Vanillarite [SMP] {age 16+} {claims} {no-grief} {player-shops} {1.17.1}

2021.10.16 13:12 Aitnys Vanillarite [SMP] {age 16+} {claims} {no-grief} {player-shops} {1.17.1}

"I got really lucky finding Vanillarite. It was just in a long list of other servers. I don't really remember what made me click. I know I wasn't looking for a server that offered a better way to play Minecraft. I was looking for a server that offered community and collaboration. I think those are our strongest traits. Yes we have good builders but being on a server isn't about the virtual atmosphere (for me); it's about the social atmosphere." - Calonan

Vanillarite is a vanilla server, with some plugins, that keeps the players in mind. We have claim blocks to protect your builds where you can enable PVP if you so desire, active staff, and a supportive community. Player shops to sell your items as well as iceways to travel fast across the map, the blue lines on the Dynmap ↗ connect the stations where you can walk onto the pressure plates to tp to other stations.

Bring your friends or make some new ones. Hope to see you there! Don’t forget to join our Discord ↗ to keep up to date on things like maintenance, changes in rules ↗ or just to chat with other players. Access to all channels will be given after linking up your mc account with discord and playing for at least 10 minutes.

Join us today
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2021.10.16 13:12 PositivityCentral Fall Trout Season Begins Saturday In Illinois!!!

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2021.10.16 13:12 Alexrocks1253 Sony A7RIV Shutter Shock?

I have taken many pictures with the Sony A7RIV with the unstabilized Tamron 28-75 and I have noticed that at 28mm and shutters from 1/60-1/320 on the mechanical shutter appear blurry, making me take landscapes (seemingly unnecessarily) at 1/500 at least to prevent the blur unless at night.
Could this be due to a relatively weak IBIS system or could it be shutter shock?
None of my other cameras have exhibited this (Panasonic S5, Nikon D5500)
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2021.10.16 13:12 ZoolShop Cheap AirPod Alternatives: $49 AirBuds Pro Wireless Earbuds

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2021.10.16 13:12 angerproblemsTM My sex life is dead and I feel empty.

Time to scream into the reddit void because yknow, sometimes it’s all we have.
I'm a 21-year-old female. I'm unable to have penetrative sex due to pain. I have no idea what caused it, but I'm currently seeing doctors to rule out anything medical. I have no sexual trauma that I know of so it's strange to me that I'm unable to have sex. Whatever the reason, It's causing problems in my relationship of 6 years (with a male, also 21).
When my partner and I started seeing each other and wanted to get serious, I knew there were problems. Everyone around me told me sex was supposed to be uncomfortable for the first time, but we couldn't do it for ages since it wasn't just uncomfortable, it was searing hot burning pain - completely intolerable. I used to just suck it up. Drug myself up with a whole bunch of painkillers whenever I was going to stay the night. But things started getting more complicated since we moved out of our childhood town together and started living with one another(we’ve lived together for 3 years now). I had to start making excuses. Until I told him only a couple of months ago it was excruciating for me and I couldn’t keep the act up. Maybe I should just suck it up. It’s the least I can do for a great guy right?
Sure I know there are other ways to have 'sex', but this is where my second problem comes in. I have extremely low self-esteem. I don't feel comfortable with most things because the thought of my body in too many positions makes me feel ill and completely ruins any mood. It would be so much easier if I could just sit there and take it. I've never felt very confident with my looks - both body and face. And I've never really considered myself to be very intimate because of it. I convinced myself for a while that I was asexual simply because the thought of me and my body doing anything sexual was disgusting to me. But the reality is I want to feel sexy and I want to feel intimate with my partner.
We have a good relationship outside this really. I’ve never felt a connection with anyone else like I do him. Our communication is great besides this mishap I’ve been having.
Especially recently though, my partner has expressed his desire for me to be more 'dominating'. Uh oh, how am I ever supposed to manage this with confidence as low as Hades and an inability to put anything 'up there'. He knows I’m struggling, I’ve told him I’m struggling. I just need to find a way to fix things.
This whole issue has taken such a toll on my mental health.
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2021.10.16 13:12 ratyoke Love this new pick case I got

