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I have a be quiet midi tower case and almost have all the parts on my list. It’s come round to getting a graphics card I was intending to get a 2 fan GPU but have an increased budget and am thinking a 3fan GPU would this still fit in the case I’m struggling to find measurements online and this is my first build. Anything Helps!
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string welcome() {
int PasswordInput,ThePassword; string beta;
ThePassword = 2002;
cout<<"Password: ";cin>>PasswordInput;
if ((PasswordInput = ThePassword)){cout << "Hello."< if ((PasswordInput = ThePassword)){cout<<"What would you like to do?"< cin>>beta;
if (beta == "calculator") {cout< else if (beta == "myintis") {cout< else {cout<<"Sorry.";}
return 0;}

So this returns std::logic error, I saw online it could be return 0, or that "Welcome" is a string and the two possible outcomes: calcualtor and myintis both return numbers. If i change return 0 to return beta, std::logic error goes away, but beta wont play at the end. any help?
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My hands down dream job is to fly for a living. I do not have a college degree. But that’s not entirely off the table. Im currently in ground school for my private pilot’s. I am 25 and recently married. My question is, what would be the best career path with and without a degree, and will any good paying pilots job require a lot of time away from home? We plan to have kids soon; my dad was a distant father and I don’t want my kids to experience the same.
I currently make about 80k/year with plenty of growth potential, however Commercial insurance is soul sucking and I do not want to continue this career path much longer.
Thank you in advance!!
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I wish I bought MORE!
I bought $250 @ .000007 (that's 35 million coins)
If the price increases to .00007 = $25,000
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Shiba Inu (SHIB) is an Ethereum-based alternative to Dogecoin (DOGE). The Shiba Inu Token ecosystem supports projects such as an NFT art incubator and the development of a decentralized exchange called Shibaswap.
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2021.10.20 09:34 wildrussy Chapter 4: The Coming[s] of the Andals (Spoilers Extended)

Chapter 4: The Coming[s] of the Andals (Spoilers Extended) Introduction Hello! This is the fourth chapter in a six part series that will detail the western half of a broader, Grand Unified Theory of the Dawn. I believe it convincingly explains the legends surrounding the Dawn Age, the Age of Heroes, and the Long Night in Westeros. We will be touching on Garth, the Grey King, the Fisher Queens, the Drowned God, the Night’s King, the First King, Durran Godsgrief, and many others.
Last time, we talked about the post-rule fallout of Garth and the Grey King, and the splintering of their kingdoms into a hundred smaller realms. This time we’ll be discussing the Andals, and the strange bifurcation surrounding what we know about their invasion.
This one works somewhat nicely as a standalone chapter as well, so if you haven’t read the rest of the series, don’t be dissuaded from reading this one!
Legends vs. History In pouring through the many accounts of the Andal invasion, I began to notice a pattern. In front of me was one collection of reports and stories that were plausible and detailed. We receive names, locations, and motives. The battles are an exact progression of named persons killing other named persons. We know who was fighting, when they fought, why they fought, and even how they fought. The wars took place over generations, with kingdoms falling one after another and sons taking up the mantle of their fathers. Above all, every person and event is surrounded by context; nothing exists in a bubble. We will call this the Historical group.
But there is another set of accounts that runs parallel to this one. This collection is more often a group of legends, and it’s often at odds with the former. These accounts are confused, hazy, less plausible, and more fantastical. We have knights before there were knights, kings with no names, Arryns in the Vale thousands of years too early. Legends and myths without the context to understand them. These often consist of strange Andal heroes or lone battles that exist in complete isolation from one another. In some cases, there are things left behind by people we believe to be Andals, but without any record of who specifically they were. We will call this the Legendary group.
It’s important to recognize that all of these stories and accounts fall neatly into one of these two categories. In wading through these events, it’s easy to get lost in the jumbled mess of contradictions and not see what George has done, but what I’m about to say cannot be stressed enough. While the Historical and Legendary accounts contradict each other, they’re entirely internally consistent.
Two accounts from the Historical group will never contradict each other, and two accounts from the Legendary group will never contradict each other.
Now that we’ve planted that flag in the soil, let’s begin with the Historical group, and try to pin down exactly when the Coming of the Andals happened.
The Historical Invasion
Alyssa Arryn did live, of that we may be reasonably sure, but it is unlikely that she lived six thousand years ago. True History suggests four thousand years whilst Denestan halves that number in Questions. - A Dance with Dragons - Jaime I

