma took a deep breath, walked over to one of the consoles, and flipped a handful of switches before teleporting somewhere else in the control room, the same blue light I saw on our ship connected his origin with his destination. Chroma began flipping more switches, vaulted over a console, and pressed a button, “Your rooms are ready.”
“Why aren’t all of those switches in one place? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have similar controls next to each other?” I asked
“I’ve refitted the entirety of this ship so many times, I just haven’t gotten around to organizing the controls yet.” He responded. “Anyway. If you want to see your rooms follow me”
He took us to the other side of the control room and snapped his fingers. The platform we were standing on descended back into the garden. When we landed we followed closely behind Chroma as he lead us towards the central shrine.
A handful of circular slabs formed a ring around the shrine. He pointed at the closest slab, a purple light hovering over it. “This teleporter will take you to where you will be staying, your names are on the doors, so you know whose room is whose.”
“Is there any way to get back to our ship?” I asked.
“I’m not keeping you here against your will.” He pointed towards an adjacent slab with a red light over it, “This will take you back to your ship should you chose to leave.”
“Thank you,” I nodded.
When I stepped onto the teleporter leading our new rooms, phasing away from Chroma, I began to feel like my usual self again. All of my newfound strength and confidence was sapped away and I was left with a slightly empty feeling... Now that I’m thinking about it Emerys has been surprisingly quiet as well. I looked back to see the two right behind me.
Emerys smirked, “This is why you will remain a virgin forever Syne, trying to find a way to escape when right in front of you is a man begging for attention.”
“Did you see the way he looked at you when you said you wanted a way back on my ship? Even I felt bad for him.” She taunted. “Oh well, more for us I guess.”
Dharia and Emerys entered the room adjacent to my own, brushing past me. Emerys made sure to shoulder-check me as she went by. I rolled my eyes, does she think we are still in high school?
I opened the door labeled ‘Hylo’syne’ to see what Chroma had prepared for me. To my delight, it had everything I would ever want in it and was designed exactly to my tastes. A computer sat on a desk facing away from the door… Does he have his own data-net? I wonder what’s on it?
I was utterly disappointed when I turned the computer on to find nothing of the sort. The only thing on the screen read, ‘Sorry I don’t have anything even remotely resembling what you were looking for’. Well, I shouldn’t get too mad at him for at least trying.
“I’ve never seen a man that tall before,” Dharia cooed, fuck me I can hear them through the wall here too?
“I know, it’s gonna be so hot when we finally conquer him… I wonder how big his dick is?” Emerys responded with her own question.
“Proportionately speaking it should be around 7-8 inches… but hopefully he’s packing.” Dharia thought out loud.
There was a pause of blissful silence before I began to hear soft moans through the wall… goddess damn, have some respect we are on someone else’s ship. Whatever, I didn’t want to hear them go at it so I left my room and returned to the garden. Chroma was standing in the middle of the shrine at what looked like an altar with his hood back up.
I approached him, “Hey… I would understand if you don’t want to share this, but I really want to know how this ship works. Would you be willing to teach me?”
He turned around to face me and dropped his hood, “Oh, hello Hylo’syne. I’m kind of busy right now,” He apologized and pointed east. “But there is a library, Directly down that corridor, in the ████████ Park, you can’t miss it. Oh, and feel free to explore on your way there.”
“Why are you letting us go anywhere we please? I won’t break anything, but I can’t say the same for those two jerks,” I asked.
He chuckled, “Don’t worry, they couldn’t break anything in here even if they tried.”
“Just keep an eye on them, they can be pretty difficult sometimes… and don’t trust a word they say,” I responded.
“I don’t,” He smiled and turned to finish whatever it was he was working on.
When I finally reached the exit of the garden, half an hour had passed. I leaned against the exterior of the dome to catch my breath. In front of me, a cityscape pierced into the sky rising so far up it was difficult to get a sense of scale.
I finished resting and began what I hoped would be the latter half of my journey. While walking I noticed that I was moving noticeably faster than I normally did. Less than a minute had passed since I left the garden and I had already crossed 3 blocks. Chroma wasn’t here so I couldn’t ask him any questions about it and was left to ponder what alien mechanism could possibly cause this.
It didn’t take much longer than 20 minutes to arrive at the park. It was very similar to the central garden except everything was purple. It was still very appealing, different shades of purples mixed and washed over each other. Inside two structures peeked out of a forest of violet trees. One was a black pylon that stretched into the sky, a purple light floating in between its prongs.
The other was much grander in scale. It was carved out of stone like every other building on the ship, the only difference being its color. The entire building was constructed out of white marble, subtle gold engravings outlined the door and the pillars leading up to it.
