Found this gem in one of my high school homeworks

2021.10.25 18:02 FBI_main_director Found this gem in one of my high school homeworks

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2021.10.25 18:02 Extension-Temporary4 Alibaba $BABA & China are not a risk and the narrative is trite

I’m sick of people saying that China is a risk. It’s not, at least no greater than the United States. First, BABA is grated on an American exchange, meanings its audited by the same auditors, regulated by the same regulators, and subject to the same rules as everyone else. And if you allege fraud, lovely. I would direct your attention to Enron, Worldcom, Tyco . . . American companies are just as likely to commit fraud. So don’t give me that BS. Worried about the Chinese government? Also BS. Ever hear of the SEC, FTC, DOJ, FINRA . . . ? American companies can and have been regulated into non existence. AT&T bell Atlantic, Microsoft/Netscape, Adobe, Pixar . . . Companies are broken up and fined all the time. Trading is halted on stocks all the time. Companies are shut down for weeks at a time because of governmental audits. Companies are Fined billions by Uncle Sam looking To make a buck. Don’t tell me that the Chinese govt is any worse to companies than we are. I’m not bashing the US by any means. I love This country and this government. But I think the Chyna narrative and the BABA fraud narrative is played out and utter bullshit.
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2021.10.25 18:02 andrii1984 Inktober 22. Open

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2021.10.25 18:02 Less-Patient3671 CyberSec meetup, who, what skillsets, and covering what topics?

Hosting a meetup covering cybersec on my patch (online and IRL), asking for a bit of insight here.
If you had access to a range of cyber security professionals, who would want to hear from? CISOs? SOC team members? App builders? Pen testers? Private, GOV or other?
And what topics would you like them to talk about?
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2021.10.25 18:02 functi0nalPsych0path Excuse me sir, your son just shot me

So this took place back in 2008ish.
In Iowa quite a few state parks have shooting ranges that are completely free and just have posted rules. As a rule everyone is responsible for making sure the range is safe and clean.
I had just bought a new pew pew and wanted to sight it in to my shooting style.
I'm a left handed shooter but right eye dominant.
When I get to the range there's the usual people there, including the brass thief but he's a story for another time. The far left lane is open.
I move my stuff to the table and start setting up my sled and other equipment.
To the right of my lane is a father and son shooting a tiny bolt action .22. The gun was one of those that take a key to function every time.
Now the kid was maybe 10 years old and seemed to know how to use the rifle because he was loading .22shorts, using the key to reload and shooting again. He was being safe and keeping it pointed down range.
His dad is giving pointers and overall being a good mentor.
I load and shoot.
Wait for range to clear and reset targets.
His dad walks away leaves the kid to shoot.
I pick up my rifle and start to wipe the barrel and was planning on waiting for the barrel to cool, shoot, wait zero and so on but no.
I hear the kid fumbling with the keys and getting frustrated
Pop, I just got punched in the leg. It hurt, but in a weird way. The kid squeaks a sorry and I take inventory. I feel my leg and find the hole, it wasn't even bleeding yet but still my brain was going "holy f ,f ,f, s, f I just got shot"
This was prior to going overseas and will end up being only the first time I was shot
I look for the dad and he's fiddling with fishing equipment in the back of his truck.
I say excuse me sir.
He interrupted me saying "his son is allowed to shoot and they aren't moving"
I say "yes sir but the issue is he just shot me!"
He laughs and says no he didn't
I take my hand off my leg and show him as by now it has started to bleed but not spray (that's good at least)
He starts to argue that I must have shot myself because his son has been shooting since he could walk.
I say accidents happen I'm not upset i just need insurance information for the ranger and paramedics as I need to call 911.
He offers me $100 to just leave and say it was an accident.
I say no and call 911
Other people on the range both started to gather and go find a park ranger.
The dad keeps arguing saying his son couldn't have shot me because he doesn't know how to load the gun and if he did it was because I was downrange.
The kid pipes in and says "yeah I do dad, you showed me and I did shoot him, it was an accident"
At this point the dad starts to panic and starts tossing everything into the truck in a scramble to get away. Before he can, another shooter grabs the keys off the kids table as they were also the truck keys.
The guy gets more and more upset as I sit there with my pinky stuffed in a brand new hole.
Eventually the ranger gets there and everyone starts yelling their side of what happened. The ranger calms everyone down as the police arrive and start sorting through everything.
I explain the kid shot me by accident, the dad was freaking out and tried to leave but another person has his keys.
They summon an ambulance and they look me over.
The officers handcuffed the dad and I was like wait, he didn't do any harm I'm not pressing charges. The officers explained that he was a felon and thus not allowed to be around guns anyway.
I'm taken away and they remove the bullet no major harm done but it did chip bone.
I know this wasn't an exciting story and on a scale of 1 to 10 for entitled it's only like a 3 but still. Also i probably would have reacted similar 😅.
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2021.10.25 18:02 Fun-Painter-7117 Steam Rooms

Hi there, does anyone know which locations currently have working steam rooms? All locations have been supposedly able to offer it since Oct 1 at reduced capacity...
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2021.10.25 18:02 clothie2 Thanks I hate affairs

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2021.10.25 18:02 Norda-Stelo Let the Right One In Understands the Dark Maelstrom That Is Love

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2021.10.25 18:02 Official_Awa_Games Mighty Kabocha?