Only no one knows when the Andals crossed the narrow sea. The True History says four thousand years have passed since then, but some maesters claim that it was only two. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Vale: The Eyrie

We have several different sources to sift through when it comes to accurately dating the Andal invasion. I’ve catalogued all of the sources that date the Long Night, the Andal invasion, Alyssa Arryn, and the last Ironborn Kingsmoot (which approximately coincided with the Andals landing in the Fingers). What I’ve found is that they fall into three schools:
The “Traditional” or “Legendary” historical timeline says that the Andals invaded 6000 years ago. The legends about when Alyssa Arryn and Artys Arryn (the Winged Knight version) lived support this. An interesting thing to note about this timeline is that the “traditional” dating for the Long Night also places it 6000 years ago. Keep that in mind for later.
The timeline put forward in Denestan’s Questions makes no claims about the Long Night, but dates Alyssa Arryn and the last ironborn Kingsmoot to 2000 years ago. We’re not given explicit confirmation that Denestan’s Questions is the source that argues that the Andals came 2000 years ago, but we can safely assume that.
Finally, we have what I like to call the “Maester consensus” timeline. This asserts that the Long Night came 8000 years ago, and that the Andals came 4000 years ago, pushing the Long Night back 2000 years and straddling the “Traditional” and Questions timelines for the Andal invasion. This timeline is most notably advanced by True History, but also History of the Ironborn by Maester Haereg. The latter only does so indirectly via its dating of the last Kingmoot.
We receive from the Maesters a detailed accounting of the invasion itself. The Andals possessed steel and longships, and landed in the Fingers first. We hear about the rival Kings Dywen Shell and Jon Brightstone, who invited the Andals to into their lands only to be betrayed by Ser Corwyn Corbray. We hear the tale of King Osgood Shett III of Gulltown, who invited the Andal Gerold Grafton into his lands to defeat the Runic King Yorwyck Royce VI. In spite of the fact that he attempted to wed his family to Grafton’s (even going so far as to convert and officiate the weddings in the Andal tradition), he and his family were likewise betrayed.
At each important event, we receive names, places, titles. We know details about each person’s family members, their motives, and the exact progression of events (down to the style of the weddings performed).
The detailed accounts persist with Artys Arryn, the Falcon Knight, and his Battle of the Seven Stars against Robar Royce in the shadow of the Giant’s Lance. We hear how many knights charged, what tactics were used, and which hero slew which king. Through the Riverlands (with one exception) and into the other realms of Westeros, we know the names of the First Men who married into the Andals, and we know which First Men fought bitterly.

Battle Of Seven Stars by JohnMcCambridge

It’s worth noting that we rarely get such clarity about events from 4000 years ago (let alone 6000). In real life, this sort of detail for events 4000 years ago would beggar belief. As for the books, the pattern of history has been fairly consistent.
Recent times (circa Aegon the Conqueror, Harren the Black, or Nymeria) come with downright familiar accounts. The significant actors are known well, as are their families and friends. We know who constructed what, when they did it, and why they did it. We know what they looked like down to intimate detail, and what was going on in their court at the time.
If something happened in the Age of Heroes, we get a vague recollection. We hear fantastical stories that are likely corruptions of the truth, and they lack the sharpness of more modern times. We’ll know a few names, but nothing else. We won’t know their motives, or a specific timeline of events. We won’t know who their family members were or how they died. The legends seem to exist in isolation, usually without providing any context to other events in Westeros.
If something happened in the Dawn Age, of course, we frequently don’t even get names. Westeros and the world are littered with structures and buildings from the Dawn Age for which nobody knows the builder.
The degree of detail we find in these accounts (and their consistency with one another) already lends credence to Maester Denestan’s proposed timeline in Questions. The quality of the histories closely resembles that of the time of Nymeria, supposedly only 1000 years ago. From this, we can speculate that these events were recorded about 2000 years ago, but to find rock-solid proof, we must visit Essos.
(If you are uninterested in proof that the Andals came 2000 years ago and are willing to just take my word for it, go ahead and skip to the next section.)
The Andals originated in the East, on a small peninsula called the Axe. From there, they spread out across the lands near Pentos (a realm which came to be called Andalos). The Seven Pointed Star states that the Andals migrated to Westeros because of the promises made by a mythical founding figure, King Hugor of the Hill. However, the Maesters have more to say on the matter:

