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Frst day doing IF

Income share held by lowest 20% from The World Bank: Data Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, or FRST, is a portable application designed to run on Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in normal or safe mode to diagnose malware issues. This site uses cookies to optimize functionality and give you the best possible experience. If you continue to navigate this website beyond this page, cookies will be placed on your browser. Problem with windows 7 - bad driver FRST log - posted in Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help: Hello, I have problem with windows 7 - system cant start because of drivers. In ... FRST Tutorial - How to use Farbar Recovery Scan Tool - posted in Malware Removal Guides and Tutorials: Farbar Recovery Scan Tool The latest version may be downloaded from: Link 1 | Link 2 Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) is a diagnostic tool incorporating the ability to execute prepared script solutions on malware infected machines. It will work equally well in normal or safe mode and where a ... NetSoarer AccessManager - flapk11.frst.toyobo.co.jp Watch ugly stepmom frst time big cock fucked on Pornhub.com, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Big Dick sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving fuckthose XXX movies you'll find them here. 💜with Projekt Melody / VShojo💜https://linktr.ee/projektmelodyVShojoサーバーで今後遊べるようにしていただいたよ!初めての訪問は ... From First Settlement to First State. Famous as the First State to ratify the Constitution, Delaware was born out of a conflict among three world powers for dominance of the Delaware Valley. Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, or FRST, is a portable application designed to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 in normal or safe mode to diagnose malware issues.

2021.12.05 15:05 Subject_Injury Frst day doing IF

It's my first day doing intermittent fasting. I am doing it while doing keto . It was hard to wait till lunch to eat and skip breakfast... (I am doing 16:8)
Since my stomach is weird sometimes I decided to break my fast with some chicken broth with added collagen, some dried thym, some ground tumeric with pepper and some Pink himalayan salt. I waited 20 minutes after and I ate a Tuna salad with one hard boiled egg and some spices and Cucumber .
So far I am feeling good and I can't wait to see the results (currently around 277 lbs and already lost around 12 lbs doing keto but at a plateau)
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2021.12.05 15:05 AndrewWise80 How is void linux hrmpf different to the live cd

Does HRMPF have more tools for rescue than the live CD?
If so, what are they?
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2021.12.05 15:05 Zaedin0001 MMK Lore Post #7: The Power of Two

