Idk what to write here

The Minister of Communications, Ashwini Vaishnaw, on Tuesday, tweeted that the Know Your Customer (KYC) process has now been simplified for users and said that it will be contactless, secure and paperless. ARMATURE Fabric for ACCME ... Loading ×. × () () × () () () Employee Portal ... Loading... Rahul Vaidya is recieving death threat for his latest release, Garbe Ki Raat, which mentions diety Shri Mogal Maa. The mention of their goddess has not be taken too well with her devotees.

2021.10.20 11:24 Numerous_External150 Idk what to write here

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2021.10.20 11:24 sajad_mh I've Created a Virtual Coworking Cafe for WFH - Please Review

We have created this Discord channel so if you're working alone at home, you can join to work alongside other people (soon to be friends).
Our Channel has:

  1. A lounge for talking and helping each other out
  2. A voice channel to hang out while working on your projects
  3. An individual space for those who want to collaborate and talk
  4. Other cool features like music rooms and entertainment channels are soon to be added
Please share your ideas to help us improve the channel for you.
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2021.10.20 11:24 iamprincesshigh My fav stuffie and paci!

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2021.10.20 11:24 A_warudo_2002 Here's an interesting one for all the pros and long time players.

I'm fairly new to the game( played 1 month on Ps4, 2 weeks on Pc[ mom took away the ps4 because school resumed so i restarted on a fresh account on my laptop] and throughout both accounts. I see everyone's obsessions with the Prime Warframes and all. I wanna ask all the pros. Would it REALLY help a newbie to get a Prime Warframe, slap in the basic Vitality, Redirection, Streamline and Flow Mods, Stretch and Continuity mods and play the game? I get it that Prime Frames have better stats and more Polarities ( I have Nidus Prime on the PC account built) but would it really be advantageous for a player with almkst no knowledge of a game to have such advanced tech?
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2021.10.20 11:24 Tyokosakura Hutao VA reading birthday email

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2021.10.20 11:24 satish-setty Gītā Sāramu (bhubhukshu vs mumukshu, bhakti-prema-upasana, dahara-vidya, atma-sakshatkara) | Chinnajeeyar | TV9 Telugu | 2021-10-19

Gītā Sāramu (bhubhukshu vs mumukshu, bhakti-prema-upasana, dahara-vidya, atma-sakshatkara) | Chinnajeeyar | TV9 Telugu | 2021-10-19 submitted by satish-setty to chinnajeeyar [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 11:24 Xyz404e Is there a lock/password system in ZTD like in VLR?

I just finished VLR like a week ago and I'm thinking of getting ZTD at some point in the future, so I'd like to know if there are things like the story locks and passwords needed in VLR in ZTD. Not a huge problem if it is since I loved the idea of story locks, but the fact that I had to literally get a note card to put the passcodes on since the game didn't record them like the other ones surprised me a bit.
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2021.10.20 11:24 4K1V43 When aliens come to Earth, what common human practices will they laugh at?

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2021.10.20 11:24 zapitojr mi tortuga bebe se llama koopa

mi tortuga bebe se llama koopa
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2021.10.20 11:24 Roboserg BUG - No Tyriel after killing Duriel

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2021.10.20 11:24 newherebeniceokay Am I in masters forever?

I know it’s probably not something some of you want to hear but I’ve been in masters since before the mobile release and I’m just wondering if there will be a rank reset at some point? I want to play ranked with my friends but most of them are stuck in great or expert just thought I’d ask if anyone knew anything. Cheers
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2021.10.20 11:24 svanapps Why Robinhood Should Worry About PayPal's New Payments App

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2021.10.20 11:24 Short_Protection A little LST action on the SOG grow

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2021.10.20 11:24 loraa04 Anything better than oat milk and boiled water chilled and strained as a formula substitute for my 10 mo?

Currently found myself as a first time mum without money for the next 2 days. it's my own fault to have found myself having to rely only on one form of income but i have been doing freelance web design and am waiting for payment from a client who has been stalling payment (just to explain why i'm without at the moment). the oat milk will only be for 2 days maximum but while we cannot afford formula, is there any better or more nutritious substitute? (my breast milk dried up around the 6 month mark). for anyone who responds without judgement, thank you!
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2021.10.20 11:24 SnakeDoc25 bitcoin: has broken up through the ceiling of the rising trend channel in the medium long term, which signals an even stronger rising rate.🤔comment below.👉

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2021.10.20 11:24 killercoconutt It is wheel Wednesday my dudes

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2021.10.20 11:24 mikeonmaui ITAP of clouds while taking our after-dinner walk

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2021.10.20 11:24 Pancake_Overload 22 [M4F] Nakakagalit ambagal ng pldt

Gusto ko makipagsexting kaso bago magload subreddit na ito ay hindi maload kasi ambagal ng pldt.
Nawala tuloy mood ko makipagsexting at magjakol sa bagal ng internet, napalitan ng galit.
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2021.10.20 11:24 jfreelandcincy Vanguard Apes, 19 days from call to transfer completion. 💎🙌🚀

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2021.10.20 11:24 Jack-mclaughlin89 The Goodmans are either horrible or saints.