I entered the building and was greeted by walls and walls of books… tens of thousands of them. A few stood out to me immediately being placed on pedestals located between the shelves.
I crossed the main room and stood directly in front of a pedestal. The book that rested on it was fashioned out of leather and bound by three gold rings. I took it with me to a nearby chair and sat down to read.
Wait, what am I doing… there is no way this is written in a language I can understand… Why did I even come here in the first place?
Still, something spurred me on to open the book, some part of me secretly hoping I could understand it. I looked at the pages and caught the ink shifting itself into galactic standard Shil’vati… How… Why?
I tried not to think about it as I began to read through the book. I couldn’t understand most of it, in the same way, I couldn’t understand some of the things Chroma said. Still, I read what little I could and slowly tried to fill in the blanks. More of the book became readable, yet, over three-fourths of the pages remained blank. I gave up and returned it to its rightful place, grabbing another one on the way back to my seat.
Almost every book I read provided a similar experience to the first one, mostly blank with a few pages I could understand. Yet I still wanted to know more, each book I read filled in the holes previous books left. I was engrossed in the process of learning once again, I hadn’t felt this way in a long time. It was the same feeling I had when I started grad school and spent hours reading through papers trying to piece together something I barely understood.
I looked down at my watch to check the time… HOLY SHIT, two days had passed since I entered the library. How did I even spend that much time in here? Even if all my needs are taken care of I should have at some point lost focus or gotten bored… or even needed to use the bathroom. I put the book I was reading back on the shelf and began my journey back to the central garden.
When I arrived in the garden something was slightly different, a soft orchestra was playing. Instruments faded in and out following along with the blasts of color that occasionally beamed into the massive trees around the garden. I could swear that even the grass was singing a soft melody. The random chatter of the animals was now given a greater context, adding to the symphony.
Chroma was standing in the shrine flanked by my crewmates. Emerys was nearly hanging off of Chroma’s arm while he was working at the altar... She was also the first to notice me, “Oh there you are we thought you had returned to the ship. Too bad you didn’t, we could have had this cutie all to ourselves.” She lamented trying to poke Chroma’s face through his hood.
Chroma batted her hand away and turned around while lowering his hood, “Hello, Hylo’syne.” He smiled, “Were you able to learn anything in the ████████ Park?”
“Uhhh… Yes, thank you so much for sharing that with me.” I bowed.
Chroma nodded.
“Are you doing anything that might be causing that music?” I asked.
“Oh my goddess, you actually are going insane. Looks like you owe me 20 credits.” she laughed, looking in Dharia’s direction, who sheepishly looked at the ground as if she was about to apologize.
Of course, they had a bet about my sanity, those assholes have no idea what respect even is, maybe I should beat it into them. I swear to the fucking goddess why did I have to get paired up with these two… My anger was interrupted by my stomach rumbling. Goddess, I am so hungry, I was perfectly fine not even a minute before, but now I feel like I could eat an entire Turox. “Chroma, do you have any food onboard your ship?” I asked.
Probably a long shot but, maybe there is a sort of whiplash from whatever technology he is using to keep our stomachs full.
“You really are a glutton Syne, I haven’t eaten in like 3 days.” She laughed, “Maybe you would lose that stomach of yours if you ate less,”
Maybe you would be a little less annoying if your skull was caved in...
Chroma materialized a device in his hand and tapped it a few times, “There is food in your room. Eat as much as you feel necessary,” he smiled.
At least he understands, I stepped onto the teleporter and entered my room. Inside was a veritable buffet of food I couldn’t recognize. I was so hungry I didn’t even stop to think if it was poisonous to Shil’vati or not I just gorged myself.
I had eaten nearly 6 full meals by the time I felt full. Exhaustion soon set in and I rolled out of my chair and into my bed and let sleep take me.
I woke up to familiar moans of pleasure and a pounding headache. I slammed on the wall hoping to shut them up, Immediately their animalistic grunts came to a stop. I put pressure on my temples and stumbled out of the room onto the teleporter. The sudden change of scenery caused the pain to surge, and I fell onto my knees.
“Hello Hylo’syne,” Chroma smiled, upon seeing me he asked, “Are you ok? You seem to be in pain.”
“I’ll be fine, I just... need to lie down…” I sighed.
He glided over to me and placed a hand on my forehead.
“How lucky, Chroma is already making a move on you,” Emerys snickered, sauntering her way off the teleporter followed by Dharia.
“SHUT UP!” I screamed.
“Jeez, someone’s pissy,” she tittered, taking a step back.
For a moment it felt like something was crawling up my neck, then a voice that was my own whispered.
If they can’t understand, beat it into them.”