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2021.10.16 13:12 Sandycandcdj Truth to humanity

I’m the only person on the internet who will tell you this. I’m putting myself in grave danger to share this truth so listen carefully.
The families-of-Jesuit-controlled intelligence agencies in their own admission successfully took control of mainstream news outlets back in the mid 20th century. In the 21st century these same people took control of all alternative media as well. Every major “alternative” influencer on all platforms are Masonic jesuits. Even the likes of Alex Jones is simply a controlled opposition agent.
Sound hard to believe? I can prove it to you. Look up “The 12 Masonic signs of recognition”. Then look at any influencer on “alt” media at their social media photos. Some are more discreet whilst others are obvious but every person you see will turn out to be a Freemason. (They are a satanic cult by the way. See Masonic literature).
Look up videos of Milo Yiannopoulos, Max Kellerman and Aatish Taseer? Don’t they all seem… eerily similar? This is because they are all one person, of the families of Jesuit, playing acts to deceive the public. More examples: Gladys Berejiklian/Anne, Princess royal. Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenburg/Dwight D EisenhoweAlfred Hitchcock/Oliver Stone. More examples on world news spell dot com.
Democracy is an illusion. All elections are just staged theatre designed to give the illusion that the common man is in control. You would know this if you had listened to the “crazy” people who said that the simpsons predicted the trump presidency.
The media, mainstream and “alternative” is all just fabricated crises designed to justify whatever policy the Jesuit order wanted to do beforehand for their own selfish reasons. Everything is fake. Wake up.
Humans are viewed by their rulers as little more than tax livestock. If we didn’t produce wealth for our elites they would have ended us long ago. Since technology is making most jobs redundant, the Jesuit elites see us as little more than drains on the earths natural resources, hence the depopulation agenda.
We have little time before we enter into the era of mass depopulation. I beg you, please share this information. Otherwise we will stand no chance against the injection internment camps and the mass killings. The only way we can prevent this is if we, the common man, all stand up to our rulers as a united people and say enough is enough!
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2021.10.16 13:12 Huseynlicartoon How to Draw a Heart icon in Adobe Illustrator

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2021.10.16 13:12 HarleyB23 506th Infantry Regiment Recruiting

Our Discord:
"We Few. We Happy Few. We Band Of Brothers, for he today who sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother."
We are a new Hell Let Loose group, trying to build a great, cohesive, and active community.
We are a Semi-Serious group that simply loves HLL, and having fun with playing the GAME. We sometimes loosely use real-life tactics in game but remember it is a game at the end of the day. If you are looking for a tight-knit group that loves HLL. You've come to the right place.
While we respectfully "roleplay," the 506th Parachute Infantry Reg. We in no way are affiliated with them. We highly respect the men who fought in WW2 and gave the ultimate sacrafice for their country and for the men standing to their left and right.
If you have any Suggestions/Issues. Feel free to contact me.
Thank you, and Currahee!
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2021.10.16 13:12 Datmannydoe Blo

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2021.10.16 13:12 Bruh_moment_1234567 I finally got a good claymore for lynel hunting

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2021.10.16 13:12 Leading_Cancel HELP Elrs ep2 install on babyhawk 2

