Extra pay request

2021.12.05 13:31 jh2313 Extra pay request

How do you request extra pay? I’m picking up from Carrollton station in DFW and my route is Wylie/Murphy/St. Paul (why TF would that not come from Mckinney?) The station took 20 min to get me a cart and gave me a 4 hour block instead of the 5 hour block i scheduled for. TIA
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2021.12.05 13:31 thedude_lebowski Happy Birthday Neil. Thanks for the incredible games.

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2021.12.05 13:31 haileydzea i

am i
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2021.12.05 13:31 Original_Redman I cannot believe that Arkane hasn't fixed the pause menu bug

I just started the game today and it locked up in the pause menu right as I was finishing an objective and heading back to the exit. Goodbye 45 minutes of progress. I should not be surprised that Bethesda published a buggy game but I expected better of Arkane... It is insane to me that this issue hasn't been fixed in MONTHS since release. Really souring me on even giving it a shot at this point, considering I was already hesitant because the marketing for the game was just so bad. I'll give it one more shot I guess because the art style and world are intriguing and I really like Dishonored... but damn, there's really no fix for it? :l
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2021.12.05 13:31 DiiDiiEd i-765

My i 765 marriage base was approved and on Dec 4 got my employment card, but I got the combo card, but it shows my last name not my husband. Doesn’t supposed to show his last name not mine?
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2021.12.05 13:31 kewkew1122 F24 🖤

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2021.12.05 13:31 CamdenShadowWolf [PC/Flash] [Platformer] [2005-2015] [Sonic-like]

I remember playing this flash game where it featured a character that resembled Sonic. Similar in mechanics and all.
Since this flash game was one of those cheesy "get active get healthy" things constantly shoved in our faces back in the 2000s, if the character picked up something that has sugar (Soda, candy, etc), the character gets fatter and slower, which the player can mash two keys to make them perform pushups, thus losing weight and recover speed to finish the level.
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2021.12.05 13:31 LoxNetwork1 Lox Network New Ambassadors We have recently recruited some new international ambassadors to our community We are excited to work with them and with their help we will grow the LOX family even more ! Welcome @Nicoeni1 🇫🇷 Please welcome him to the Team #LOXfam

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2021.12.05 13:31 SnooMemesjellies2302 Your just mad cuz your bad

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2021.12.05 13:31 bjbyrne We finally agree on something.

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2021.12.05 13:31 Puzzleheaded_Drop_81 metaphysical conversation by mother of autistic child and father whose child died of sudden infant death syndrome