...crowned Hugor of the Hill and promised him and his descendants great kingdoms in a foreign land. This is what the septons and septas teach as the reason why the Andals left Essos and struck west to Westeros, but the history that the Citadel has uncovered over the centuries may provide a better reason. - The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: The Arrival of the Andals

But with the fall of Old Ghis came the great surge of conquest and colonization from the Freehold of Valyria...At first, the Rhoyne and the Rhoynar served as a buffer. By the time the Valyrians reached that great river, they found it difficult to make a crossing in force...There was a truce for years between the Valyrians and the Rhoynar, but it only protected the Andals so far. - The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: The Arrival of the Andals

At the mouth of the Rhoyne, the Valyrians founded the first of their colonies. There, Volantis was raised...and from Volantis their conquering forces crossed the river in great strength. The Andals might have fought against them at first, and the Rhoynar might even have aided them, but the tide was unstoppable. So it is likely the Andals chose to flee rather than face the inevitable slavery that came with Valyrian conquest. - The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: The Arrival of the Andals

They retreated to the Axe—the lands from which they had sprung—and when that did not protect them, they retreated farther north and west until they came to the sea. Some might have given up there and surrendered to their fate, and others still might have made their last stand, but many and more made ships and sailed in great numbers across the narrow sea to the lands of the First Men in Westeros. - The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: The Arrival of the Andals

This paints a pretty complete picture. The Freehold began to expand westward after the Ghiscari Wars, and they came up against the Rhoyne. It wasn’t until the founding of Volantis when the Valyrians crossed the Rhoyne and began to come into conflict with the Andals. The Andals retreated from them northward and eventually westward, to Westeros.
This helps us a great deal, because now all we have to do is narrow down the approximate date of this “Andal Flight” from northwestern Essos in order to know when the Andals invaded Westeros.
Given that the Rhoynar conquest began around 1250 years ago (First Turtle War), all the time between the Andal Flight and until then would have seen the Rhoynar completely enveloped by the Freehold. It seems unlikely that this would have persisted for 3 or even 5 millenia before the Rhoynar were annexed, but that is only speculation.
We know the great Andal Flight happened after the Valyrians crossed the Rhoyne, which came after Volantis was founded. If we knew the precise founding date of Volantis, we would have an earliest possible date for the Andal Flight, but all we know is that Volantis was founded before 1536 BC (the founding date of Lorath, 1836 years ago). This doesn’t help us nail things down.
But now we’ve stumbled across something interesting: the history of Lorath. You see, Lorath was not founded by Valyria per se, it was resettled by Valyrians 1836 years ago after “more than a century” of vacancy (implying a vacancy between 100 and 200 years). This vacancy was caused by an event called the Scouring of Lorath, in which Valyrian dragonlords descended upon Lorath and burned all of its inhabitants alive as retribution for laying siege to Norvos.
So who were these pre-scouring Lorathi inhabitants who laid siege to Norvos?

