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Axl's biological Father

2021.12.05 13:59 chxirag Axl's biological Father

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2021.12.05 13:59 gplpdx Tiny Vacation Home #23: Lobo’s retro residence 📺

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2021.12.05 13:59 secondsniglet Washington state - no case updates since DOH doesn't publish on weekends - 12/4/2021 Case Updates

I am making a duplicate daily post on CoronavirusWAData/ as an experiment. If a lot of people start following my daily posts over there I may stop posting on CoronavirusWA.
There is no case update today. The department of health does not update their data dashboard on weekends.

Effective July 1, DOH updates its dashboard every Monday-Friday, with the following exceptions: \ Federal and state holidays (e.g., December 25, January 1)* \ COVID-19 vaccination data is updated on alternate weekdays (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).*
I record the reported daily Washington COVID stats on my Google docs spreadsheet.
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2021.12.05 13:59 wiscogirl30 Is your luteal line the same every cycle?

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2021.12.05 13:59 cactim Turns out Melvil Dewey was a bit of a bastard

Listening to 99 Percent Invisible's episode about alphabetical order, they included a brief segment at the end to talk about Melvil Dewey, of non-alphabetical Dewey Decimal System fame. You might recognize this decimal system from such rants as "why is the whole 200's section Christianity??" and "why is there so much self-help shit in the psychology section??"
Well, beyond his system being gratiutously eurocentric (e.g. Chrisianity being 200 - 297 while Islam is 297.1 through 297.8), the man himself was quite a bastard. Even by 1900's standards, he was considered incredibly racist. While he was a New York librarian, he ran the Lake Placid club and excluded black people and Jews (e.g. typically country club shit). He even bought adjacent properties because he was afraid of tHe jEwS moving in to the neighborhood. Due to all this, there was a petition to remove him from his role. He stepped down from his position as a state librarian in 1905.
He also serially sexually harassed women. Numerous women accussed him of harassment and on separate occasions, it resulted in him stepping down from the American Library Association and paying sizeable fines outside of court. It doesn't seem like he ever apologized, instead saying "Pure women would understand my ways." (???)
So, no industrial-scale rape or genocide, but a sizeable shithead whose hateful worldviews towards were baked into the hierarchy of a system that many of us still use today. (Also look how he spelled his name. What a douche.)
† - like most†† 99PI episodes, it's not as boring as it sounds
†† - most, not all
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2021.12.05 13:59 namelessundead I had no idea the heatwave was this powerful.

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2021.12.05 13:59 Ashyatom The perfect man doesn’t exi-

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2021.12.05 13:59 Delicious_Still5526 Columbus Dispatch Frontpage - "Is there such a thing as drinking too much water?"

Columbus Dispatch Frontpage -
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2021.12.05 13:59 Versaceio510 Hi! 👋 Join me on the SoFi mobile app! You can save, spend, trade and borrow — all in one app. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get $5 cash rewards.

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2021.12.05 13:59 ohck2 2021 Christmas event

does anyone know when it goes live? I like planning to get the events just wanting to know when I could figure out time to get it done.
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2021.12.05 13:59 thatjoestar Is it just me?

Any time I see a cat that looks very human I get creeped out 😂 idk it’s almost like maybe you were human in the past n that’s what you looked like 😳🧐
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2021.12.05 13:59 DirtbagDrew Maya’s new Tinder photos

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2021.12.05 13:59 ImLeFurry Was bored, made a jsab oc bc I can

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2021.12.05 13:59 Jack_Of_The_Cosmos My player wanted an amnesiac character and told me I get to make their backstory.

I run a role play heavy game, as I have a personal vendetta to outdo every D&D podcast out there, and at my table, Greg is woefully just not trying hard enough. My players usually speak in full Shakespearian sonnets as dialogue and describe everything that happens while I make door opening sounds every time they open a door.
One of my players, whom I will call Alex (actually named Alex G. Smith), said that they want to have amnesia.
I have now decided to make Alex’s (who’s character kissed my waifu NPC in the last game instead of Jessica Smith’s character when only a kiss would wake up my DMPC) life a living hell.
He is now the BBEG and he doesn’t even know it. Serves him right for being so low effort at my high production D&D game that I play at his house. He won’t know this detail until session 2, and everyone will hate him because he did a genocide against kittens. I have decided that the nearest Gold dragon will banish him to my magical realm. I will then bring the game to a grinding halt as I make an example of him and have him make an entirely new character with a 500 page minimum backstory for an Elf that he must play, who will be the reincarnation of the last character who every NPC will still hate.
What I am asking for is, how do I make Alex’s life living hell for being so low effort? I already got his character covered.
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2021.12.05 13:59 Imalwaysbackop21 I got Bunz4ever Adorexkeya Roza Vasilishina Victoria Cakes Shezbooteeful Ghetto Barbie Fyebottom Shethickyy Mysteria dc Sweet lealea Lastarya Zmeena Orr Pinkyxxx Cherokee D Ass Allcurrency Nat foxx Monroe Sweets Ms.Marshae TheOnlyHydro Twounique87 Harlot Quinn OnlyOneRhonda Rarri Red Lala Koi Pm Me💰

