2021.10.20 09:43 Mysterious_Band_6238 😑

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2021.10.20 09:43 Azazello_666 Представлены смартфоны Vivo T1 и T1x с ёмкой батареей, 64-Мп камерой и 5G

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2021.10.20 09:43 Null-Void909 Did Victor Von Frankenstein use random body parts to create his monster, or did he go out of his way to harvest the bodies of the most physically fit and healthy upon death, using the brain of the smartest person he could find?

I'd Google this, but this question is so specific that I doubt Google will give me an answer. Figured someone here would know. Did Frankenstein want his monster to be as strong and smart as possible?
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2021.10.20 09:43 Senior_Computer_7218 Umar vs production team

Okay so I might across as a bit of a Umar fan girl but I will be the first one to admit that he hasn’t been playing the best game and is being outplayed by many in the house. At the same time I have noticed that his screen time is non existent in the main episodes, i see him having a lot of fun in LF and some of that can be shown in the episode I wouldn’t say that if the episode has been showing better ‘entertainment’. His bonds have also been not shown with kk, vidhi or donal in the main episodes. I mean he was definitely never gonna win the show given how he has been playing but I am curious why the production wants him out so early in the game playing him on 11th etc. Asim’s fan have been super active for him so surely they would want that fan engagement for longer?. Tejran in episodes was a result of the trend but I see trends for Umar all the time on twitter but it hasn’t swayed them. Not a rant on how they should treat him better I am just curious as to what they are trying to achieve by taking him out so early over meisha, ieshaan and simba who don’t have an active fan base and the former two have been giving content that is being disliked by audience. Could they be hoping that those Asim/Umar fans will keep watching and shift their loyalty to Pratik and KK?. It does seem like they will be featuring the show around those two with tejran going on the side.
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2021.10.20 09:43 CARelys_ hi yes bandwagons are poggers (she/her)

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2021.10.20 09:43 DOTSYMAN Will hardcore be an option for multiplayer in bf2042 without having to go looking for it? Its so much better.

Recently started playing bfv again as I hated it at launch and the only way to find hardcore is to go into community games without filters and find one, surely they could make it easier in the new game and get it a lot more popular?
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2021.10.20 09:43 Tigs_kuki Pocket full of random flowers

I have lots of random flowers to giveaway, please be ready with a dodo :) Will keep delivering until I’ve ran out. Comment if interested
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2021.10.20 09:43 Dizzy-Philosopher150 FLOWERS (2015)! Six dead women wake up in the space below their killer's house. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 🎥💀🖤

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2021.10.20 09:43 wildething1998 I really have to shit and this idiot has been in the stall for 20 mins

Probably just playing on his phone. I hate when people do this
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2021.10.20 09:43 AbdulHassan_96 Can I still play ps5 version of vanguard with PS4 players whilst still playing the ps5 version? With or without cross-gen.

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2021.10.20 09:43 Salvatore_White17 Perfect birthday T for my friend who loves Boxers

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2021.10.20 09:43 IndependentClassic29 34F [F4R] looking for a good chat and good laughs.

Not looking for anything romantic, sexual or anything like that. Just looking for friendly conversation! I have puppy pictures to exchange! Come meet me if interested:)
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2021.10.20 09:43 desertchoir A night out in my home town.

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2021.10.20 09:43 funkypenguin8193 [XB1] H: Pirate Outfit W: Jacko short suit

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2021.10.20 09:43 the_naegis_are_bby someone get ttar to finish reading pokespe( pokemon adventures). or atleast play the fan games

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2021.10.20 09:43 Bullishmillenial95 Started my morning doing this 😆 🚀 had shiba dreams had to add more to the bag

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2021.10.20 09:43 hopeful_hen What role do companies like Kulicke and Soffa play in the semiconductor industry?

I understand K&S, in the US, is closer to the product management side of the industry, but it’s been difficult to learn more. What kind of products are they making? Is there a good site in general for learning more technical details related to companies like K&S? Assume I know a little but not much.
I’ve come across jobs for semiconductor comps like K&S so I’m asking for a bit more information. I’ve found info about semis but not really about the actual role these individual companies play in the process.
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2021.10.20 09:43 gary_rodgers_sub Sub for DOM in Northern VA

Hey there dom tops!! very sub bottom here. Take great care of myself! fit, gl, white and 42 years old. Would love to find that one special DOM to serve and obey!!!
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2021.10.20 09:43 Alittleshorthanded Buying a workstation

I need to buy a new workstation at work. Budget is $2000ish. We mainly use it for CAM, programming waterjets, flashcutters and routers. We use solidworks for CAD and solidCAM as well as some other CAM software provided by the machine manufacturer.
Our CAD and CAM work is fairly simple, mainly dealing with 2D cutting.
I see a lot of posts about what to buy when on a tight budget. I'm curious on what I should consider when on a little bit more of a budget.
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2021.10.20 09:43 TheCadburyGorilla Green player rating ‘plus’ in seasons mode - what does it mean ? Does Jimenez have 85 or 95 attacking position etc ?

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2021.10.20 09:43 Salvatore_White17 Perfect birthday T for my friend who loves Boxers

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2021.10.20 09:43 AdAcrobatic144 Pour 16: Marble Pop

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Hey guys, im 19(M) from a state called Kerala, India. After getting independence from the British, kerala was administered under the Madras presidency. Then in 1957 the first elections where held. For the first time in India, a communist party won. I don't know why but it so happened. From the outside we look devloped, high literacy rate, low mortality rates etc. But you can feel the authoritarian rule of the government. Im a huge advocate of the free world and self reliance. A few months back I saw the speeches of Ronald Reagan. He inspired me to be self reliant, to stop looking at the government for answers and help. It's a disgusting regime. It's so true the phrase : COMMUNISM SPREADS ONLY WHERE THERE IS DISASTERS. And it's hard been true because of state was recently got with heavy floods which there party uses as a propoganda. I want a new government and self reliant people.
Plz gives you opinions on how to be a free man and to be self reliant.
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2021.10.20 09:43 KyokoPlaysUwU This is why u never buy an idv acco.

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2021.10.20 09:43 mothramantra Córdoba: ‘The city of flowers’ is back in bloom after COVID break - euronews

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