They in turn were displaced by Andals, pushing north from Andalos to the shores of Lorath Bay and across the bay in longships. Clad in mail and wielding iron swords and axes, the Andals swept across the islands... - The World of Ice and Fire - The Free Cities: Lorath

Soon each island had its own king, whilst the largest boasted four. Ever a quarrelsome people, the Andals spent the next thousand years warring one upon the other, but at last a warrior styling himself Qarlon the Great brought all the islands under his sway. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Free Cities: Lorath

It was Qarlon's dream to make himself King of All Andals, and to that end he went forth time and time again against the petty kings of Andalos. After twenty years and as many wars, the writ of Qarlon the Great extended from the lagoon where Braavos would one day rise all the way east to the Axe, and as far south as the headwaters of the Upper Rhoyne and Noyne. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Free Cities: Lorath

Qarlon the Great’s ambitions would end in the siege of Norvos, where the aforementioned dragonlords arrived and burned him and his army alive. Notice a few things here: not only are Qarlon and Lorath Andal, but there are many petty Andal kingdoms sprawling across Andalos in this time. Further (and this is nitpicking), his goal was to become King of All Andals, yet it is never mentioned that his ambition was to cross the narrow sea and conquer the Vale. His foes lay to his south, in Essos.
This is not an Andalos abandoned to the Valyrians. These are not a people enslaved or conquered by the dragonlords. This describes an Andalos that was a thriving hub of Andal activity, and under threat from Valyrian expansion. In decline? Maybe. Nearly Abandoned? Clearly not.
It is said that the Andals fled first to the Axe, then away from the Axe to the Northwest, and then across the sea to Westeros. Qarlon ruled the Axe and the Braavosi Lagoon, and as far south as the Rhoyne’s headwaters.
It’s possible that the flight to Westeros had begun at this point in time, but it seems highly unlikely that it had been in effect for two thousand years by now.
And as established above, the Scouring of Lorath that led to a vacancy of “over a century” happened between 1936 and 2036 years ago.
Placing Qarlon the Great’s Andalos firmly between about 1950 and 2050 years ago.
I believe that this convincingly dates the “Historical” Andal invasion to at most 2000 years ago.
Discrepancies Having spent some time discussing the Historical, let’s now dip into the second category: what I call the “Legendary” accounts.
The Historical accounts are all consistent with one another, with only minor discrepancies (like whether somebody became King via a Finger Dance or through marrying an Andal). However, in the accounts of what happened in the Riverlands, we run into a pretty big discrepancy at High Heart:

In this same era one Andal, remembered in legend as Erreg the Kinslayer, came across the great hill of High Heart. There, while under the protection of the kings of the First Men, the children of the forest had tended to the mighty carved weirwoods that crowned it (thirty-one, according to Archmaester Laurent in his manuscript Old Places of the Trident). When Erreg's warriors sought to cut down the trees, the First Men are said to have fought beside the children, but the might of the Andals was too great. - The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: The Arrival of the Andals

Crowned by a grove of giant weirwoods, ancient as any that had been seen in the Seven Kingdoms, High Heart was still the abode of the children and their greenseers. When the Andal king Erreg the Kinslayer surrounded the hill, the children emerged to defend it, calling down clouds of ravens and armies of wolves...or so the legend tells us. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Riverlands

True History suggests otherwise, insisting that the children had abandoned the riverlands long before the Andals crossed the narrow sea. But however it happened, the grove was destroyed. Today only stumps remain where once the weirwoods stood. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Riverlands

If this were the only discrepancy, I’d be prepared to write it off as a mistaken account or an unreliable narrator. Perhaps the Children abandoned most of the Riverlands, just not High Heart by this time.
But notice the difference in detail and certainty. Who was Erreg the Kinslayer? Why was he called the kinslayer? Who were the kin he slew? What wars did he fight? What kings did he kill?
This man was supposedly a King, but we know nothing of his house or which lands he ruled. We don’t know what his motives were for attacking High Heart, nor do we know the names of the First Men who opposed him. Was this part of a broader conflict? Was it an isolated slaughter? We receive almost no contextualizing information. The Maesters are even unclear on whether Erreg was his name, or if he existed at all:

Though Erreg's name is one of the blackest in the ancient histories, one may wonder if he ever existed in truth. Archmaester Perestan has suggested that Erreg might, in fact, be a corruption of an Andal title and not a name at all. Perestan goes further in his A Consideration on History, suggesting this nameless Andal chieftain had cut down the trees at the behest of a rival of the river king, who used the Andals as sellswords. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Riverlands

Which River King? Are there any records of this?
Hazy answers and the guesswork of Maesters. A hallmark of the Age of Heroes, not the time of the Andal invasions.
Erreg the Kinslayer is not alone in this. Scattered about the tales of the Andals are these other “Legendary” accounts, hazy and isolated.

