Hi Manager's 🖐️ I Can Grind 150+ Slp Per Day

2021.10.20 11:13 Jazz00788 Hi Manager's 🖐️ I Can Grind 150+ Slp Per Day

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2021.10.20 11:13 Abyssions20 Reading exchange?

If anyone is interested, please chat me!
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2021.10.20 11:13 DAVID_KRAPPENSHITS Question for macbook air m1 owners

How is it in gaming? How is the laptop in general?
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2021.10.20 11:13 AffectionateAd2878 H: AA2525 Fixer, VE25LVC Gatling Laser, JE+1P Gatling Plasma W: Legacy offers/B50VC25LVC Fixer

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2021.10.20 11:13 simon_2112 CS users from Europe, Poland (or other east countries) !

I got a message from CS my transfer went through, and I can try and create the account using my SSN (social security number), but I can't submit the form because ZIP code is incorrect or the SSN does not match.
Do you know how to enter the details? My SSN is just a set of 11 digits and ZIP code for the city I live in is 12-123 (random digits) but the dash is not permitted and it exceeds the limit of characters anyway.
What Do, dear Apes? :)
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2021.10.20 11:13 IamPotato14 Battle of the Kiwis

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2021.10.20 11:13 graciepaper Working when I don't care?

This is fairly straight-forward. I assume lots of people deal with this, so hopefully there's lots of advice to go around.
I don't enjoy working. I don't hate my job and by a lot of standards, I'm quite spoiled. It's a great environment.
I just... don't care. There are a thousand other things I would rather be doing that don't pay the bills: eating, sleeping, friends, books, games, movies, exercise, etc. I live a very full life outside of work and if I ever won the lotto, I'd just quit and do more of that.
I also likely have some mild/moderate ADHD. I'm forgetful, get distracted very easy, fixate on the wrong things, etc.
I don't want to be a workaholic. I'm never going to want some high-stress job. But I DO actually want to be seen as a reliable and capable person. I'd like to not be a burden on my coworkers. I would also like to make a little more money.
So... tips on doing better?
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2021.10.20 11:13 nicyole how to cope with a toddler transitioning from “cutesy, loves everyone baby” to a bratty kid?

please tell me this is something biological moms experience, too. SS3 just barely turned three, and it’s like a light switched. he used to be such a loving baby who was so sweet and loved everyone, and now all he does is say no, and that he wants his mom. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I know it’s probably a normal thing that all kids go through, but it still hurts, lol
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2021.10.20 11:13 FishermanTales There is an ancient tower in the middle of the North Atlantic (Part 10)