This post has been created to support the 2038 main post. This entry focuses on Chun He dealing with an old friend who is interested in Jiaqian’s (Price Tag) past. Since this is the first lore post that is not being reposted from the replies of previous main entries, I highly recommend you read the original main post first before reading this lore based entry.
Note: This entry contains mature themes, so if you aren’t fully comfortable with them then please proceed at your own discretion.
High above the Qinghai plateau, a figure is seen flying at rapid speed as it approaches the lakeside city of Chijing. The figure itself has been flying for at-least 10 hours as it had traveled from the continent towards the State of Lan in order to see someone. As the figure sees a watch tower on the horizon just south of the city, the figure proceeded to make itself invisible, quickly passing by the tower with the local guards being none the wiser. While the figure would of preferred to just teleport straight into the city, they believed that this would only cause further problems and local panic, especially considering how the locals in the area handled god like abilities. The figure notes in his head however that the people he rules over are all quite accepting of his god like status and abilities and silently thanks them as he passes over Chijing for their support. Soon they arrive at their destination, that being the Grand Hall of the Lan, which is the main building in the governance of the state of Lan.
As the figure enters the building, they remember that they are still invisible, so they quickly walk towards an empty corridor before dropping their invisibility. The figure can now be described in more detail as a mostly Sharp Green colour, and taking the appearance of a Arabic Numeral, more specifically the numeral for the number Two. As Two quickly creates a trench coat and puts it on, they quickly move towards a lonely staircase locating in an empty section of the building as he heads for the top floor, where they know the person they have come to see will be located. Two quickly marches of the staircase, arriving at the Top floor before moving towards a more secluded section of the building, which contains a reception area manned by a lone individual, behind him is a set of doors behind him that lead to some unknown place. Two proceeds to walk into the room and approaches the receptionist, who upon closer inspection is a young looking male.
“Excuse me mate, I’m here to speak to a Chun He and a Jiaqian if they’re both here.” The receptionist notices the talking to him, causing him to just start at the talking number. “Wow a talking number! Man I thought that having gotten that lady from the strip for the night would of been the highlight of my day, now I’m having a walking number talk to me. What’s your name number man?” Two is put a bit off by the receptionist’s attitude but answers him anyway. “The name’s Two, now can you tell me if Chun He and Jiaqian are available? I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment as I’m curr-“ “Two huh, very original considering your whole body takes on the shape of the number two. Anyway I’m Ken Kao, proud receptionist and guard of the smo-“ “Can you just please tell me if the two of them are available right now? I don’t have any time at all.” Two immediately cuts off Ken’s diatribe and insists that he checks for Two. “Jeez your a bit of a piece of shit, fine I’ll see if they’re in.” Ken then presses some buttons on a phone that is on his desk, before taking the phone and waiting to hear a response. “Ah hello Mrs. Chun, there is some guy here called Two that is apparently here to visit Jiaqian along with yours- Ah yes he is an object… alright I’ll send him up, by the way are you up f- Damn she just loves to hang up on me, trying to play hard to get. Anyway you have clearance, so follow me as I escort you to their room.”
Two follows Ken as they go through the set of doors which led into a small hallway, at the other end is a single door. Upon reaching the door, Ken quickly looks at Two before saying something. “Alright this is as far as I’ll be going. Now the golden rule when dealing wi-“ “Look I’ve already met and dealt with both Chun He and Jiaqian in the past, I don’t need a refresher of what I should and shouldn’t do when around them mate.” Two by now is a bit fed up with dealing with Ken. “Alright fine, I was going to go into detail into how you can ‘accidentally’ cope a feel but I guess you don’t want to do that, which is your loss. Anyway see you when you come back out.” Ken proceeds back down the hallway towards the reception area, while Two gives a knock on the door that presumably is to Chun He and Jiaqian’s room. After a few seconds the door opens, revealing Chun He in a more modest house dress as she sees Two. “Ah Two, its been a while since I’ve last seen you.” She gives a small smile as Two smiles back. “Yeah it has been, now I am curious as to where my winner is?” “Oh, Price Tag is currently in the living room, I think you would want to see them or are you just here to see me?” “Well I mean Chun I could entertain you for a few minutes, as I do have a few questions for you that I don’t believe Price Tag needs to know about.”
Two enters the house as they head towards a small entrance area. This area is specifically designed to entertain guests while most of the penthouse is locked away and is only for private use. Chun He quietly grabs a few champagne glasses along with a bottle of the aforementioned drink before laying them on a table in the room. “So how is running that state in Australia going? Last time I heard from you was when you were trying to deal with some sort of secessionist issue in Queensland.” Two quickly responds to Chun about their own political situation. “Oh yeah about that, X couldn’t really hold his own and ended up challenging the secessionists to a game of Test Cricket to decide the fate of Queensland, which the Aussies lost due to some man by the name of Marnus Labuschagne scoring 332* in an innings win over the Australian XI. As a result Queensland seceded from the Commonwealth of Australia and it just left the rest of the states under X, with WA still under my autonomous control.” Two takes a sip of the champagne that was provided to them by Chun He. “Damn where in the world did you get this champagne Chun, since I might want to take some of this back with me to Perth.” “Oh Two my dear this champagne is locally made in Chijing. I can hook you up with some of it however… I would probably want it in writing beforehand.” Two just smiles briefly at Chun He. “Its always business with you Chun, always trying to find someway to further your own interests. Anyway since you asked me about how I’ve been doing, why not you tell me what exactly have you been up to?” “Oh what I’ve been up to? Oh its nothing really, just establishing a series of diplomatic alliances with our neighbours as I attempt to help a once bumbling administration stay afloat in an extremely competitive environment, which is pretty similar with what you’ve been doing Two. You know the only reason why I elected to not come with you back when we first met was because I just knew you were going to do some sort of massive thing and I just didn’t want to be apart of that, only to end up effectively leading a nation of idiots.” Two just looks back at Chun He as she drinks more of her Champagne. “You know Chun, my offer from back then still stands. You can at anytime just give me a call and I can just wish away both you and Price Tag to Perth whenever you wish, heck I can do it right now if you want?” Chun He however just looks back at Two solemnly. “I know you really want me to come with you on you adventures, however my place right now is here in Chijing and is also looking after Pricy, so I’m sorry Two but I’ll have to decline.”
