Svensk kulturimperialism

2021.10.20 11:12 SunflaresAteMyLunch Svensk kulturimperialism

Bor i Kanada och lyssnar på snickarens radio från källaren. Av tre låtar på rock klassiker-kanalen har två varit The Final Countdown med Europe och Hooked on a Feeling med Björn Skifs.
Det värmer lite...
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2021.10.20 11:12 RabbitAffectionate90 My little headcanon

I have a headcanon where bon had sophie lead rosemary with the promise of them being a family again, its just my little headcanon I had thought of not too long ago.
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2021.10.20 11:12 nosotros_road_sodium First responders face termination as vaccine mandates go into effect

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2021.10.20 11:12 BotDefense overview for Adeliawwf

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2021.10.20 11:12 quacak “Mana cost too high? Try this little guy!”

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2021.10.20 11:12 niuz-bot VIDEO Totul despre ajutorul de încălzire. Cum se obține în acest an și cum se completează cererea - [Articole][Economie]

Consumatorii vulnerabili din România, adică persoanele cu venituri scăzute, pot beneficia în acest an de un ajutor încălzire în sezonul rece și de o altă… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.10.20 11:12 Overall-Emu-8244 🧊BABYICE🧊| Stealth Launched! | BabyIce on BSC - HUGE Rewards for Holders in $ICE every hour! | 🥶

❄️BABYICE is not your average shitcoin, it is the first of many real projects our team will be releasing with great tokenomics, a fantastic community behind the coin, and a solid vision of the future with clear goals of what we want to achieve and with your help we know we can send this coin past the moon. Many coins you see do not have big goals, the developers are just there to make a quick buck and have little respect for your time and investments. Do not fall for this trap and invest in a coin that does have true goals!❄️
❄️Our development team is currently working on a method to implement our token on the BSC chain into the Spell/MIM/ICE ecosystem in which anyone on BSC can be a part of the revolution abracadabra money and danielesesta have created for DeFi community members! ❄️
❄️The more advanced prototype of what our team is developing will be released soon but for now we’d like you to sit back and enjoy your 7% rewards in ICE just for holding BABYICE!❄️
🔒Liquidity LOCKED
🧊HUGE rewards to holders in $ICE every hour
🥷🏻 Pure Stealth Launch
📈Daily Rewards/Buybacks
💰Giveaway & Contests
✅Experienced Team
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community Owned
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
📈7% Selling Fee📈
🧊 7% redistributed to holders in $ICE
🏦 3% to Liquidity
💻 5% goes to the Marketing/Development wallet in BNB(--> marketing wallet CAN’T DUMP on you )
❄️ $BABYICE is the first ICE reflection token. $BABYICE is the only ICE rewards tokens with a unique auto-claim feature. ICE rewards are sent to your wallet directly. Just HODL BABYICE and earn ICE rewards whilst you sleep. ❄️
🥶 Contract Address: 0x11875b1396ec860aee683b0cff0ab9c41147fd80
🧊 Pancakeswap:
🧊Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.20 11:12 xxxtian99 I'm a Spa 2021 victim

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2021.10.20 11:12 MarsmUltor Can i get banned if i use an emulator?

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2021.10.20 11:12 ilikeprettyladies Sexy Ariadna

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2021.10.20 11:12 HotStinkBlast Any way to set the starting year?

I’d like to rewrite the history of college football. Any way to set the year you start the game? Thanks boys.
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2021.10.20 11:12 Quizam lisdexamfetamine and anaemia

M40 don't drink or smoke. I take 60mg lisdexamfetamine (Elvanse/Vyvanse) to help manage my ADHD symptoms. It's my understanding that the conversion from lisdexamfetamine to amphetamine occurs within red blood cells. I have previously been anaemic and take a multivitamin containing iron. Could variations in effectiveness and side effects be linked to my red blood cell count and should I seek a blood test?
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2021.10.20 11:12 reblobler Dr. K, I'm curious do you have a structured rules for life (like Jordan Peterson's)

I saw Mark Manson (A self help book writer) made his own "rules for life" inspired by Dr. Peterson, I'm sure you already have your own, but... I'm guessing it's not properly worded yet (IDK the term for it, sorry), and it would be cool if you were to share it to us
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2021.10.20 11:12 HurrDurrSandurr I am a very small youtuber, would really appreciate if anyone could check it out :)

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2021.10.20 11:12 fredeatscheese Fall has arrived. They refuse to come back in the house!

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2021.10.20 11:12 rottingpotatoes I saw this on a recent flight. Could someone please explain what this might be? I think it's an aircraft contrail but I couldn't find trails anywhere else nearby. Thanks

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2021.10.20 11:12 May_Juggs How do I look?

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2021.10.20 11:12 Olareanu Acces to Semper Observatory

I have always been interested in astronomy and had an elective course on it in high school. I walk past the Semper Observatory on a daily basis and I have never really used a proper telescope. Obviously the question arises: is it possible to gain acces to the observatory as a student who wants to have fun and learn more about the universe or is there at least an "open day" event?
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2021.10.20 11:12 TheJWS Missed the Chase Sapphire point bonus, is it coming back?

How disadvantaged should I feel for missing the Chase Sapphire Reserve/Preferred extra-high sign up bonus? I just got a new job yesterday that will involve monthly int'l business travel (paid by me and reimbursed) so I want to get a new card that would help capture some of that value. But at the same time I wonder if it's worth waiting on the CSCSP to have a bigger sign-up bonus again. Do you all have any thoughts as to if it will come back anytime soon? Or is there a rough ratio that would make the decision easier? Like "if I spend $10,000 on reimbursed expenses on the card in the next 6mo, it would be dumb to hold out just for the potential of an extra 50,000 point sign-up bonus."
I'm not a regular Redditor but this sub has been a goldmine, I really appreciate the thought you all put into these things.
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So now u don't know if I mean YOU (which I do) or not.
But I know who I mean, and you should do too.
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2021.10.20 11:12 JaymesMc Is it possible to export a custom basemap from QGIS & import it into ArchGIS?

Hey, I am comfortable with QGIS, but am now required to make a switch to Archgis.
I have a .tif basemap I usually use in all my projects on QGIS. Is it possible to import this into Archgis? All of the tutorials I have watched only explain how to import the basic basemaps or import via a url address.
Is there an easy way to import the tif file from my computer?
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2021.10.20 11:12 ThomasMertes Seed7 version 2021-10-09 released on GitHub and SF
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2021.10.20 11:12 w_savage VanEck to Join ProShares in Launching a Bitcoin Futures ETF

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2021.10.20 11:12 Depresso2go Weird bit about Peterson H3TV #12

(First of all let me state that Im not a Peterson fan and Im politically on the same side as Ethan)
The bit about Peterson felt so weird and it seemed like Ethan really wanted to misunderstand the point of the video from Peterson. From my perspective it was about how there are mostly men in high risk jobs that are necessary for civilisation and he reacted emotionally to it. I dont know why he talked about toxic masculinity at the end, coz I dont know the full context.
I feel like this was Ethan critizising him with no real argument. He just makes jokes about male genocide, which Jordan wasnt implying and his crying, which is toxic masculine.
Other than that I enjoy his podcast, but it just feels weird.
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