metaphysical conversation of mother of autistic child and father whose child died of sudden infant death syndrome. Sand Google search Walk-in in spirituality. I came across this term after a path reading that i got from a Psychic.
Me Oh, I forgot about walk-ins. Haven’t heard that term in many years. It was kinda a rage of discussion for a little while. A soul in a human body is replaced by a different soul. Or joined by another soul? Two souls in one human body. When I get to my laptop, I’ll tell you a story.
Sand Okay. Well the term is used for one soul fulfilling what was meant to and being replaced by another. This is obviously just my research and quite difficult to say its factual. But it does makes us think. Some people wake up from comas and don’t feel like themselves for awhile. That makes me wonder if they didn’t went through a soul swap? Don’t take it for a fact please! But apparently more people know about this and it’s a thing. :)
Me As I said, it was talked about a lot, as I recall, in the early 1990s. It became popular for people to claim they were walk-ins, or a psychic told them they were a walk-in. It may well be factual. However, what I wanted to say when I got to my laptop, now there, is a bit more complicated. My first wife's and my infant son died of sudden infant death syndrome. As time passed, I realized he had opened our hearts and set us on our journey, and I had that put on a grave marker and placed on his unmarked grave. His death had left me in such shambles, that it was impossible for me to follow the course my father and his father had charted for me. I came to think that was why my son had died. Anyway, many years passed, and I was having lots of experiences with other realms, some quite spectacular. I was not going out of my body as far as I knew, I was not using psychedelics, and never did nor have since. It seemed all of the other world stuff was coming to me, either to increase and enhance me, or it was parts of me that I had lost, forgotten, threw away or never even knew where there returning to me. And, I was in a dark night of the soul, which had been forecast in a dream 2 years prior. This poem leaped out of me one day:
Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread, But if there were no fools, Who'd lead the angels?
Then, something HUGE and WONDERFUL FEELING started wriggling into me. I felt is physically and energetically and soulfully. It didn't hurt, but was a really tight fit. That went on about 2 weeks. It was my habit to take a long walk every morning, regardless of the weather. This now was in April, it was a warm pleasant day. When I reached the turn around and go home point of the walk, the same walk I took each day, I realized angels were all around me. I felt their presence, heard: "This thing coming into you is your angel twin. All people have an angel twin, and yours will spend the rest of your life with you." I thought that was neat. Then, I heard, "By the way, this is your son." My knees buckled, tears filled my eyes, and I nearly collapsed to the ground. Then, things got even more interesting. Not easier, but more interesting.
Sand Uau! First of all let me tell you as a mother that I couldn’t even start to comprehend the pain of loosing a child and so i am grateful that you shared this. I battle everyday with darkest thoughts and loosing my son would break me to the soul. No doubt! So I actually needed to hear this. What you went through is a crazy ride. And you are still among us for specific reasons. And perhaps one of them is this. Sharing your story and me reading it now, on this precise moment of my life, it’s beyond what you even imagined or intended to. This makes me appreciate every little moment i have with my son. Now regarding your twin angel. This is beautiful. I do believe that we all have a Guardian Angels and they are made of the same light Jesus was made. We are all connected by the creator. We are all part of each other. So yes i do believe you baby is and will continue your journey alongside with you. He is part of you as you are his. As Jesus is part of all of us. Pure love. <3 Thank you so much for your words. You are a beautiful soul and i am positive that this story will be part of mine moving forward. I needed to hear this :,) Namaste 🙏
Me I'm 79 now. Time, events, gravity, angels, demons, heartbreaks, failures, second, third, fourth chances, etc. have greatly influenced my perspectives. I don't have much to show of human achievements on this world, except my many and varying and in the second half of my life, a wide variety of very different often very strange and certainly memorable experiences, good, bad, ugly and divine. I think now that we are custodians, or stewards, and children we bring into this world belong to God, not to us, and we have a sacred, splendid, honorable and often difficult task of doing all we can to help those children be who they truly are, and not who, or what we want them to be. That is one serious soul alchemy journey, being a parent.
Sand_msm Yes. Absolutely agree with you on this. My son is special. He was identified as possibly being on some degree of autism. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with him. He just sees the world differently and he’s just very sensitive. So i am helping in all the ways i can to let him be whatever he wants to be :) Life changes when we become parents. Everything changes. Thank you for sharing your story :) Big hug filled with love <3 Take care my friend
Me Who can say? You could be a walk-in soul more able and suitable for your son. If there is a seasoned craniosacral therapist in your area, and if you feel led by the Spirit, take your son to that person. I once trained in and did that therapy, it is soft, deep, multi-dimensional, and can be very helpful for children who are “different”.
Sand I am definitely an old soul. Been here many lifetimes. I know that for a fact as i feel it deeply in my heart and i have many recurrent dreams of other lifetimes. My purpose here is to heal. Im a healer. Also another mission is to break my ancestral chain of trauma events. But you are right. I am the best person to help my son as i was the same with his age. I have never heard of this kind of therapy before. I will research on this. Not sure if in my country there’s this kind of therapy. Gratitude for your insight! I truly appreciate it :)
Me You are in Portugal? Brazil? Cranio-sacral therapy is an offspring of Osteopath physicians trained the old way. Perhaps there is such an osteopath in your area. The fontanel of an autist child at birth can be more closed, or entirely closed at birth. The osteopath who developed craniosacral therapy in America, I was directly trained by him, John Upledger, said they had seen with such children that there was off world threat and the fontanel closed to protect the child from that threat. Crainosacral therapy, which is far more than just manipulating the skull plates, which modern medicine says cannot be done, but I can do it and I'm an ignorant hick in medical annals :-). Anyway, if there is no such practitioner in your area, and even if there is, I strongly recommend you search for a seasoned shaman trained in the old ways. I also strongly advise you read up on this father who took his child to Mongolia in search of a shaman who could help his son. Several Mongolian shamans tried, then, finally, he went to the shaman they knew of and that shaman was able to help the boy. There was a documentary movie about that, which I did watch, Amazing film. The boy's mother was never convinced the shaman was the reason for her son's improvement, even though she was there with the shaman and the boy and the boy's father. I'd dragged my autistic son to Mongolia to be healed by ... Feb 16, 2009 · Rupert believes shamanic healing and horse-riding helps his autistic son Rowan What I did know was that tomorrow we would set off into Mongolia's vast interior, swapping our hotel room for tents ... Author: Rupert Isaacson https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1146044/Id-dragged-autistic-son-Mongolia-healed-horses-witchdoctors-Had-I-totally-lost-mind.html
Sand Woww! Yes I am from Portugal. I will definitely see if i can connect with people and investigate more about this. I will read this and thank you sooo much for sharing. I am happy that i talked about this subject as im don’t usually. I am very grateful really! So is the documentary movie about this author? Wow very interesting. Ill try to see if i find this to watch it. Very inspiring!
Me Regardless of the movie, try to find a craniosacral therapist and/or old-fashioned osteopath AND a real shaman. If there is no real shaman in Portugal, search in Africa. Calling self a shaman does not make it so. And, ask the angels who connected you and me to do whatever it takes to help you and your son fulfill your joint journey.
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2021.12.05 13:31 astromations_jay What is it with Aces and Garlic bread???