Two just nods back at Chun He before drinking a bit more of his champagne “That is fine Chun, perhaps next time I’ll be able to convince you. Anyway we might as-well stop dodging the main series of questions and just get on with it, so to begin, how is Price Tag?” Chun He shows a small smirk for a moment before replying. “Ah its back to business I assume, and I was having so much fun. As for your question Two, Pricy is doing just fine right now, as she is currently having a nice new life I’ve set up for her in this city.” “Ah that is lovely to hear Chun, however I am more curious about if they has made any progress on regaining their memories, may you please elaborate on that?” Chun He continues to show a smile however after a bit she sighs before continuing. “Alright, her memories still haven’t come back to her. I still don’t know why but whenever I’ve asked her about it she’s just claimed to not anything and just shuts herself off from me for a while. While I do know her memories haven’t returned as if they did then she would of also regained that power you gave her, I think she has been showing signs of improvement lately.” Two looks at Chun He again before taking another sip of his champagne. “Well that is truly a shame then. I had seen so much potential in them after they managed to win my power in my TV Show, however when the big jump occurred it appears as if they have lost it completely. I still to this day wonder why exactly she lost it all before she arrived in this universe.” Two solemnly looks down before taking another sip of his champagne, by this point Chun He had already gone to her 2nd glass while the two continue to drink away.
“You know Two, I wouldn’t mind if you spent the night here. Maybe some extra exposure to your power can get my child to remember exactly what had happened to her. I remember when I first found her lying down on the Great Plateau all those years ago when I first stepped foot on mortal terrain. She looked completely dishevelled and out of shape, like she had just came out of the Great Lunar War.” Chun He takes another drink of her champagne, quickly downing her 2nd glass before continuing. “I felt bad for the child, and so I took her in. I remember when she first awoke, being completely scared however I managed to calm her down and now she is basically apart of my family. Then I met you on the Plateau, where you told me that you knew about who she was and that she could of possibly been the one to-“ “Eh you don’t need to worry about that Chun, as thats just a silly theory of mine.” As the two kept drinking, Two continue their conversation. “So Chun, you were offering to let me stay the night, Yes?” “Well I would be find having you stay here since I do want to see if Pricy being exposed to you again would reawaken something from her past.” Chun basically gives Two the go ahead to spend the night with them. “Really now because I was assuming that you were doing so for an en-“ “Finish that sentence Two and I’ll make you see again why you feared me when we first met.” Two immediately shuts up and takes another drink of his champagne. By now they have spent nearly half an hour drinking and chatting.
Suddenly the reception room’s telephone goes off. “I’ll get that Two.” Chun He proceeds to quickly pick up the phone to answer whoever it is. “Yes Hello?” “Ah good you picked up sugar tits. Anyway I’m calling to know if that Arabic numeral bastard is still at your penthouse as half an hour has passed without him returning. Rarely do you ever allow someone to stick around for that long.” Chun just sighs as she has to deal with Ken Kao, who was assigned to be her receptionist by the rest of the administration due to his ‘talents’. Despite actually being an extremely good guard and receptionist, she absolutely despises his personality. “Mr. Ken I’ll be informing you now that Two will be spending the night here and that I want the r-“ “WHAT!? WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ALLOWING THAT THING TO STAY WITH Y-“ “Oh dear gods if I have to hear you yell one more time I’ll personally send you to Koumakan if I have to.” Ken immediately proceeds to lower his voice. “Alright jeez. Anyway I’ll inform the guard that you’ll be having a romp with a n-“ Immediately Chun hangs up on Ken, just tired of whatever his thing is. “OK that was just the receptionist who was asking for your location. I told him that you’ll be staying the night though I am not happy that he’s trying to spread unnecessary rumours.” “Oh you mean that Ken guy? Yeah he’s a god damn annoyance, why do you keep him around?” “Honestly Two I wish I can just throw him straight at the Chang so he can just die already.”
With Two now staying the night, the two colleagues continue to drink away at their champagne until they ran the bottle empty. “Hey Chun can you come over here for a second?” Chun quickly does so and then Two puts a hand on her forehead, before doing something with their powers to Chun. “Jesus Two why didn’t you warn me that you were clearing all the alcohol in my body?” “Well because I love seeing that reaction from you Chun.” Chun He just brushes off the comment, attempting to not give Two the satisfaction of their attempt working in any capacity. “Well why don’t you go see Price Tag, as she should be in the living room?” “Alright then Chun, I’ll just follow you then until we get to Price Tag.” The two of them proceed deeper into the penthouse before Chun He opens a door branching off of the main hallway. Beyond the door is a large living room, and currently sitting on a sofa is Price Tag, though they are more oftentimes called Jiaqian, which is a Chinese appropriation of their name.
“My child I have returned and I have someone who would like to see you.” Price Tag turns their head towards the noise, only for her to see both their ‘mother’ and Two, who is standing to her side. “AH Mister Two, its been a while since I last saw you.” Price Tag gets up to great Two. “Hey how’s my favourite winner doing? I haven’t seen you in so long that it is probably the length of time between two episodes of my show.” Two walks over as they gives a hug to Price Tag, who reciprocates the hug. “I’m just so glad to see you again Price Tag.” Two immediately breaks the embrace and continues on talking. “Now then, I want to see again if you can finally activate those powers I gave you all that time ago.” Chun He notices where the discussion is heading and decides to intervene. “You know Two we shouldn’t be doing this right now, there is still a lot of the day left an-“ “It’s fine Mother, I definitely want to figure out what my powers were and be able to fly alongside you.” Price Tag had already made up their mind and was now wanting to jump into attempting to find her powers.