I got Bunz4ever Adorexkeya Roza Vasilishina Victoria Cakes Shezbooteeful Ghetto Barbie Fyebottom Shethickyy Mysteria dc Sweet lealea Lastarya Zmeena Orr Pinkyxxx Cherokee D Ass Allcurrency Nat foxx Monroe Sweets Ms.Marshae TheOnlyHydro Twounique87 Harlot Quinn OnlyOneRhonda Rarri Red Lala Koi Pm Me💰 submitted by Imalwaysbackop21 to Kalaya2kalaya1 [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:59 KuttahaiTum Live sorting feature (auto refresh threads).

Hey Dev,
Is it possible to implement a feature by which Live sorting actually works like it supposed to be, currently it does absolutely nothing. Live sorting is very useful for Live match threads, it'd be really nice if Infinity can have it. On iOS devices reddit app actually have it natively but not on Android.
I can see infinity having "live" in sorting options but it's currently does nothing, have asked same feature months ago on playstore review, hope Dev can implement it.
There's an app called "live for reddit" which helps in this currently, it's specifically designed for that alone, to just provide an option to auto refresh live threads or any threads for that matter.
Hoping Dev can implement something like this.
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2021.12.05 13:59 Matchakitkat_5 Anchovy’s making a peach tart & nooks open!

Come on by! Take the green pipe to anchovy’s house, and check the map for nooks :) Code is GYYCF
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2021.12.05 13:59 Dontjudgelove Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

So I’m rewatching Shippuden and Killer Bee says “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Does this mean Muhammad Ali exists in the Naruto universe? O.o
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2021.12.05 13:59 Andytjr red car

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2021.12.05 13:59 Neonraven42 2021 Dallas, Texas Christmas Parade! ~ 1hour 22 mins

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2021.12.05 13:59 jookco ian fishback Death - Obituary News Story : See What Happened. Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.05 13:59 TouchIntelligent198 Space sweaters is a new community! Join the discord channel to be an early bird. There are daily active 🎁 NFTGiveaways. Link at the comments.

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2021.12.05 13:59 mansdavervol Yearnlab staking platform is ready to go Live. 7th Dec - 16:00 UTC - Certik Audit


Yearnlab is a 2.0 DEFI Protocol. Enjoy seamless staking experience with yearnlab and earn reward upto 150,384% APY. Create your own token with desired names and setup staking pool.