Alyssa Arryn had seen her husband, her brothers, and all her children slain, and yet in life she had never shed a tear. So in death, the gods had decreed that she would know no rest until her weeping watered the black earth of the Vale, where the men she had loved were buried. - A Game of Thrones - Catelyn VII

How true is the tale? Alyssa Arryn did live, of that we may be reasonably sure, but it is unlikely that she lived six thousand years ago. True History suggests four thousand years whilst Denestan halves that number in Questions. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Vale: The Eyrie

Her husband? Her brothers? Her children? Who the hell were they? We can be reasonably sure she even existed? Oh gee, thanks Yandel, for that ringing endorsement of your own histories. At least we’re not doubting if this one’s name was her actual name. Was she a queen? Who killed her family? Why didn’t she cry? We might be safe in assuming her husband was an Arryn, since her name would have changed when she got married, but is this the same husband who died? Or was this a different husband (perhaps one who claimed her after killing the man she didn’t cry for)?
No context for these events or this person.

The Winged Knight was Ser Artys Arryn. Legend said that he had driven the First Men from the Vale and flown to the top of the Giant's Lance on a huge falcon to slay the Griffin King. - A Feast for Crows - Alayne II

In the Vale, however, the deeds of this real historical personage have become utterly confused with those of his legendary namesake, another Artys Arryn, who lived many thousands of years earlier during the Age of Heroes, and is remembered in song and story as the Winged Knight. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Vale: House Arryn

The first Ser Artys Arryn supposedly rode upon a huge falcon (possibly a distorted memory of dragonriders seen from afar, Archmaester Perestan suggests)...He counted giants and merlings amongst his friends, and wed a woman of the children of the forest, though she died giving birth to his son. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Vale: House Arryn

It is highly unlikely that such a man ever existed; like Lann the Clever in the westerlands, and Brandon the Builder in the North, the Winged Knight is made of legend, not of flesh and blood. If such a hero ever walked the Mountains and Vale, far back in the dim mists of the Dawn Age, his name was certainly not Artys Arryn, for the Arryns came from pure Andal stock, and this Winged Knight lived and flew and fought many thousands of years before the first Andals came to Westeros. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Vale: House Arryn

Excuse me. Wait one moment, Yandel. What the hell is all that business about a giant falcon (which might have been a dragon, as if that makes it less bewildering). Who on earth is the Griffin King? This dude married a Child of the Forest?? He drove the First Men from the Vale?
This guy was the namesake of Artys Arryn, but couldn’t have been an Arryn, cause this guy lived in the Age of Heroes, thousands of years before the Andals. And yet, it is said he won the Vale and drove the First Men out when he slew the Griffin King.
Who are any of these people? How does this relate to any other events?
Limitless is my puzzlement. The Winged Knight exists in isolation.

That was when the golden-haired rogue called Lann the Clever appeared from out of the east. Some say he was an Andal adventurer from across the narrow sea, though this was millennia before the coming of the Andals to Westeros. Regardless of his origins, the tales agree that somehow Lann the Clever winkled the Casterlys out of their Rock and took it for his own. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Westerlands

However, Lann the Clever's descent from Garth Greenhand is a tale told in the Reach. In the westerlands, it is more oft said that Lann cozened Garth Greenhand himself by posing as one of his sons (Garth had so many that ofttimes he grew confused), thus making off with part of the inheritance that rightly belonged to Garth's true children. - The World of Ice and Fire - The Reach: Garth Greenhand

Lann the Clever joins the ever-growing crowd of Andals who came thousands of years before the Coming of the Andals. The Westerlands story seems to support the idea he was from the East, and it’s conceivable that he actually inherited Casterly Rock (and lordship over the Westerlands) by posing as one of Garth’s descendents (thus “stealing” or “winkling” it), and indeed, a version of this inheritance-snatch is presented by Yandel.
Remember that in the last chapter, we discussed that the Casterlys were never kings, but were instead subservient to the Gardener Kings. This inheritance version of Lann “stealing” the Rock requires that the Casterlys either go extinct or be beholden to a higher Lord (which we believe they were). Indeed the title of Lord of the Rock was kept by Lann, who never claimed the title of King of the Rock. It would be curious for him not to claim the title of King were it not for what we know about the Gardener Kingdom’s hegemony.
More mysteries abound when we look at the physical characteristics of Andals and which houses/peoples carry these traits.