Chun He simply escorted both Price Tag and Two towards a dancing room, which is also used as a sparring room on occasion however for today’s event Two will be attempting to draw out Price Tag’s powers in this room. “Alright Price Tag since its been a while, I’ll go over the usual procedure again. I’m going to ask you to clear your mind and attempt to recreate this rock that I am holding.” Price Tag notices that Two had pulled out a white rock from their trench coat. “Anyway I ask that you focus solely on the creation of this rock as this is your first time in a while doing this.” Price Tag simply looks at the rock Two is holding and then holds out their hand, attempting to replicate the rock they are seeing. As they attempts to concentrate on imaging the rock’s formation in their head, they begins to see something else entirely.
The first thing they see is a vast sea of checkers in the sky, as the world slowly corrupts around them with people screaming and buildings collapsing. The second is that they are literally seeing themselves engaging in some sort of conversation with Price Tag, though they can’t make out anything they’re saying. The third thing is some sort of dress and leggings designed to look like the Stars and Stripes. Finally they see a series of people in rapid succession, though they only notices her Mother and Two as among the people being flashed in front of them. After seeing all this, Price Tag loses consciousness, falling to the floor in the dance room.
“What in the world happened to her Two?!” Chun is completely concerned after watching her ‘daughter’ fall unconscious in an attempt to get her powers back. “I have no idea to be honest, but look over here, they managed to replicate the rock!” Two is more interested in that Price Tag managed to recreate the rock, which signifies to him that Price Tag hasn’t lost their powers fully and that the they are slowly gaining them back. Chun He also sees the now replicated rock, which is found next to Price Tag’s hand and is slightly surprised, however she is more concerned with Price Tag at the moment then their abilities or magic. She quickly takes Price Tag out of the room and carries them to their room, while Two simply looks at the two rocks in curiosity. He hadn’t seen Price Tag be able to do that since they first gained their power after they won a show called The Power of Two, which Two hosted. Feeling confident in having seen Price Tag successfully active their powers again, albeit with a significant loss of consciousness, they proceeded to find Chun He.
Chun He had carried Price Tag into their room, where they would remain for the rest of the day, not regaining consciousness at all for the rest of the day. Two had managed to reassure a now angry Chun He that Price Tag would be alright and that nothing bad has happened to them. Currently its evening and the two are now sitting in a completely different room, which appears to be a bedroom with a balcony attached to it. Chun He and Two are currently drinking a more hard liquor with Two leading a conversation of sorts “So Chun, I definitely believe that Price Tag has regained some of their memories. I think that maybe tomorrow you can ask them about it seeing that they can now once again create matter.” Chun He just looks at Two before taking another drink of the liquor she provided. “You know Two I don’t want to just force this down my Child just after she blacked out from her attempt today. She’ll need some time to recover before I would even approach her on what she remembered, if she remembered anything to begin with.” Two just looks at Chun He for a bit before continuing. “Alright fine we’ll go with your approach however I do hope that you will tell me whatever she remembered. I believe that it may be crucial in figuring out what happened to our world to begi-“ “Look Two I know you are still trying to figure that all out right now however why not we just forget about that all now and enjoy ourselves.” Chun He then flashes a more moderate smirk at Two before continuing. “After all it has been so long since we last drank like this together?” Two just smiles again at Chun He. “Ah how can I forget the last time we just got ourselves completely drunk. I think we were Madoi shortly after Price Tag fell asleep before we just went crazy at some local bar, getting ourselves so drunk that I can barely remember what happened that night. Hell I don’t really remember what happened in the Morning.” Chun He however isn’t really concerned as she walks over to a small box, missing a small hole in the wall, before grabbing what appears to be some Whiskey. “Then how about we do it again?” Two grabs a glass from the table as Chun He quickly fills it up with Whiskey, as the two old friends proceed to drink on into the night.
Watching via a small hole that was intentionally carved into the room is Ken Kao, who is aggressively writing in his notepad as he watches the two of them drink and chat about things that he has no interest in. ‘Wow I didn’t know that the so-called “Perfect Mom” has a type like that. This is absolutely a perfect thing to tell Edward about!’ For a while now Ken has been using a series of peepholes like the one he is currently using to spy on Chun He and Jiaqian in order to get as-much info as he can get for Edward’s book, as he does want to help out his friend from University even though to Ken he is a bit of a ‘lame and boring’ individual. He has also been using these holes for more… nefarious reasons, such as attempting to catch Chun He naked after she gets out of the shower to change. For Ken, he is lustfully infatuated with Chun due to her figure, with Ken wanting to permanently leave his mark on her one way or another. While he has done this with other women, he has seen that getting ahold of Chun He would be the crowning and defining legacy he wishes to leave behind. Ken then notices that Chun He has began to just not use a glass at all and has just started to take swigs from the bottle itself, while Two continues to drink and laugh about things he doesn’t really care about. He then notices that Chun He has walked over to the box, pulling out what appears to be actual beer before walking back towards Two with a sway in her hips. ‘Oh this is getting interesting, perhaps there will be a fo-‘ Suddenly Ken’s phone begins to vibrate, with Ken quickly moving away from the hole to answer it. ‘Damn it I was this close to seeing something.’ “Hello? Yeah its me, I’m currently at the reception as usual. Wait right now? Should I info- Not necessary? Alright I’ll trust you on that. OK I’m on my way since I don’t think she’ll be needing me for the rest of the night. Same place as usual? Alright I’ll see you guys when I get there.” ‘Seems like I’m going to have a long and fun night ahead for myself’. With Ken having finishes his conversation, he puts away his phone and walks out of the penthouse, heading for an undisclosed location in Chijing.
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2021.12.05 15:05 Background_Quote_453 If women are allowed to have an abortion because it's "her body her choice", then why aren't men allowed to decide whether they want to have their genitals mutilated?

