Page 75 of “What They Don’t Tell You About Chemo”, Journal In progress [OC]

2021.10.20 11:03 chemocomic Page 75 of “What They Don’t Tell You About Chemo”, Journal In progress [OC]

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2021.10.20 11:03 ddddddaisy One of our Cows once won an award for producing over 100,000 KG of milk.

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2021.10.20 11:03 pettyplant Catgirls

There's a cat coin called catgirl that will let you own, dress, and farm with catgirls as NFTs. You pay using catgirl tokens to get mystery boxes that will give you either an already completed catgirl NFT, a randomly generated catgirl NTF, or a catgirl accessory to equip your randomly generated catgirl. Common Catgirl Mystery Boxes will always be publicly available whilst other rarity boxes will be available through limited events.
The catgirl rarity goes as this

Type Percentage
Paw-some 0.01%
Legendary 1%
Epic 3%
Rare 10%
Common 85.99%
Every catgirl or catgirl accessory will have a Nya score between 50-100 based on its rarity. The Nya score determines its efficiency for NFT farming which rewards you with catgirl tokens.
Fee distribution: - 75% of the sales will go to the NFT farming pool as rewards. - 20% will go to product development - 5% will go to the burn address
Energy is determined by a catgirl's rarity level and is the catgirl's stamina. The larger a catgirl's stamina the longer she can farm before needing to be recharged with $PAW. $PAW is gained by an untradable utility token only earnable through LP staking with a CATGIRL-WBNB pair. $PAW is also used to level up your catgirl (up to 10) and open up NFT farming slots (up to 5).
Appearances are based on rarity or RNG.
Appearance Type Dependent On
Species Rarity
Tail Rarity
Ear Rarity
Face RNG
Skin RNG
Eye Color RNG
Like an RPG you have many different wearable slots such as but not limited to - Head - Hair - Face - Eyes - Feet - Hand (Left and right) - Hands (both) - Pet - Background - Emote - Profile Frame
Note: Some wearables (like an RPG) have a level requirement.
You can showoff your catgirls on Catgirl Social, a social media where you may comment and share catgirls but also give and receive likes from other catgirls for $MEW. $MEW is used to level up your catgirls. There will also be catgirl contests and events.
You may only farm with the catgirls during the season which they were released. You may keep your NFTs as a prized collectible or sell them on the NFT marketplace. People will be forced to purchase more mystery boxes in order to continue to farm for the next season. Here you may auction, buy and sell Catgirl collectibles in which a service fee will be applied.
Service Fee Distribution - 75% goes to the farming pool - 20% goes to project development - 5% will be burned
Upon further research you may find that there are 100 quadrillion coins and you may think "The supply is too high, it'll never go to a high price" and you'd be right if you didn't consider that 50% of the supply has been burned on launch so in reality there's only 50 quadrillion. Still a lot? Consider that for every transaction - 4% is added to the liquidity pool - 1% goes toward marketing budgets - 1% goes to a lottery that all wallets with 100 billion coins participate in (no longer valid as of writing) - 4% is given to coin holders as a share
The last one means that 2% of every transaction goes to the burn wallet. How does that work? If a wallet owned 100% of the coins it would receive the full 4% of the reward but since the burn wallet has 50% of the coins it receives 2% of the reward. Since there's more coins in the burn wallet from rewards that means it will receive even more rewards taking yet more coins out of circulation.
This applies to you as well so you would earn more coins the more coins you held. The closest it can be described as is autostaking but the coin supply keeps decreasing. I originally thought them starting with 100 quadrillion then burning half was a petty marketing trick but now that I look at its tokenomics it's actually a stroke of genius. For many projects their positives is that their transaction fees are low but in this instance you'll happily pay higher fees because they'll come back to you through nft farming, autostaking, product development or they'll be burnt.
You might still say "But 50 quadrillion is still too much!" (1 quadrillion is locked in a 4 year escrow) consider that the project only launched in June of this year. A week ago it only had 25,000 coin holders and do you know how many was in the burn address? 62.3 Quadrillion! I'm talking about a currently barebones product that has an unfinished whitepaper and a website DEX (not even the finalised one!).
Can you imagine what if instead of 30,000 holders we had 300,000? Exponential growth in the demand for the coin leading to more transactions which means burning of the tokens and you as a catgirl coin holder get more rewards. This could not be only become the most famous cat coin on the market but the also most famous waifu and social media coin. For reference social media such as Tik Tok, Youtube, and Facebook have at minimum 1 billion users.
Imagine building a reputation off Catgirl socials. The fact that it's going to have merch support shows the developers have big plans. You create a catgirl's persona connecting with other catgirls competing for prizes, getting the rarest and best looking NFTs, forming a clique with other catgirls, being catty in general, receive donations, branch onto offsite social media, etc. People will give you money so that you can stay at the top. Essentially you could roleplay as an idol manager except you puppeteer your catgirls directly. It could be like living a second life. Not only great fun but also great profits!
The first season of NFTs will be released on October 21 and they'll be considered season 1 catgirl NFTs but also the developers are airdropping mystery boxes if you're holding 1 trillion catgirl coins which I personally will call season 0 as they are officially not considered part of season 1. You can do speculation of what these NFTs will be worth a year or two from now. Think about the value of holding season 0 of any famous NFTs. Did I mention possessing these NFTs are prequisites for certain badges on your Catgirl social?
There's no real competition for cat coins or one with such a robust ecosystem. You don't get commercial rights for making merch when you own a NFT which at first might seem like a huge negative, but it's actually a positive it shows the developers are open to making brand deals with other companies to have their NFTs implemented into the ecosystem. Imagine the hype generated if a popular character was inside a limited mystery box at a paw-some rarity.
P.S: At time of writing the reflection (autostaking) rewards have been reduced to 2% with the rest given to NFT farming.
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2021.10.20 11:03 CuddlySadist Thought on New Glacial Augment?