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2021.10.25 18:02 cubertgirl Why the elemental envoy is nota there?

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2021.10.25 18:02 telex_bot A Hősök terét, a Parlamentet és a Duna-parti holokauszt-emlékművet is végiglátogatta Marine Le Pen

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2021.10.25 18:02 igota103 49ers fan seeking refuge

Long story short, our sub has gone into full nuclear meltdown mode after losing 4 straight games to the point where our social media is too toxic to even look at anymore — which is understandable because it’s becoming clearer by the day that our “offensive mastermind” head coach who was supposed to lead our team back to the Super Bowl while developing a rookie we traded 3 firsts for is a fraud, but completely inhibits me from using a platform I enjoyed for a while. I don’t ever remember it being this bad frankly, even going back to the end of the Harbaugh era.
Your fanbase seem to be taking things pretty well (relatively) being in a shitty situation too and having lived in the Carolinas for a while you guys are all really nice, levelheaded people. As a Gamecocks fan I love Jaycee Horn, Stephon Gilmore, and Shi Smith, and the Panthers have always been my second team.
Cool if I hang out with you guys for a lil bit? I will also that I love me some Bojangle’s and it’s my go-to fast-food of choice😩
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2021.10.25 18:02 SirCampMasterSponge Just saw the poll about the wisdom tooth, it reminded me of a similar thing that happened to me.

When I was a lad, I chipped a part of my tooth off while trying to open something, however, I believe I have since also lost the tooth from which a part was chipped entirely, am I okay or am I a nerd?
View Poll
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2021.10.25 18:02 tonezbonez123 Career advice 28M, got a master's and hated the job options and now feel completely empty and lost

Hi all,
I am a 28M and I graduated from my MFA in 2020. It was in studio art, with a focus on video and animation and while I still have some interest in those, I no longer want to pursue a post-secondary teaching gig (that I REALLY wanted to do going into it).
The last year and a half has been a doozy, I had long covid, working through different health issues, was generally unemployed, lost a couple family members. It's felt really hard to pick something I want to do for a job much less a career. I feel like I was so wrapped up in the art and academic world that I had my blinders on to everything else and now feel lost. It has been a huge sticking point in my relationship and general mental health state to try to find a job want. The last 20 months I feel like I did so much thinking on it, but don't really feel closer to a job I want. Over the summer I worked in a kitchen, which I enjoyed the cooking but hated the service environment/low pay
My main question to people who have been through this is... how do you get unstuck from this? I know I don't need to figure everything out right now but just feel like I'm moving in the right direction.
A secondary question is suggestions for things to explore (jobs, open to going back to school eventually)? I have compiled a small list of things I have liked/disliked in jobs, but it's hard for me to turn them into something tangible:
-Working with people 1 on 1 or small teams
-something that helps people, even if not directly
-I generally enjoyed cooking
-I feel I'm very logic driven, like solving problems, and using technology, writing
-I don't like working in customer service too much (outside of long one on one things)
-I love working from home, but also I've enjoyed working with my hands and off a computer in the kitchen
-I still enjoy working with culture and art, just not in the same academic capacity
-I have a lot of experience in graphic design, too, but haven't enjoyed it lately
-I like occasional travel and working internationally
-avid cyclist
And maybe a third question... How do you stick with things that you want to learn? I've tried learning more Spanish or coding to help things but it's really hard for me to stick with them.
Thanks for any help and advice. I know there's a lot on this sub related to these issues but just wanted to open the conversation up to my case.
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2021.10.25 18:02 lexdfox Havent really expanded my bourbon search beyond a few favorites, but couldn't help this.. Did I win big or am I missing something?

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2021.10.25 18:02 sumwhitekidinFL I guess this is what i get for having to live in Florida

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2021.10.25 18:02 Fickle_Ad5804 Lucky in boxes! Save this beauty!! Only available for 15 minutes :(

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2021.10.25 18:02 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: RT @JazzShaw: #FauciLiedDogsDied

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2021.10.25 18:02 MidasTouch_StarCraft [Analog] the sky is falling >

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2021.10.25 18:02 Norda-Stelo Hayden Christensen’s Star Wars Renaissance Will Continue in Ahsoka

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2021.10.25 18:02 oceanofloneliness I read that there's proof of the ten plagues from the Exodus because of what the Ipuwar Papyrus says. Is this true?