And before anyone talks about how they feel personally, keep in mind that one is a hot button issue and it's legal in every civilized country while on the other hand thousands of people have their rights violated every day without anyone giving it a second thought.
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2021.12.05 15:05 ebolaroller Where's Waldo? (Waldo is my bike's name, because it's always found in the darndest places).

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2021.12.05 15:05 Anzhelikitta My first level 5 emoji

My first level 5 emoji submitted by Anzhelikitta to disneyemojiblitz [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 15:05 Beneficial_Ask_9575 Can I take my prep at an earlier time than suggested?

I’m constipated so I’m worried my “stuff” may take longer to come out. They have me taking magnesium citrate this time instead of miralax. They suggested me to start at 5 pm but I’ve taken magnesium citrate before and it took like 8 hours until I had a movement last time. I’m wondering if it’s okay to start prep a few hours earlier?
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2021.12.05 15:05 smaakmaker3 what is a good app fot pc to measure my ethernet

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2021.12.05 15:05 Character_Step667 If you could change 1 thing that happened in the series, what would it be?

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2021.12.05 15:05 yuritopiaposadism The world has the tools to end the coronavirus pandemic. They're not being used properly. "At its heart, the pandemic is a crisis of solidarity and sharing,"

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2021.12.05 15:05 Wayward_Prometheus Clay Guida still chasing Nate Diaz rematch: ‘I know you’re out there, you can’t run, you can’t hide’

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2021.12.05 15:05 marchinginplace 8BitRyan: SO WE BROKE INTO CHARLIE THE CHICKEN'S SECRET LAIR.. | Happy's Humble Burger Farm

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2021.12.05 15:05 ChobieJj BDS Adam denied FNC Upset's multiple attempts to speak

According to Upset, he tried reaching out to Adam since the posting of the initial twitlonger. Adam has since then only denied these requests. Regardless, of whether Adam's anger was justified, seems like he's just looking for drama. Pretty immature even for a 19 year old.
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2021.12.05 15:05 AhMaguffin Super Dishy!

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2021.12.05 15:05 zuleyha84 45% off >> $79.99 >> Blitzwolf BW-VP1-Pro LCD Projector Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.12.05 15:05 cptgarebear Why do different players have different RQ requirements for round 14 of the GT Open?