The Andals were the first, a race of tall, fair-haired warriors... - A Game of Thrones - Bran VII

The stony Dornishmen were biggest and fairest, sons of the Andals and the First Men, brown-haired or blond, with faces that freckled or burned in the sun instead of browning. - A Storm of Swords - Tyrion V

But one people, tall and fair-haired, made courageous and indomitable by their faith, succeeded in their escape from Valyria. And those men are the Andals. - The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: Valyria’s Children

The stony Dornishmen were the mountain folk, fair of hair and skin, mostly descended from the First Men and the Andals... - The World of Ice and Fire - Dorne

There’s an enormous number of people in the Dornish Mountains bearing a high concentration of very Andal features. And yet, we are told that the Andals barely touched Dorne, and that when they did, they stuck to the eastern coastlines.
When we hear the First Men described, the only blondes are those related to Lann the Clever or Stony Dornishmen. We have good reason to believe Lann the Clever was an Andal, and we also know that the passing of the Blonde hair trait is one that George is willing to use as a significant clue to heritage.
How did all these people in the Dornish Mountains get to look so darned Andal? Granted, not all of them look fair-haired, but enough of them are that the Maesters describe it as being associated with their race of people.
There’s another comparison that should give you pause:

The stony Dornish have the most in common with those north of the mountains and are the least touched by Rhoynish custom. This has not made them close allies with the Marcher lords or the Lords of the Reach, however; on the contrary, it has been said that the mountain lords have a history as savage as that of the mountain clans of the Vale, having for thousands of years warred with the Reach and the stormlands, as well as with each other. - The World of Ice and Fire - Dorne: Queer Customs of the South

There’s that Andal warrior culture again, but notice something interesting. Here, Yandel compares them to the Mountain Clans of the Vale.
We know that the Mountain Clans of the Vale are descendents of First Men who were driven into the hills by Andal invasion. We see something similar in Dorne, where the Red Mountains seem to have a concentrated population of Andals, who are set apart from the peoples next to them. We have no record of Andals being driven out of the Reach and into the Dornish Mountains, but keep that in the back of your mind as a (potential) missing ancient Andal group.
More clues come when we look East:

In the oldest of the holy books, The Seven-Pointed Star, it is said that the Seven themselves walked among their people in the hills of Andalos, and it was they who crowned Hugor of the Hill and promised him and his descendants great kingdoms in a foreign land. - The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: The Arrival of the Andals

"The Father reached his hand into the heavens and pulled down seven stars," Tyrion recited from memory, "and one by one he set them on the brow of Hugor of the Hill to make a glowing crown." - A Dance with Dragons - Tyrion II

"The Maid brought him forth a girl as supple as a willow with eyes like deep blue pools, and Hugor declared that he would have her for his bride. So the Mother made her fertile, and the Crone foretold that she would bear the king four-and-forty mighty sons. The Warrior gave strength to their arms, whilst the Smith wrought for each a suit of iron plates." - A Dance with Dragons - Tyrion II

Hugor of the Hill is shrouded in mystery, with some cultures potentially remembering him as Hukko. None of these other Andal figures have stories about how they walked among Gods in the hills. Hugor is a Legendary Andal, not a Historical one. The way we hear of him is a far cry from the likes of the first Corbrays or Qarlon the Great, and his story is shrouded in the mists of time.
A more concerning discrepancy arises when we ask where the Andals came from:

The Andals originated in the lands of the Axe, east and north of where Pentos now lies, though they were for many centuries a migratory people who did not remain in one place for long. From the heartlands of the Axe—a great spur of land surrounded on all sides by the Shivering Sea—they traveled south and west to carve out Andalos: the ancient realm the Andals ruled before they crossed the narrow sea. - The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: The Arrival of the Andals

This is a confusing origin for the Andals. The Axe is surrounded on all sides by ocean and not said to be very fertile; how could they have come from the Axe?
Did they first migrate to the Axe, where they stayed on that cramped peninsula for many generations before they spread outwards? This seems unlikely. Furthermore, there is a second place that the Andals are suggested to have risen from.