They act like a**holes especially later in the show but they put up with Season 5 Jim who was just flat out inconsiderate and didn't even help them clean up after Wilson broke their dinning table.
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2021.10.20 11:24 vasfast PS4 sim/24hr/devs/ looking for guys who don’t leave after taking a L ask for discord

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2021.10.20 11:24 NojusForas Nu va

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2021.10.20 11:24 Correct_Expression_3 Youtube channels (vlog style) with simplified chinese subtitles?

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2021.10.20 11:24 paques1966 DRS with Computershare - Perhaps the only way you can ensure they don’t take away the buy button again.

TL:DR - The only way supply and demand remain active forces during the next squeeze is for the buy button to be available to Apes. Direct registration (of even one share) at Computershare gives you access to the Eternal Buy Button.
Did your broker take away the buy button? Did they route your orders through Citadel? Computershare will not do either of those. They will pass orders on to the NYSE and price will be discovered and shares will be bought and sold.
It’s important to remember how the SHFs won the first round (make no mistake - they won).
1). Share price on an open and fair market are discovered through buy and sell - supply and demand.
2). Demand went through the roof (FOMO, Apes, etc.) and all of a sudden daily cash operations could not handle it (a real, actual reason referenced in the report - the brokerages could not cash flow this volume on a T+3 basis) and the 130% (approx) shorts were going to get squeezed. Trigger SHF panic!
3). Demand was mostly stopped through killing the buy button for most PFOF brokerages. Note that some of the big brokerages, the Canadian big brokerages and others did NOT turn off the buy button. But some of the damage was done. People could sell their shares (creating supply) but not buy (killing demand).
4). As importantly from the report, perhaps 12M shares were ‘manufactured’ through ‘internalization’ creating a flood of supply. This bullet needs debate - I’m not 100% sure I understand it.
5). Supply and demand were violently shifted, the momentum was stopped, the share prices collapsed and here we are.
Well - are you going to be ready when they play their games again? Here’s some things that I’m anticipating / doing.
A). By opening a CS account and moving my shares I feel that I will have better control of them during this time. Computershare’ s only interest is representing GameStop in this transaction. There’s no conflict of interest between them and me.
B). I have two main brokerage accounts with brokers who did not turn off the button. I have cash (real cash so I don’t have to wait for T+3 to sell something) in my brokerage accounts.
C). When the time comes they will try to stop the buy button again? Why? It worked last time and they were not censured. Not $0.01 fines. Nothing. Then people like me will keep buying and Apes will not sell. Price discovery will happen. Then there will be stops on the market. The theory is that buyers and sellers can cool off and reconsider their course of action. Note - this does NOT affect supply and demand - only time. If Apes keep their diamond hands the market opens and things resume.
Note the ‘internalization’ will happen again. Price suppression will be the game but it will be less effective for several reasons. First - if all buys go through the open / lit market because they were bought on CS or through Canadian brokers then price discovery continues. If they ‘discount’ the stock then it may slow down price discovery but the supply/demand will be closer to balanced.
D). I expect there to be some reinforcing pressure this time. Brokerages that did not purchase underlying securities will be scrambling to cover. Direct registration (maybe 12M by now) means fewer real shares are available to buy. Access to the buy button means that 62k apes who have already registered can create a lot of buying pressure. We will likely see waves up and down as the story progresses.
E). Mega FUD. Screaming, yelling, angry, denying FUD. The solution to FUD is to subscribe to 10-20 apes who think clearly and focus on their inputs. Make your own decisions.
When we can Sell AND Buy in a fair way, real price discovery will happen. The only way I see for most Apes to ensure this is to register at least one share with Computershare and have available liquid cash to buy when they want to.
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2021.10.20 11:24 reddit_rogers I kinda need help

I have the latest version of bluestacks on my mac and for some reason, wherever I have my mouse it starts clicking and it doesn’t stop. Please can someone help fix this issue
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