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2021.12.05 15:05 CitizenB33 I'm beginning my New Story Charity streaming a bit early this week with some Minecraft! We're going to be doing some cleanup on our donor island as well as building signs & houses for those that support the cause!

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2021.12.05 15:05 DmonRth SEUS entry

It’s colder than a wet witch sitting in the shade on an iceberg, but with four days of plain sailing behind us, I keep my complaints to myself. I’m getting my coffee together in the mess hall when the door opens and closes behind me. I know who it is without looking. Yesterday I gave him the nickname Dollar, on account of him funding the operation, and he’s been puppy doggin’ me ever since.
It’s not that Dollar is a bad guy, but he’s an egghead with a big mouth, which happens to rub me wrong and I’m not real big on company to start with. But triple wages do strange things to men, so I put on my give-a-shit face and listen to him rattle on about the journal he got his hands on that belonged to the friend of a servant of a cousin to a Dr. Helsing guy.
I already know it’s that journal that landed him in South Shetland. Everyone does. He sang its song of lost treasure on every island trying to get a crew together, but he’d shown up during the dark season, and no one wanted the risks. Except for my Captain. So, one exorbitant price and a handshake later, here we are trawling twentyish kilometers south of Deception with nothing but a crescent moon and lamps to guide us.
I’m listening to him wax poetic about the advancements of science and medical research when a commotion stirs up outside. I don’t even have my cup down before he bolts out the door. Being the leisurely type, I take my time getting myself together before trundling to the work deck.
As luck would have it all the heavy lifting is finished when I show up. The captain hollers at me to move ass, so I get in with the rest of the guys and start pulling off the netting. They take turns busting my balls for being lazy, but when the last of the rope hits the deck things get serious. Not one of us besides Dollar is ready to find a metal cage with a frozen body inside.
Dollar demands a hammer and whacks the lock on the cage until it breaks. He enlists Vince and James to finesse the door, and after a few nudges, it pops open. Dollar slides right in and starts examining the corpse while repeating the word “amazing” like he just learned it. He is prying at the mouth with both hands when its eyes open. They are ink black, and there is a history of violence behind them. Dollar freezes while everyone else takes a collective step back.
The next sounds are a crack and a scream as the thing bites down on Dollars fingers. Captain starts barking orders, but I’m too busy going through every tavern tale I’ve ever heard to hear him. I almost have a name to pin on the monstrosity when it tosses Dollar aside and stands up.
That’s when a lot of things happen at once. A fishing spear skewers the monster, Vince’s head rolls across the deck, and I take a blow so hard it knocks yesterday’s wind out of me. I stumble around until my back collides with a door that leads to the crew cabins. Looking down at my stomach I notice a missing chunk, decide that discretion is the better part of valor, and disappear behind said door.
The screams stop as I get to the hold. I let myself in and push a few crates between myself and the world, then grab my lantern and hunt for the gear we use to break free of ice. I quickly locate the beautiful red sticks and unfurl their wicks. After scattering them about the room to convince myself I’m extra clever, I settle in with my best friends, silence and hope, while praying that the once-frozen stiff has forgotten me.
There is nothing slow or subtle about the monster when it comes. I hear one creak down the hallway, then the door rocks and moans. I jam the closest fuse in my lantern, and it takes. The thing at the door doesn’t stop at one knock, so I don’t stop at one wick.
I'm cursing the wagging tongue of that old doctor's cousin, when the adage “Loose lips sink ships” pops into my head. I allow myself one last hearty chuckle at that and either the monster misses the joke or takes offense. It stops tearing apart the door to start a roaring contest, belting out an inhuman one that’s louder than anything I’ve ever heard… until the dynamite takes its turn.
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2021.12.05 15:05 ILpipp [CS] looking for someone to do a data structure assignment in java.

the assignment is due in about 22 hours.
DM me, I do not answer people who are "experts" in all possible fields
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2021.12.05 15:05 Hungry-Version1227 The Technology Shaping the Future: 5 engineering predictions for the years ahead

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2021.12.05 15:05 Aquat1 I don't know what scared me more.

The fact that my sleep paralysis demon had a knife, or the fact that I could move.
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2021.12.05 15:05 Dr_GIR Both sides planning for new state-by-state abortion fight

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2021.12.05 15:05 C_L_B_B Just showing off my entbrat farm!

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2021.12.05 15:05 Dr_GIR College Football Playoff set: Alabama vs. Cincinnati, Michigan vs. Georgia

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