I was taken aback by my own violent thoughts. Well... if it’s the only way. Chroma put a hand on my shoulder, a slight sense of relief washed over me when he did. “I think I know what’s wrong,” he smiled.
“I think your suffering from ████. I have something that might help alleviate some of the debilitating symptoms you’re feeling right now.” Chroma offered with a smile, holding out the same medallion we used to teleport to the Citadel.
I grabbed onto it desperately hoping, something, anything could help remove this pounding headache. Emerys quickly grabbed the medallion shortly followed by Dharia. “Wherever Chroma is going, I’m going,” Emerys said.
Her voice is so grating.
The very next instant we were standing inside a spa. Just the smell helped melt away some of the pain. I was the first to strip off my clothes and step in. All the pain faded away when I sat down and let the water take me. My headache disappeared instantly, and I was left in blissful silence.
“Oh my Goddess, why didn’t you tell me you had a place like this Chroma.” Emerys squealed, It was nice for the few seconds it lasted.
Chroma snapped and his clothes disappeared leaving him with only his necklaces on. He sat down directly across from me. “Did this help?” he asked.
“Yes, thank you so much. I can actually think again.” I smiled.
He nodded and relaxed into the spa. Emerys was the next to jump in cuddling up to Chroma who didn’t react, and Dharia was the last sitting next to Emerys. I rolled my eyes, Emerys only ever thought with her cunt.
“When I was reading in the library I couldn’t understand what was written in the books. Could you help me translate them?” I asked.
Emerys laughed, “You lord your intelligence over all of us, but you can’t even read some books.”
How quiet would she be if her lungs were filled with water?
There it was again, creeping up my neck. She probably would be much quieter if she couldn’t breathe. Filling her lungs with water would be pretty difficult though it might be better to just choke her. Chroma began speaking, breaking me from my thoughts.
“Some things need to be learned by doing.” Chroma answered, “I can show you if you want. I would need to prepare some things first.”
“Sounds like a nerdy date.” Emerys chuckled at her own joke.
I ignored her snide comment, “That would be very helpful,” I smiled.
Once I had finished soaking, I stepped out of the spa and got dressed again getting ready to leave. I closed the door behind me and looked out into a white grassy plane a single pylon similar to the one next to the library was the only other thing in the park.
“Now that she’s gone, why don’t we get to know you better Chroma,” I could barely hear Emerys say through the door.
It wasn’t hard to find where the central garden was, its dome stood far above any of the skyscrapers that surrounded it. I began my journey back to the garden when the same voice whispered into my ear.
Has a little exploration ever hurt anyone?
I am kind of curious what’s in all of these buildings, I haven’t seen a living thing outside of the gardens, so it clearly isn’t living space. I began to walk in a random direction, detouring down alleys, twisting and turning taking in my surroundings as I went.
Most of the buildings had windows allowing me to look inside and catch a glimpse of what was happening in them. Most of the time it was just machinery toiling away at whatever endless task Chroma assigned them. Some of them had farms, and others had seemingly pointless constructs inside.
The building I stood in front of now had no windows, my curiosity got the better of me. I opened the door and looked inside, but it was just… empty.
I looked around to make sure my suspicions were correct, but I couldn’t find anything except for a stairwell leading downwards. I descended deeper into the building and entered a small well lit room that reminded me of the airlocks in hospitals. I made sure the door to the stairwell was sealed behind me before I continued into the next room.
Upon entering I was immediately hit with the smell of death. I instinctively gagged, it was so pungent. I took my shirt off and used it as a makeshift mask to help stifle even a little bit of the smell. It took a while before I was able to comprehend my surroundings. A dozen or so vats lined each side of the room each filled with a different amalgamated monstrosity.
Monsters straight out of my wildest nightmares were stuck in stasis. I couldn’t even recognize the bases of half of these creatures their appendages ripped off and resewn on, a few of them were even twitching. Some of the parts attached to the creatures I recognized as belonging to the different animals that inhabited Chroma’s gardens. Unlike the critters in the garden, these amalgamations were a mess of colors, there was no symmetry or beauty.
I walked down the line slowly taking in every single monstrosity… did Chroma create these. Why would he even touch genetic alteration? This is the obvious result right, this is physical proof genetic tampering is a crime against the goddess. A sudden noise caused me to jump and face the airlock looking Chroma directly in the eyes.
“Hello, Hylosyne. I don’t mean to scare you, I was just checking on you. This place is pretty hard to get to if you don’t know where it is,” He said dropping his hood.
The click of his heels echoed through the corridor as Chroma walked towards me. I backed away from him trying to put at least some distance between us. “W-what are these?” I quivered.