The process of staking involves locking up your crypto assets in order to act as a validator for a certain transaction in a decentralized crypto network. It is one of the service that we offer you at Yearnlab. Through staking you will be able to make money on your digital assets while sleeping. This passive source of income is just one of the many benefits of vigilantly utilizing your digital assets. In order to fully understand the perks of staking, you need to have clear understanding of how staking work. For this purpose, let me break it down for you.
What is staking?
In simple words, staking is holding your funds in a digital wallet, once you hold up your funds for a certain time period, you start receiving compensations accordingly. To put it simply, Stake are like share that companies offer to receive funds for the project. Similarly staking in crypto is as, if a crypto asset custodian requires funds to validate a transaction, they offer stake or bonds in return of required funds via a proof-of-stake network protocol. During the time of staked funds, you cannot use your funds. Does this mean that any individual with even one token in his wallet can stake it to become a validator? The answer is obviously, NO. To become a validator and earn rewards through staking you should have a certain amount of tokens in your wallet. For example, in case of Etherum 2.0, you need to stake at least 32 ETH.
The need for intermediaries in the blockchain industry has been a great concern over time. Trusted intermediaries such as exchanges facilitates acquiring digital assets for both individuals and enterprises. It provides an opportunity to digital asset holder to earn through utilizing their idle crypto funds. Most funds during bear markets remain idle while the market is going through a dip, staking as a service provides an opportunity to invest these funds during such turbulent times.
Key features
You can stake your $YLB at any time you choose. You can stake any amount of $YLB you wish;
Once staked, the contract will deliver a reward continuously for as long as tokens remain staked;
You can withdraw any amount of staked $YLB tokens without any locking period.
You are free to stake additional amounts at any time;
Yearnlab is offering 150k+ APY on staking YLB tokens
Staking platform is ready to go live after presale ends, please visit: https://stake.yearnlab.com
How does staking works?
The higher the number of staked digital assets, the higher the reward will be. These rewards are then distributed on-chain, meaning that the process of earning these rewards in completely automatic and is not violated by any interruptions from a third party. These rewards can be assumed as a voting right of the validators. Staking is a less resource-intensive alternative of mining. One other concept to understand staking is proof-of-stake. It is a consensus mechanism that allows the blockchains to operate energy efficiently meanwhile, maintaining a decent degree of decentralization.
Proof-of-stake (PoS)
If you are already familiar with the working of bitcoins, you must have also known about proof-of-work. PoW is a mechanism which allows transactions to be gathered as blocks. Miners compete to solve a complex mathematical puzzle, the one to solve the mathematical puzzle first gets the right to add the block. These blocks combine together to make a blockchain. Each time a new block is validated, raw tokens of that currency are minted and distributed among stakers as a staking compensation. However, Proof-of-work involves a lot of arbitrary computation that leads us to the problem of higher computational cost. Proof-of-stake is a counter response mechanism for this problem at hand. Proof-of-stake is used to make sure participation in blockchain consensus through utilizing the assets of validators as collateral. Additionally, validators are selected randomly to create a block. Unlike proof-of-work where miners compete to add a black, in proof-of-stake, to become a validator, asset holders needs to lock up their funds in their crypto wallets. If proof-of-stake is assumed as a democracy, tokens are then referred as votes. The number of tokens for each validator determine the extent of influence of their vote on a particular consensus.
What are we offering you?
Through providing staking as a service, platforms are enabled to add value to client’s holdings. Staking plays a pivotal role in keeping these platforms decentralized and secure. It benefits both retail investors and enterprises. It provides them an opportunity to invest their idle funds during uncertain market movements. It offers return of 109837% or more per year. This return is more than that offered by most banks. The idea of investing idle crypto assets for a 109837% annual rate of return is quite lucrative.
Besides offering lucrative return, staking as a service is user friendly. It enables users to participate in a staking network from their respective platforms. As compared to, manually choosing the right staking pool. Each pool has its own fee structures. These complexities take away the essence of staking if done manually.
An additional concern that staking as a service counter is that of inflation. In most scenarios cryptocurrency holders complain of their funds getting diluted due to an increased supply in the market. Staking counter this concern through increasing value as circulating supply increase. That being said, by participating in staking on PoS blockchain networks, overall value of the user’s crypto funds increases with the increase in inflation. Through staking, crypto asset’s value is directly correlated to inflation. Consequently, staking as a service will provide dual effects, a reward for staking funds and security from the negative effects of inflation pressure.
Staking as a service
At Yearnlab any participants will be able to create their own token with their desired names. These token will then be backed by Yearnlab. You will be able to use your newly generated tokens to setup your staking pool. Here you will be able to earn substantially higher APYs on your staking pools, compared to holding your funds in other means of financial markets. Apart from many other facilities, offering staking as a service will enable our customers to utilize their funds efficiently. Staking represents an efficient intriguing idea in both governance of yield farms and investment. It will hopefully open more doors for greater opportunities in the future. We are delighted to provide our customer with best facilities.

Why APY is dropping?
There are limited amount of tokens that are supposed to be distributed across staking pool, that means if amount of stakers increase, it effects the distribution ratio and thus decreasing APY.
Is there any time limit to unlock staking tokens or reward?
No you can unlock tokens/rewared at any time.
Tax Fee on withdrawal of reward tokens?
Standard fee applicable only, we will not charge additional tax fee.
Where I can get YLB tokens ?
You can participate in presale NOT LIVE YET for more detail visit our official website
When will staking platform launch?
The platform will be available to stake $YLB tokens after market initialization of YLB over Pancakeswap.

Social Links:
Website: https://yearnlab.com/
Github: https://github.com/Yearn-Lab
Telegram: https://t.me/yearn_lab
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yearnlab
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LabYearn
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/yearnlab/
Medium: https://yearnlab.medium.com
White Paper: https://yearnlab.com/whitepaper.pdf

🏆 Already Achieved 🏆

✔️ Yahoo Finance Coverage: https://finance.yahoo.com/
✔️ Benzinga Coverage: https://www.benzinga.com
✔️ Market Watcher: https://www.marketwatch.com
✔️ Contract base Quillhash audit: https://quillhash.com
✔️ Contract base Certik audit: https://www.certik.com
✔️ Twitter 40k,
✔️ Telegram 46k
✔️ Discord 26k
✔️ Staking Platform: stake.yearnlab.com/
✔️ Governance Platform
📌 CEX Listing
📌 Banner Ads ( BSCScan, PooCoin, DEXTools)
📈 Tokenomics 📈
● Presale sale: 30%● Locked liquidity: 20%● Strategic partnership: 5%● CEX liquidity 10%● Staking pool: 17%● ILO Fee 3%● Team token: 3%● Airdrop/Marketing: 7%● Development funds: 5%
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2021.12.05 13:59 allmyheroesareRAGs Cursed_deal

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2021.12.05 13:59 Adventurous-Bed-5586 We will be #1 in the polling today

We should be #1 we have the most complete team and most convincing wins. Not to mention we should be undefeated if not for those dumbass BIG refs. The committee will want Bama Vs Michigan in the final for a big draw. Both teams travel well and bring big money!!! Go Blue we da Champs
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