The Andals, too, may have arisen in the fertile fields south of the Silver Sea. - The World of Ice and Fire - Beyond the Free Cities: The Grasslands

Why are there two homelands for the Andals?
Arising from south of the Silver Sea seems the more plausible; the lands watered by the Sarne are the makings of a cradle of civilization. But the Historical accounts of the Andals all clearly state that they came south from the Axe to carve Andalos from the eastern hills. What gives?
There are more clues from the tails of Huzhor Amai, the Amazing, a figure we’ll examine more in depth next chapter. It is said that the Hairy Men warred with the Andals, and were eventually wiped out by them. Let’s read this passage about Huzhor:

Warriors, sorcerers, and scholars, they traced their descent to the hero king they called Huzhor Amai (the Amazing), born of the last of the Fisher Queens, who took to wife the daughters of the greatest lords and kings of the Gipps, the Cymmeri, and the Zoqora, binding all three peoples to his rule. His Zoqora wife drove his chariot, it is said, his Cymer wife made his armor (for her people were the first to work iron), and he wore about his shoulders a great cloak made from the pelt of a king of the Hairy Men. - The World of Ice and Fire - Beyond the Free Cities: The Grasslands

This legendary ancient king united three tribes who lived south of the Silver Sea, and wore a pelt of a Hairy Man (ancient rival to the Andals of old). From this passage, we also learn that one of these tribes were called the Cymer, and said to be the first people to work iron (a claim the Andals echo). We also note that their leader’s name sounds eerily similar to Hugor.
Not one homeland, but two. Not one set of accounts, but two. Unexplained inconsistencies, Andals before there were Andals, a mysterious group in the Mountains who are fair-haired, fair-skinned, and tall.
Ladies and Gentleman, it would appear to your humble host that we have not one, but TWO Andal invasions on our hands. One Historical, two thousand years ago, and one Legendary, thousands of years earlier.
When did the Legendary invasion begin?

They were cold things, dead things, that hated iron and fire and the touch of the sun, and every creature with hot blood in its veins. - A Game of Thrones - Bran IV

The Legendary Invasion Recall that the “Traditional” timeline for both the Long Night and the Coming of the Andals places them 6000 years ago, roughly concurrently.

"The oldest histories we have were written after the Andals came to Westeros. The First Men only left us runes on rocks, so everything we think we know about the Age of Heroes and the Dawn Age and the Long Night comes from accounts set down by septons thousands of years later...we say that you're the nine hundred and ninety-eighth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, but the oldest list I've found shows six hundred seventy-four commanders, which suggests that it was written during..." - A Feast for Crows - Samwell I