He stopped in front of one of the vats, placing his hand on the glass. “Mistakes,”
I felt the same wave of calmness wash over me when I had first met him, that same happiness and warmth I had never felt before. “Then why would you keep them around?” I asked.
“I keep them around as an example. I could write down what went wrong and why, but having physical evidence is much quicker and more detailed. Especially when I have a new epiphany,” He answered.
I kept my distance, not that it mattered, I just felt more comfortable this way. “Why would you do this to living creatures? This isn’t just one attempt either, you have a whole room of failures! You could have stopped!” I shouted.
“It isn’t genetic,” He responded.
“Unlike you and I, they aren’t sentient. They might be able to feel pain… but they can’t experience it. Ultimately their suffering is meaningless when faced with progress,” He answered, turning to face me.
“How do you know if something is sentient, what even is sentience?” I refuted.
Chroma sighed, “Everything in this universe is static, empires might rise and fall, but nothing ever truly changes in a meaningful way. An ant could never take on a god that’s just how things are.”
“But we,” He gestured, “We can change and grow, if you or I want something all we need to do is figure out how.”
“What if you’re wrong? What if… you’ve just been forcing living thinking beings to experience an eternity of pain?” I asked.
“I’m not wrong… I can measure it. I can even show you.” he offered.
There is nothing wrong with looking at data, maybe he is right if there is empirical proof. There’s no harm in learning something. “Please do,”.
I felt a sharp pain across my abdomen causing me to fall to the ground. I tried to pull myself back to my feet only to realize with a thud that my bottom half wasn’t attached to my body anymore. The pain hit me all at once and I screamed out in agony, calling out to anyone who would listen… but no one came. Chroma walked out of the room closing the door with a thud.
I stared at the lower half of my body one last time, entrails leaked out of them in a pool of blue blood. I didn’t have the energy to scream anymore. I just laid still waiting to die while I watched blood leak from my severed legs before the cold black abyss finally gripped my heart.
I woke up in a vat not too dissimilar to the ones that had watched my death. Chroma was standing in front of the vat messing with the dials on the front. I crawled my way out of the vat opening a hatch on the top and pulling my naked body out of the fluid inside. “Hello, Hylo’syne… I must apologize for killing you, but death is the only real way I could modify your body.”
I looked him up and down, a bright white light emanated from his chest. He smiled, “I’m glad it worked, I was worried that something would go wrong.”
I looked down at my own chest finding a similar light. I jumped off of the vat landing on the floor below with a thud. “W-what is this?” I asked pointing to the light.
“That,” He answered, “that is your soul, it’s what separates you and I from other living things. Everything else can be molded directly, but we need a proxy. I created a clone, modified it with everything I thought you might want, killed you, and transferred your soul to the new body.”
“I see,” I responded, eyeing the blade he kept at his side.
He began playing with the dials on the vat again. When I was sure he wasn’t paying attention I tried to pull the blade from his side before he stopped me, “Not right now, I have something to show you.” He smiled gesturing me to follow him
As we walked down the well-lit hallways lined with vats I took note of the different animals that were kept inside of them. Some of them held the cute animals I had seen before in the garden, others held more predatory-looking creatures.
“You and I are alone in this universe. I’ve been traveling from galaxy to galaxy for millions upon millions of years, and you are the first person I’ve ever met that has the same light I do. A light that separates us from every other static part of this universe.”
We rounded a corner coming to a dead end with only two vats, one contained Dharia, the other Emerys. I immediately noticed that nothing was coming from their chest, not even an outline of a light… just pure deafening silence. I felt alone but when I looked at Chroma’s brilliance that feeling started to dissipate. I looked back at my crewmates.
“You spoke before about wanting to learn how the Citadel functions. For that to happen there are a lot of things I need to teach you, and I think the best place to start is by creating a good pair of tools.” He turned to me and smiled. “I’ve already prepared everything to install an unconditional love and complete unquestioning loyalty.”
“All you need to do is press this button.”
You could learn a lot from this.
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I’m part of a multiplayer discord and we’re looking to fill the last major nation aka Japan before our game today at 10:00 am EST
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2021.10.16 13:39 ReversedTimeMachine So, after 300+ hours i tried the VR mode for the first time and oh my god....

Using shield, cutting trees, digging, exploring, or even inspecting what you have built... its just amazing. I had no idea how immersive this experience could be.
ButI didn't went to the sea yet...
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2021.10.16 13:39 DutchKickbox How would you rate the current meta teams without their #1 / #2 unit

For example hybrids would still be incredibily viable without fsk gohan. Against mono blue/bbp hybrid mains dont even bring fsk along.
Regen without buu would be a lot worse imo.
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