Indeed, poor men have become owners of wealth and he who could not make sandals for himself is now a possessor or riches. Indeed, men's slaves, their hearts are sad, and magistrates do not fraternize with their people when they shout. Indeed, [hearts] are violent, pestilence is throughout the land, blood everywhere, death is not lacking, and the mummy-cloth speaks even before one comes near it. Indeed, many dead are buried in the river; the stream is a sepulcher and the place of embalmment has become a stream. Indeed, the noblemen are in distress, while the poor man is full of joy. Every town says: "Let us suppress the powerful among us." Indeed, men are like ibises. Squalor is throughout the land, and there are none indeed whose clothes are white in these times. Indeed, the land turns around as does a potter's wheel; the robber is a possessor of riches and [the riches man is become] a plunderer. Indeed, trusty servants are [. . .]; the poor man [complains]: "How terrible! What am I to do?" Indeed, the river is blood, yet men drink of it. Men shrink from human beings and thirst after water.
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2021.10.25 18:02 dannylenwinn New Jersey (USA) and South Korean Engineers, Scientists collaborate to build person-sized 6 ft Humanoid Robot that can be user-controlled, Motion command in low latency, moving limbs and fingers accurately.

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2021.10.25 18:02 tdtwedt "Transitory" Shortages And Inflation Are Really Your Quality Of Life Being Stolen

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2021.10.25 18:02 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: RT @_BarringtonII: How sick is our nation when more people are up in odds about Fauci killing dogs than trying to vaccinate our kids? #FauciLiedDogsDied <-are you kidding me? This is why I continue to say, we will get what we deserve as long as we continue the way we’re going.

JackPosobiec: RT @_BarringtonII: How sick is our nation when more people are up in odds about Fauci killing dogs than trying to vaccinate our kids? #FauciLiedDogsDied <-are you kidding me? This is why I continue to say, we will get what we deserve as long as we continue the way we’re going. submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 18:02 Mshakh2 Were the Crusaders justified in their approach and actions in Jerusalem?

Were the Crusaders justified in their approach and actions in Jerusalem?
For those that don't know, Jerusalem was conquered by the Arabs in 637 A.D. when the Arabs took control of the city no blood was spilled and it was a peaceful transfer with no ethnic cleansing or stealing of property. It came as a surprise for the Roman's. Also, at the time there were no Jews in Jerusalem which the Caliph Umar rectified by ordering his Jewish childhood friend that converted to Islam to bring in many Jewish families to be able to settle in Jerusalem. So at time of conquest the city was 100% Christian.
Fast forward over 400 years later and you have the time of Crusaders conquest of Jerusalem. At this time, the city was roughly 50% Christian and 25% Jewish and 25% Muslim.
When they conquered the city they first ordered all Christians in the city to convert from the "wrong" religion of orthodox Christianity and into catholicism. Most accepted and some refused and were killed for it.
Then, they moved on to slaughter all the Muslims, thank finally on to slaughter the Jews. It was a massacre and it was horrific. Anyone interested in history should already know of the horrors of that massacre.
Some quotes,
"In this temple 10,000 were killed. Indeed, if you had been there you would have seen our feet coloured to our ankles with the blood of the slain. But what more shall I relate? None of them were left alive; neither women nor children were spared."
"...[our men] were killing and slaying even to the Temple of Solomon, where the slaughter was so great that our men waded in blood up to their ankles..."
There are so many more and there are books about it as well.
Years later, a man named Salahadin would reconquer Jerusalem in an honorable way and history and says enough about him, including his enemies. These 3 conquests actually show the difference between the 3 Faith's and people of the time when dealing with Palestine.
So that's the history, and history has judged the Crusaders very harshly as massacres were common back then but the scale and savagery of the crusaders were on another level even at the time.
So my question is again, have we judged them too harshly. I mean what were they supposed to do? What could they have don't differently? Let's try to look at things from their perspective and maybe we can find that they were actually very calculating and purposeful with their actions in order to preserve their new territory Christian heritage and exclusiveness to the land.
If they didn't massacre the Muslims and Jews, maybe they would have a hostile population under there rule. Why should they have to accept that? Wouldn't that have put them in danger of being overthrown or forced back at some point? Why take the risk? Maybe by killing them all it allowed them to rule Jerusalem for nearly 200 years.
Some might say, you didn't need to kill them you could have forced them out of the city. This line of thinking doesn't work, because those children the slaughtered might grow up and fight them in the future? Maybe even grow and make more kids to challenge them in the future. Why take the risk? Why let the women live and move on to make more children only to come back and fight them in the future?
Maybe they were justified by making these rational arguments. Sure, the Muslims didn't do this when they conquered Jerusalem but I guess that doesn't matter. So what do you guys think?
They needed to preserve a Christian majority and preserve Christian power of Jerusalem and Palestine. They needed to slaughter the Jews and Muslims because they were a hostile people according to them. They couldn't ethnically cleanse any other way because they would probably come back later to fight them.
So do you guys think they were Justified? Why or why not?
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