The blood around me began to ripple. Rising through the wet surface were dozens of heads. A slick crimson sheen over featureless faces. Void of eyes, nose, and mouth—they were human-shaped and nothing more.
They swam slowly towards him—escorting me along the way. A pyramid of skulls protruded from the sea of blood. From the various orifices of each skull, poured forth even more blood. The pyramid was capped off with the throne, which was itself made of bone. A large figure sat atop—his eyes like burning suns floating side by side in a vast empty space. An impenetrable blackness beneath a grey hood. His tattered robe like tangled webs that swayed with an absent wind.
I craned my neck as I came closer to the pyramid. A massive structure of thousands of skulls. He watched me without speaking. But I felt him. I felt his aura of evil. It permeated this chamber more intensely than any of those prior.
Loki and Hel were already at the pyramid. They stood beneath an archway of an opening which led into the interior of the bone structure. I climbed from the blood and joined them. I turned back to look at the mannequin-like beings who had accompanied me. They remained wading in the blood—observing me it would seem, but lacking any features to observe with.
“What now?” I asked.
Loki motioned towards the interior. There was a faint glow within.
I gripped the handle of my sword, steadied my breath, and entered the pyramid.
Candles flickered along the floor. A floor made of stone rather than bone. In the middle of the room was an altar. A man lay supine atop it—his arms and legs restrained. I glanced upwards. He—the one who awaited—sat above us, unseen. I returned my gaze to the man on the altar. He was alive, although aged and frail.
“Who is he?” I asked.
Nobody responded. I turned around and found that Loki and Hel were not with me.
“He wants you to remember,” a female voice said softly, startling me from behind.
A woman had emerged from a dark corner. Silky auburn hair and youthful skin—she was healthy in a way I had not seen since entering the tower. Inviting in a way I had not experienced. In her outstretched hand, an apple.
“You’re Idunn,” I muttered.
She gave a slight smile. A tired smile like that of Frigg. But beautiful. An out of place beauty. Like a lone flower in an ashen forest.
The apple in her hand glowed golden—although, not in a metallic sense. It was a plump, healthy, edible gold.
Odin, Thor, Frigg—they told me to eat the apple. That doing so would be my only hope of escaping.
I reached out and took it from her hand. I could feel the energy pulsating inside it. I looked at Idunn and asked, “why does he want me to remember?”
There was pity in her eyes when she looked at me. She answered, “he wants you to remember… so that the truth can be revealed.”
I looked at the apple in my hand. The truth will set you free, right? I just hoped in my case that was literal.
I sunk my teeth into the crisp golden fruit.
The effects were instant. Like waking from a dream. I’d been so limited before. So restrained from my true self. People often complain about how difficult it is to run in a dream—like slogging through mud. As Nate, the path was muddy. But not anymore. Not as Baldur.
I could feel that I had changed physically. My muscles were larger. Firmer. I no longer looked like Nate. My body was strong. Fatigue dissipated entirely. I felt my facial structure and hair had changed and was Baldur’s once again. But one thing remained.
I looked at Idunn and she back to me. We recognized each other, and just like my mother, Frigg, had noticed, she too said, “your eyes are the same.”
I smiled. “Hello, Idunn.”
I turned around to see who was laying atop the altar. He was older than I remembered, but I recognized his face.
He looked weakly in my direction. His eyes began to water. “You’re alive.” His voice trembled.
I placed my hand on his. “Yes.”
“You have to stop him.”
I glanced to the ceiling. The robed figure I’d seen earlier was not familiar. “Who is he?” I asked.
Frey opened his mouth to answer and was interrupted by a deafening shriek. I fell to my knees. The sound pierced into my soul. I pressed my hands to my ears. It felt as if the high-pitched sound was drilling into my brain.
Suddenly it stopped, and the pyramid abruptly expanded outward. The skulls separated and hovered midair. As if gravity had left them. They grew further apart and then it became apparent that at some point the location of the pyramid had changed. What we were in was no longer a large, yet confined chamber. This was a massive, fiery expanse. A river of blood ran through a landscape of bone, upon which walked hundreds of featureless human forms. They hammered iron and dragged chains. They hand cranked ancient machines. They smelted rock and sharpened bone. They were working. For what reason, I could not see.
I glanced upward for the throne. It had vanished.
Frey remained restrained to the altar and Idunn stood near. Behind them, Loki and Hel. I was overcome with rage. Swept by the realization that I was once again capable of hurting a god. I gripped my sword and charged towards Loki.
“Ah, ah!” He uttered, holding in front of him a sharpened shaft of mistletoe.
Having been a human, I can attest to the idea of mistletoe causing pause to a god as seeming silly. After all, it is just mistletoe. But it is for that reason, mistletoe being so harmless to all, that it is the most harmful to me.
The truth is that within all things there is life. A cosmic energy that has filled all vessels, big and small. It is in me, it is in you, it is in the mistletoe. And it takes a shape, which we might call a soul. It becomes a unique form of the whole.