Glacial Augment

While early Electrocute is too good to pass, the idea of Vex jumping in for huge slow field sounds terrifying and fun to experiment with.
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2021.10.20 11:03 indyflip Lab X-periments Event Start Date?
So in game the event starts in 34 hours… however the blog post states the event starts on 10/22 at 5:00pm (PDT)… which is 58 hours away.
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2021.10.20 11:03 j4c11 Recording CNT footage on PS5

I signed up, fingers crossed. Question for those of you who might have played the DS3 network test on PS4. I noticed games are able to overlay stuff on top of the recorded video, Nioh for example adds a small copyright box that's visible in the recorded video but not on screen while playing. So I'm assuming they could block recording altogether with a big overlay. Did they do anything like that with DS3 on PS4, or were you able to record the gameplay? I'm just looking to share the gameplay privately with some friends if I get in.
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2021.10.20 11:03 Tramelo SLPT: Never do anyone a favour, always come up with an excuse. Make your life simple and less stressful.

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2021.10.20 11:03 guillermoerav Cool NFT platform for creators and fans - MELON!

Melon is the #1 NFT marketplace that connects creators and their fans.
Here’s what you can do on Melon :
As a creator
As a fan/ NFT collector
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2021.10.20 11:03 Hrmnsn Fraråder Rødt-ønske om brems i strømeksporten: – I strid med våre forpliktelser

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2021.10.20 11:03 BigPapiPR83 What are some of the NEGATIVES if we magically applied this Universal Basic Income into the USA permanently. Keep in mind that citizens would recieve 1,500 per month until death no matter what.

1) When every single child is born in the USA then immediately a bank account is created and every month of every year until death this human recieves 1,500 Dollars (UBI) per month
2) 1,500 per month for 18 years and when a child becomes and young adult the bank account will have this amount. 1,500 Dollars per Month × 12 months = 18,000 dollars × 18 years = 324,000 dollars cash in this humans bank account.
3) At the age of 5 or whenever children are told about their American dream account and this is important because of formula that follows.... the 324K dollar will get split in 3 steps and all serve a purpose on how to improve the social well-being of all American citizens. This would be taught to children all their life upbringing in order to create safe communities. How will the 324K get divided is as follows
Step 1) The American citizen is told from a very young age that there will be 100K Cash waiting at the age of 18 however for EVERY infraction like a felony, misdemeanor and court related pathetic excuse for a human related offenses against property ir other humans then this 100K is slowly taken away for every infraction a few thousand are deducted based on type of crime/felony committed. ( The theory & concept here is to create lovely safe communities where crime is very little because citizens want to recieve the full 100K cash when they turn 18 years old.
Disclaimer; for the safety and well-being of our society misdemeanor and some felonies will not impact these next two benefits and every citizen at age 18 no matter who recieves it.
Step 2 ) for the next 100K cash it will be used specifically for the payment of EDUCATION and now at the age of 18 the citizen has 100K dollars to pay for their education at a University, trade,technical school or a mixture of whatever it is that they wish to learn and possibly find a job in that career.
Step 3) For the remainder of the 124K dollars it will be used as follows.... the citizen has 100K cash to buy a house cash that cost 100K or and they also have 24k to buy a NEW car.

