¿Eres un adicto a la distracción? - Zero Psicólogos

2021.10.20 10:48 zeropsicologos ¿Eres un adicto a la distracción? - Zero Psicólogos

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2021.10.20 10:48 Ambjk19 which character from the squid game series represents you?

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2021.10.20 10:48 poppyissad001 Accounting Paper 21 Discussion

Hmm it was easier than I expected but my dumb ass forgot how to do sales ledger control accounts in Q3. I spent way too much time on the Incomplete records but I feel more confident in it more than the other questions.
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2021.10.20 10:48 Manneng hmmmm

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2021.10.20 10:48 swerge A Step in Time

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2021.10.20 10:48 macgrains Any got any Victorian bricks knocking about?

Rebuilding my garden wall and coming up short.
I've been hitting every reclamation yard and skip in the Greater Bristol area and no joy.
If anyone's having any building work done and wants to save on waste collection, I'll come and have a look!
Cheers all!
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2021.10.20 10:48 bread_dealer7 I don't have a title

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2021.10.20 10:48 annak_8069 Severe Anxiety when in LDR

So my relationship anxiety has gotten more severe the last couple months. I'm scared I'll be judged but we see each other every week/every other week for a couple of days but when we are apart, nothing feels normal. I get severe anxiety and question if it's going to work out, question my feelings etc even tho my partner is so important to me and I love him so much. When I see him, it takes a bit of time for the anxiety to die off but it usually does. Next year we'll hopefully move in together but I'm scared I won't make it till then because my anxiety will tear us apart. I wish i didn't feel this way, so on edge all the time. For a bit more context, I think it has to do with the fact that my family lives in a different place and I can't visit them for support. During longer periods of distance like 3 months during the summer, my anxiety wasn't that bad probably due to my support system at home. But being at uni, even having friends, is not cutting it sometimes. And the back and forth to see him is draining too ( I wouldn't change it tho). Any advice? I'm getting overwhelmed and panicked sometimes and I feel like it's gonna end
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2021.10.20 10:48 kIllXD666 Oh yeah now I'm horny and sad 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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2021.10.20 10:48 ZoolShop Putin snubs Cop26 climate summit, in blow for Boris Johnson

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2021.10.20 10:48 idkanymorehelp2 Hold on-

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2021.10.20 10:48 ProfCacti Try it

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2021.10.20 10:48 Medical-Jump-4106 Quick question what episode number is battle of the bands and angry butt licker

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2021.10.20 10:48 Deedselele Italians

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2021.10.20 10:48 akjkboss Demon Slayer Hinokami Tanjiro TOD

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2021.10.20 10:48 artworkmusick Melodic x Vocal x Freestyle Type Beat G'D UP (GIRLFRIENDS) Instrumental THROWBACK SPEDUP

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2021.10.20 10:48 Salaheddine1421 Whats the ratio for going from normal weight to heavy?

Hey everyone, if i do for example 4x12 10kgs in bicep curls, how much should i lower reps to lift 15 kgs for example?
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2021.10.20 10:48 MrCat129 Some pixel art animation attempts on Dotpict

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2021.10.20 10:48 DeadZ0n [Card] Sanguine Deception

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2021.10.20 10:48 RNdoftheworld Pregnant nurse vent

I am 21 weeks pregnant and work tele/med/surg. This is all I hear all day from my coworkers:
“You shouldn’t be doing that!” “You need to be more careful, this is your first baby!” “You’re running around too much!” “You should sit down for a while.” “If you keep this up you’re going to hurt yourself or the baby.”
But has a single one of them offered to help or do the task instead? No. Do I expect them to? No. Just shut the fuck up and let me do my job. I can’t let my patients sit in their own shit. I can’t ignore the tele-sitter alarm. I have to help people to the bathroom. I have to get my post op patient out of bed. I have to get my ER patient from the stretcher to the bed, I’m not going to let the 1 transport person do it alone. I have to give my combative patient his meds. I have to hustle all day. Are you going to do it for me instead? No? Then shut up. Get out of my way and let me do the job.
K I’m done now.
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2021.10.20 10:48 siamak50 Flexible and Self-repair Alloy Prevents Steel Corrosion

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2021.10.20 10:48 trailer8k House Of The Dragon Official Teaser HBO Max AI Upscale 8K 60fps 7680x4320

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2021.10.20 10:48 JamesTheMarxist Holy shit

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2021.10.20 10:48 wanderingwally1 Misfuelling a rental car abroad.

So yeh, muggins here put diesel into his petrol car.
Before you crucify me for being an idiot, there were 3 pumps...One said "Diesel 95" and the other 2 said "Gasoleo" so in my defence it was an easy mistake to make . (The petrol pumps must have been on the other side of the road of the garage).
The car rental obviously just blamed me for negligence and went ahead and charged €300 for damages and €100 for towing without even informing me.
I made sure to take out premium travel insurance which has a personal liability protection.
Is there any hope of me claiming under this?
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2021.10.20 10:48 kamen_gz Ново предизвикателство за Пирели и F1 екипите и на COTA – 40% от пистата са преасфалтирани

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