Enter to win my Instagram Giveaway for a free pyrography art piece!

2021.10.25 18:15 Lyssa-Lauren Enter to win my Instagram Giveaway for a free pyrography art piece!

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2021.10.25 18:15 I-Love-Horse-Cock Yo any adventurers know where I can get myself a green hood?

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2021.10.25 18:15 TheCuratorofPixels 🎁🎁Giveaway 10/27 🎁🎁Win this Hyper-Legendary token! 👉Follow on Twitter for details👈It also comes with a legendary piece of crypto history. We’ve only existed 8 days and our following is growing

🎁🎁Giveaway 10/27 🎁🎁Win this Hyper-Legendary token! 👉Follow on Twitter for details👈It also comes with a legendary piece of crypto history. We’ve only existed 8 days and our following is growing submitted by TheCuratorofPixels to CryptoArt [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 18:15 HCarralez Background Play troubles

I’m sure this question has been asked a million times before but is there anyway to use YouTube music background play on PS5? I can use it on my phone and PS5 with Bluetooth headphones at the same time but I want to play the music on my surround sound as well as play my game at the same time but PS5 closes the YouTube app when I open a game. Any help?
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2021.10.25 18:15 germanky Postmates Part Time Delivery Driver (Make Your Own Schedule)

NOW HIRING Postmates Part Time Delivery Driver (Make Your Own Schedule)-https://mycoloradojobs.com/transportation/postmates-part-time-delivery-driver-make-your-own-schedule-367ae5/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.10.25 18:15 superamericaman US-Based Apes: How long did it take you to receive your first CS letter after initiating the transfer?

Curious as to others' experience given how slow the mail has been for European apes direct registering their shares. Assuming you opted for the letter route, how long did it take for your first letter to reach you after initiation, and after the actual transfer?
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2021.10.25 18:15 Sonyafr Neck Strengthening Exercises | Neck Exercises For Neck Pain

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2021.10.25 18:15 josemrx55 [H] €5 Steam Gift Card [W] $5 Amazon Gift Card

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2021.10.25 18:15 gingerfox1996 I just want to say that if you ever purchased anything with this art on it that isnt signed as gingerfox.art then it was from a person who stole my work. I just found a seller on RedBubble called SoyLaLeche who even changed my singature. (Artist @gingerfox.art)

I'm sorry if this isnt allowed. I am just really upset that another One Piece fan would do this to me.
Many of you probably seen this art before as i uploaded it here long time ago, it is still my favourtie piece of art i ever did. One Piece is my favourite show and i love to create art that you all enjoy, i also sell prints of it myself but seeing someone removing my signature on it and adding their own really, really hurts.
SoyLaLeche considers himself a One Piece fan so maybe he will see it here. I hope you take down my art from yout RedBubble shop. This isnt right.
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2021.10.25 18:15 ghillysuitman Drake - Deep Pockets (Remix Instrumental Beat Cover)

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2021.10.25 18:15 CRookedGriNN Danger Claws stands guard..

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2021.10.25 18:15 xkrh26 I (27F) want to "break up" with a friend, but I'm not sure how

Long time lurker, first time poster, I'd appreciate any advice I can get. So I have a friend, "D" (27M) that I have known since college. In college we did make out a few times but there was never anything romantic, at least not in my eyes, and it never went further than kissing. We graduated 5 years ago and D & I did stay in some contact post graduation, pretty much only through social media and occasional texting.
I always thought that D was... a bit much at time, and kind of annoying. For example, he has to comment on every single thing I post to my story, or send on Snapchat. At times, his comments really bug me and I have removed him as a follower, but after some time he would just add me back. A few weeks back, he made a comment that really rubbed me the wrong way, something along the lines of "If I ever cheated on my girlfriend, I would want it to be with you."
He is currently dating someone that we went to college with, so I do know her, but her and I are not friends (and I have no interest in saying anything to her or getting involved in their relationship). I do however, know that I am no longer interested in maintaining a friendship with him. Things have never been romantic on my end, feelings wise, but I am starting to get the feeling that he has always seen me in a romantic way.
I have been friend dumped in the past, twice through ghosting and once where my friend told me he couldn't be my friend anymore - I assume because I am a girl and his fiancee was uncomfortable with our friendship - so I know how much both suck. I do think that the instance where my friend told me that we couldn't be friends anymore instead of ghosting was better because it did give me some closure on the friendship. D just texted me today saying, "hey it's D, just checking if we're still friends," - I haven't been answering his texts lately and I did delete him off Snapchat already.
So I'm asking, how can I break up with a friend in a way that I guess won't be super hurtful, but will also get the point across?
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2021.10.25 18:15 Ghetkir Another throw

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2021.10.25 18:15 Turbulent_Camera9995 Nanny cam ideas/recommendations?

So I have 3 kids, one teen, pre teen and one tot.
My wife and I work odd shifts and some times it is the oldest looking after the others, some times its a sitter.
I am looking for a wall mounted nanny cam that could more or less look you in the face in any room and you would not think anything of it, something that would not feel out of place.
I want to be able to remote view the video/audio from work if need be and save the files to my computer if something questionable was to happen.
Any recommendations?
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2021.10.25 18:15 argjent_kr Tatakae Tatakae

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2021.10.25 18:15 germanky Speech Language Pathologist - School

NOW HIRING Speech Language Pathologist - School-https://mycoloradojobs.com/healthcare/speech-language-pathologist-school-31db74c/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.10.25 18:15 Different_Oil_7617 LF: Shiny Zacian from recent event

FT: Shiny Zamazenta from recent event
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2021.10.25 18:15 Tangerine_Routine ECEP-372

Has anyone taken the course, Radiation Detection and Measurement? I was wondering how the workload would be like for this class.
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2021.10.25 18:15 justinleguin Blow to self confidence

I thought I was having a better skin day than normal… until a girl in my class comes up to me and says “are you stressed out or something? Your skin looks awful today”. That felt great!
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2021.10.25 18:15 erer1243 Currently, it's October 25, 2021 at 05:15PM

Currently, it's October 25, 2021 at 05:15PM
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2021.10.25 18:15 jayfrmNYC-5 Question About Artists

Is there a way to see stats for like which city plays and fw a specific artist the most? I’m trynna see this for chief Keef and YB
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2021.10.25 18:15 Elox36 Daredevil (2019) #9

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2021.10.25 18:15 JackTheModder Found this somewhere

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2021.10.25 18:14 lyleboschkavitz May someone tell me what use cases would a GRiiix would be preferred? I have a GRiii that I love but wondering if the GRiiix would be a good camera to supplement.

Reading about different focal lengths confuse me so I’m hoping someone can dumb it down for me.
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2021.10.25 18:14 thegreatblazed Billionaire Leon Black Is Being Investigated by the Manhattan D.A., Sources Say

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