Gods and humans are not far different. We are simply different kinds of vessels. And gods themselves vary from other gods. My mother, Frigg, could communicate with the souls within all things.
When I was born, she had all agree to never harm me—the soul of fire, the soul of water, the soul of metal, the soul of stone—each and every thing. However, one thing did not agree… mistletoe.
Why did mistletoe not agree? Fate perhaps. It is not as if mistletoe is particularly disagreeable. Frigg shrugged it off, however, saying to herself, “well, it is just mistletoe.” But she kept it secret, regardless. Until one day, Loki manipulated her into revealing the truth.
My invulnerability was entertainment to many. They’d shoot arrows at me just to watch them bounce off. Loki took advantage of this. He replaced an arrow with a pointed shaft of mistletoe and tricked my blind brother, Hod, into shooting it at me.
Perhaps you already know the story of how I died.
And here I was again, faced with Loki holding the one thing that could kill me. But this time I was ready. He’d only succeeded before because I had not expected it.
“What do you want, Loki?” I asked.
“Me?” He chuckled. “It is he who summoned you.” He pointed past me.
I watched Loki, hesitant to turn around while he still held the mistletoe.
Loki rolled his eyes and tossed the mistletoe over his shoulder into the river of blood. “Happy?” He asked.
I looked at him a moment longer and then turned around.
Where he stood was a great distance away, off in the fiery horizon. But the one who I’d seen, sitting upon the throne, was different now. His height stretched miles above. A giant of mountainous proportions. His sun-like eyes appeared as if to scale—almost too bright to even look at.
He moved forward a step, his tattered robe so long that I could not tell if he were walking or floating. In a single stride, he covered a length that would have taken a man an hour to traverse. I watched in awe, still unsure of who this being was.
He stopped, several miles from me, and knelt down. His web like robe, now so large that it was resemblant of something more like a massive storm cloud.
He towered over me, glaring with his burning eyes—and I noticed that within his hood was not a vast empty space, as it seemed from afar. He had a face. It was made unclear by shadows. But, nonetheless, he had one.
“Baldur,” he said. It was both a whisper and a roar. A thunderous vocalization which simultaneously shook the ground and clawed at my skin. I could feel his breath, like a humid gust.
“Tell me who you are,” I said.
He laid out an enormous pale hand, palm up, quaking the ground as he did so. Pointed fingernails large enough to be the hulls of ships extended from his fingers. A shiver ran down my spine and I reluctantly scaled his hand and into his palm. The giant stood. Miles above the ground he lifted me. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, from the shadows beneath his hood, he appeared. A copy of the giant who held me, but the size of that which I saw seated upon his throne atop the pyramid of skulls. A giant still, nearly twenty feet tall by my estimate, but not nearly the size of the behemoth which held us.
He drifted down the arm—his own arm—and joined me in his palm. He towered over me. Watching me as I shuddered.
“I was born from blood,” he began. “That which your father and his brothers spilt. Blood which drowned many and became the ocean. Do you know whose blood I speak of?”
I nodded. “Ymir.”
“Yes. From Ymir’s flesh, the Earth was shaped. From his bones, mountains. Stones from his teeth. Seas from his blood. But what you did not know is that some of that blood leaked through into the core of the Earth—and it changed.”
“What is your name?”
“You know my name.”
“Then say it.”
He reached to his hood and lowered it. I recoiled at the grotesqueness of what I initially thought was melting flesh, but soon realized that what I was looking at was a face akin to those I’d seen below—the featureless human-shaped forms. But he was not featureless.
Not anymore.
His mouth was torn flesh. An opening that had not been there in an earlier time. His eyes were glowing red orbs that had seemingly burst through the skin. His nose jagged slits. His ears were massive punctures in the side of his head.
He observed my reaction for a moment, then stepped closer. I stumbled a step back.
“Are you frightened, Baldur?” He asked. He showed his pale empty hands. “I do not carry mistletoe.”
I did not respond.
“All of the gods know my name. But they did not know me as I am,” he said.
“Who are you?” I’d gripped my sword tighter as he moved another step closer.
“I was not meant to exist… but there is a soul within all things, Baldur. You know this. And there was within the blood of Ymir, one very powerful. One that willed itself to be more. It grew into something faceless. A shape. A prison of flesh which it tore through. And here I am, I see and I speak and I hear the satisfying screams of those who suffer within the tower. Those who once celebrated the spilling of Ymir’s blood.”
The grisly figure moved even closer, driving me towards the edge of the hand. I glanced down at the distant ground below.
“Celebrate ME, Baldur!” He roared. “The Doom of the Gods is upon you… and it is more than an event. I am that doom. I am that which the prophets spoke of. I AM RAGNARÖK!”
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2021.10.20 11:13 Toromis Fallait pas nous chercher avec vos nglissismes