So I purchased a babyhawk 2 analog. Love the thing got it with a d8 rx but was getting failsafes at respectable distances and it scares the pop out of me so I purchased a elrs rx and tx combo
I’ve managed to install the tx module and firmware on my jumper t lite fine (if 8plus hrs over the course of a work week can be considered fine) BUT this rx has me dumbfounded My og d8 receiver was connected through sbus 5 volt and Ground I’ve connected My ep2 to 5v Ground Rx2 and Tx2 (YouTube guide I saw had them connected to rx1and tx1 ) In beta flight I’ve tried enabling rx serial on uart 1 and uart2 (Og uart1 had tbs smart audio enabled for what I would imagine is my vtx /so when I tried rx serial on uart1 I moved the smart audio to uart 2 kinda pickin at straws here I went into modes made sure have arm on aux1 Went in to configuration and changed the protocol to CRSF
when I go into express lrs configuration and attempt to flash the receiver I get an error of sorts
Beating my head against wall on this limited experience with this stuff been flying rtf drones for a year and a half I come from an rc car background and that is no where near as technical as this but I won’t quit and this community has been great to me in terms of answering my inquiries Do ur magic Reddit HELP A BROTHA OUT !!!!!!!!!!!! Tryna get my free bird on
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2021.10.16 13:12 genetics_in_japan Nothing But Thieves gig tonight (16/10)

Hi all. I'm going to the NBT gig tonight at the Motorpoint Arena. My friend backed out at the last minute. I'm still fairly new to Nottingham and looking to meet new people so just wondering if anyone else is going and wants to meet up? Or if anyone wants to go? I have a spare ticket now which I'm happy to trade for a pint!
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2021.10.16 13:12 Polardo14 Ready to finish my definitive saiyans teeeeeeam

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2021.10.16 13:12 Huseynlicartoon How to Draw a Heart icon in Adobe Illustrator

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2021.10.16 13:12 BotDefense overview for virginiaferguson6

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2021.10.16 13:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Sean Desai could be a difference-maker vs. Packers | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.10.16 13:12 TweetArchiveBot Bronaldo Gouws 🇿🇦: @SceloZitha I am not sure how you come to this conclusion. The best person for the job and the best company for a job could be from any race.

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2021.10.16 13:12 StefDV intros to albums

Hi Tyers,
I’m looking for intro songs to an albums that makes you hyped for what’s coming next. This can be something experimental or just a regular full song. As this subreddit has such a variety in taste im really curious what your picks are!
Imagine putting the CD in or dropping the needle to a vinyl and immediately being sucked in the universe of the band is trying to create and being hyped for it.
Preferably guitar music, but can be anything!
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2021.10.16 13:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Bears vs. Packers — What to Watch 4 | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.10.16 13:12 Tomboy-1 I killed my minecraft dog

My game glitched and lagged. Instead of hitting the dirt block, my pickaxe hit my dog. I started minecraft about three weeks ago and found my dog nearly a week ago and now it's dead. My dear friend died. What will I do now? I'm feeling so down that I'm literally in tears. I killed my own baby. That dog was literally the very best thing I came across. I don't know what to do anymore.
I just needed to let this sadness and grief out somewhere and let it out. I can't even explain what I'm feeling. I was really attached to it in the little time I spent together with it.
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2021.10.16 13:12 FinaViews Bitcoin ATH - Controlar impulso

Esto es para los inversores retail que tienen FOMO de perderse el ciclo bull actual y consideran entrar ahora.
Acuérdense que los criptoactivos son cíclicos por varias razones así que antes de impulsivamente comprar en el pico consideren que la única forma de ganar es generando una diferencia de precios favorable.
En otras palabras traten de no comprar caro y vender barato.
Si aun quieren entrar, todavía ETH no esta replicando el ultimo ciclo de precios en alza aunque históricamente siempre lo hizo con delay siguiendo ciclos de BTC pero rezagado. Todavía hay buen upside en ETH comparado con BTC.
Tengan cuidado con gas fees y slippage en todos los protocolos en especial si compran coins o tokens en CeX (e.g. Binance) o DeX (e.g. Pancakeswap, Uniswap).
Lo mismo para pasar de CeX a Wallets en este momento ETH gas fees están alrededor de 20-30%.
Buen fin de semana
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2021.10.16 13:12 Huseynlicartoon How to Draw a Heart icon in Adobe Illustrator

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2021.10.16 13:12 knowone23 Don’t use an Ozone generator to get rid of smells left behind by guest. Check.

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2021.10.16 13:12 TiredZer0 Haha

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