Sam gets cut off here, but let’s try to work out what he was going to say.
If the Andals were the first to keep written records, and the oldest written record Sam has was written during the time of the 674th Lord Commander, that places it very nearly 2/3rds of the way through the Night’s Watch's history. This could be taken to mean that the Coming of the Andals happened about 2/3rds of the way along the history of the Watch (as that is potentially when the first written record was kept).
It’s worth noting that the only combination of dates for the Coming of the Andals and the beginning of the Watch that places the Andals at the 2/3rds mark is the traditional account of the Long Night (6000 years ago) with the Questions account of the Andals (2000 years ago). This seems to reinforce both the “Traditional” and Questions timelines, with the Traditional timeline placing the Andal invasion at 6000 years ago as well.
My proposed solution is that the “Maester Consensus” timeline is wrong. Either it’s a lie (through a grand conspiracy to control history) or it’s a mistake born of confusion (in fairness, it is confusing). Dating the Andal invasion to 4000 years ago staddles the true dates: 6000 and 2000. True History, I believe, is a cruel joke played by the author; there’s an irony in that True History is, in fact, false history.
I believe that both the Questions timeline and the “Traditional” timeline are correct, and that the first, Legendary Invasion of the Andals happened in the Age of Heroes, right around the time of the Long Night. It’s possible that the Maesters deliberately pushed the time of the Long Night back and the Andal invasion forward in order to separate the association and obfuscate the events of the Long Night (we’ll get to their potential motivations for doing that in a later chapter), but as noted above, it’s possible this was an honest mistake.
We know very little in the way of details about this first invasion, but allow me to lend my speculation for the time being.
Huzhor Amai (known in the Seven Pointed Star as Hugor of the Hill) united various Eastern tribes in the Grasslands of Essos, and led them in an invasion of Westeros during or near the Long Night. These people were pale haired and pale skinned, and taller than the First Men; in later years they would come to be known as the Andals. Lann would also be remembered as an Andal after the fact.
This invasion first landed in the Vale, where their leader (a dragonrider) flew to the top of the Giant’s Lance and slew the Griffin King, driving the First Men from the Vale. His true name would later be corrupted and misremembered as Artys Arryn, as his name was foreign and hard to pronounce. The singers who remembered him wanted to court favor with the Arryns in later years, and thought the association would be flattering (as Yandel suggests). Alyssa Arryn is some relative (perhaps originally wife to the Griffin King, stolen as a bride to win the Vale) to this Winged Knight, and so she too is remembered as an Arryn.
The invasion proceeded rapidly across Westeros, submitting the whole realm in one rapid war (as Aegon the Conqueror did). Erreg the Kinslayer is possibly this same Winged Knight, and he slaughtered the Children (still in the Riverlands 6000 years ago) at High Heart. Erreg is remembered as a kinslayer for reasons we’ll get into in a later chapter, but the name “Erreg” is possibly a misremembering of an Eastern title (as proposed by some Maesters). In fact, it’s possible that “Erreg” and “Arryn” are both misrememberings of the same title.
They waged a rapid and brutal war against the First Men and Children, going out of their way to slaughter the Children wherever they could be found. I think the goal of this ancient conqueror was to rule the men of Westeros (as we’ll get to in a later chapter), so his genocide of the First Men was not so zealous as of the Children. He had a particular reason to be angry with the Children of the Forest which we’ll get to next time.
With their leader they won in the initial invasion, but these ancient Andals would later be driven into the Red Mountains of Dorne (an injury their brothers would later repay in the Vale) and into the sea. Those driven into the sea took their ships and sailed past the Braavosi lagoon to land upon the Axe. Lann the Clever avoided expulsion by claiming descent from one of Garth’s children, and inheriting Casterly Rock. He stayed loyal to the Gardeners to avoid any further scrutiny to his heritage or presence in Westeros.
And for the Andals, as they say, the rest is History.
Made zealous in their flight, they carved out Andalos, and in those fertile hills were fruitful and regrew their numbers. They would remember the foreign lands they had once conquered and lost. One day, they would return to bring their faith and their steel to Westeros. But not for many thousands of years.
I believe this earlier invasion could possibly explain the “Andal Runes” on the rocks of the Fingers, round-towered architecture in Westeros that seems thousands of years too early, and the “Iron Spikes” on the ancient crowns of the Kings of Winter (who supposedly only had bronze before the Andals).
Here’s a full map approximating both Andal migrations (Legendary first invasion in Blue, Andal Purge/Exodus in Purple, Historical second invasion in Red) to clarify my theory:

Art from The Lands of Ice and Fire, edited by Lauren

The first and second battles to win the Vale are labeled with blue and red exclamation marks, respectively.
That’ll wrap up this one! Hope everyone enjoyed it. I haven’t completely shown you all the evidence and connected all the dots with regard to the Legendary Andal invasion 6000 years ago, so stay tuned for the next one, where I’ll be diving into Hugor of the Hill’s deeds and names in depth. Thanks for reading!
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