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2021.10.20 11:13 whymustveibeenborn Always the same

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2021.10.20 11:13 Awkward-Speech7375 Every Giannis vs. KD 1v1 matchup from the 2021 playoffs

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2021.10.20 11:13 TheStickyLumps I wish I paid attention to the afk loot gains thing...but I got 6 frisbees after 14 hours

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2021.10.20 11:13 truong_1999 Ask a girl out for the first time

Just ask a girl out for the first time. It's a normal talk and i think thing won't work but we can be friend.
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2021.10.20 11:13 wiviyip592 What is the best Nolan movie?

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2021.10.20 11:13 InternationalName848 Why does my cat sit here

Does anyone else’s cat pick the weirdest spot to sit? Like if I’m laying on my side she will sit directly on top of my hip bone, or she will sit on only one of my thighs at the top by my knee, it’s so odd hahahah.
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2021.10.20 11:13 TheInsurgence Here’s my dog

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2021.10.20 11:13 Free_Peoples Bitcoin adoption

The Rogers adaption/innovation curve describes how proportion of adoption of a successful innovation evolves with time.
It is currently estimated that 4% of people own BTC (some 300 million). This suggests we are now entering "early adoption", and the rate of adoption should skyrocket.
On the other hand, it is estimated that some 15% of USA adults already "invest" into BTC. This suggests that if we consider only the most wealthy individuals, BTC is already in the "early majority" - rate of adoption will be decreasing from now on for this demographic.
On other other hand, boomers will soon die and zoomers will get money and buy BTC. So idk.
What are your thoughts on this? Rate of adoption goes brrrrr?
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2021.10.20 11:13 KMac243 Mommy’s best boy (don’t tell my husband)

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2021.10.20 11:13 Miss_futureteach Going back outside.

It has been some days since Chisa has been hiding in an abandoned house, since that fight with the Monokumas and the previous events from the train attack she had been scratched and stabbed by some Monokumas and despair-filled citizens. She was currently patching up her wounds and trying not to yelp through the pain, which was no easy task.
When she was done she did her daily report and looked around at the house she currently rested in, it was falling apart and most thing were broken when she arrived but Chisa somehow managed to make it clean and calm for the time being, heck she could live there for a month or two before it all went down into piece of what another called a home.
After she was done looking around at the place she took her things and went outside looking for people who needed her help, it wasn't as many as before and many had died because of the current chaos that could literally go down the next hour inside an alleyway. Her mood was not the best at the moment but she knew if she kept a pessimist attitude she would jinx herself and stuff would go down near her, she took a deep breath,plastered her iconic smile and kept walking around.
She suddenly stopped when she heard something behind her, oh boy she was damned scared to look behind,she hoped it was nothing bad.
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2021.10.20 11:13 SparTonberry I am told The Pokemon Company wants to see our PETS. BORT

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2021.10.20 11:13 247emerg I guess the rules don't apply to cops

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2021.10.20 11:13 shreksfootfungus I'm looking for more songs like Superman That by Injury Reserve. Very, very experimental rap with heavy glitchy instrumentals with warped vocals with autotune.

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2021.10.20 11:13 GBFerguson Argent Zantetsuken 3 Now Does 15.6k Damage

New change to argent odin allows keepers to ignore rage and plow through phase 1. Zantetsuken at rage level 3 will now do 15,600 damage (same fun animation), so make sure to have last stands at the ready if you decide to eat it.
Argent Zantetsuken 3 in phase 2 will still instant KO you.
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2021.10.20 11:13 mojoembiid Not bad, not bad

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