Same applies for a vehicle.... the citizens that just decide to live off the system and its UBI then they will afford a NEW 24k vehicle..... more ambitious citizens that want trucks or luxury vehicles can simply study, get a job and now with the 1,500 UBI + monthly job income can afford a nicer vehicle.
This theory of UBI should create a competitive environment where each are given an opportunity to become great Americans.
Can you guys chime in and talk about if this is a system that is possible to integrate into our current Capitalist society, thanks.
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2021.10.20 11:03 freebiesdeals $500 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

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2021.10.20 11:03 qixle what’s one message you’d like to send to someone, but can’t?

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2021.10.20 11:03 No-Community1380 Be positive

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2021.10.20 11:03 ithinkispeakformysel Help me hold room?

If someone is in America servers rn will you join uberin2/2 and hold my room? Worried it will disappear as my game crashed and I’m back in queue. On Lilith rn >.<
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2021.10.20 11:03 AuspiciousApple Is the standalone "Stand Up" scenario a bit underwhelming?

It's recommended in the MEGA-FAQ, I played as Argentina, but it's a bit lacklustre IMO. There seems to be one UK ship to sink, which can be achieved by massing anti-ship missiles and overcoming its defences. My sub detected their ship, so my warships could fire from a distance without receiving retaliatory fire.
The UK planes seem quite curious to investigate boogies from up close, so flying a plane close to the islands, getting the attention of a UK jet, and then flying over my own fleet gets the UK jets shot down very easily.
Afterwards, there seems to be no resistance left and my fleet can just sail into the "habour" and sink the patrol boat and tanker, and bomb the radars/SAM sites.
I generally like simpler scenarios but this one was a bit disappointing, unless I am missing anything.
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2021.10.20 11:03 publicworld How do I stop the wife from redecorating?

It’s so frustrating when she moves pots or statues or furniture. How can I make her not??
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2021.10.20 11:03 TotalGlobalControl Biden Regime plans to inject 28 million American children with experimental "vaccines" that don't work for a disease that doesn't threaten them

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2021.10.20 11:03 Commercial_Accident Game freezes no matter what I do in starting camp at MacFarlanes

First discovered when I would try start mightwatch, the sherrif just walks by and my game is "frozen" it's running but I can't move, pausing brought up an invisible options menu.
I should've tried riding to another mission first but instead I tried saving, maybe sleeping can get me past this issue, so I slept but now as soon as I ride off the console freezes completely.
The furthest I made it was seeing a horse possee with a leader and a body on the ground, when I was able to get close to them I got the original freeze where I can look but I can't move and the menu is hidden...
So now when I saved I accidentally overwrote the last save and now it seems to stuck in a worse state... Rn I'm gonna try saving some more maybe I can sleep last the event my PS3 can't handle
Luckily the first save that let me ride down the the end of the road where the posse waits to freeze me, is backed up on another account on the PS3 so if sleeping again somehow makes this worse I'll fall back to where I could run around for a bit until it happened
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2021.10.20 11:03 Fluglotse Streak 27: Pausentag

Heute muss ich Geschichte studieren :)
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2021.10.20 11:03 sachinnarhe Barbaadiyan lyrics

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2021.10.20 11:03 BotDefense overview for Quinneuf

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2021.10.20 11:03 WitheringRiser After 5 months, Bitcoin sets a new all time high after a 55% correction

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2021.10.20 11:03 coldjim Zcentral 'Windows Agent' - Programming required

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I would like to utilise a feature in the Zcentral (remote working) manual about 'Windows Agents' but i'm not a programmer and they have given very vague details about how to use the function but basically some users tend not to log out of the machine and just close the Zcentral app so we have to remotely reboot the machine (since we don't have their user log ins) every morning in work so this is a bit tedious for us as a support team.
However I have been looking through the manual and found that you are able to monitor the HPremote Event log within windows, and if there are no users logged in and they have not been active for a set amount of time, it will log out the user or reboot the machine (or whatever you state).
Its on page 113 in the HP Zcentral manual:
Page 117 under 'Agent design guidelines' describes its uses. I'm interested in 'Desktop session logout' option. There is some sample code on page 120, but can't figure it out.
Is anyone able to make sense of this or are you able to advise on where to go from here?
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2021.10.20 11:03 speeddevil789 What you know about rollin’ down in the deep?

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2021.10.20 11:03 KingGrimlok [PS4] W: Quad/Limb Damage Combat Sh0tty (Maybe with reduced weight or reload) H: Caps

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