As a baby asexual, I have an obsession with garlic bread
Didn't know the entire community was hit by it.

Fellow Aces, do you like garlic bread?
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2021.12.05 13:31 yolodogewtf How To Bitcoin

Step 1: understand than BTC is a better version of gold than gold itself
Step 2: hodl until BTC surpasses the market cap of gold, this would be a more than 10x upswing from the current price.
Step 2a): make memes as a coping mechanism for the admittedly annoying and rocky ride up to BTC surpassing gold
Step 3: enjoy your new life on the moon. Once BTC surpasses gold, there is a good chance there wont be a need to convert to fiat…BTC could keep likely keep growing beyond golds market cap, but either way…the next obvious step for BTC is that it’ll, at minimum, replace golds status as a better, divisible, more accessible and decentralized store of value.
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2021.12.05 13:31 Tyresc Please give good feedback.

Hello people of Reddit. I recently got done editing this video and creating the thumbnail. It would really mean a lot to me if you guys could give me genuine feedback and tell me what I can improve and do better. I wanted to give content creation a shot while I can afford to fail as I’m still in school and I wanted to see if I was going enjoy it.
Here’s the Link!
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2021.12.05 13:31 dental_rapidity GwenGwiz

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2021.12.05 13:31 PreyXBL Kumba showing his weapons 😻

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2021.12.05 13:31 stubedt0e Just added my BLTouch and updated the firmware and now the screen doesn't display anything. What did i mess up?

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2021.12.05 13:31 thejhonker idk what to title this

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2021.12.05 13:31 haldolboof Alldaychemist Safety

Obviously using alldaychemist to source medications is a risk. However, has anyone actually tested the purity of these compounds? I take telmisartan to keep my blood pressure in check because my doctors don’t want to prescribe meds for someone in their early twenties even though hypertension runs in my family.
My blood pressure is managed now and that gives me peace of mind, however, the purity of the meds is of concern to me because it seems sketchy to orally ingest illegal prescription medications from India.
What has everyone else’s experience been?
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2021.12.05 13:31 TheSmogmonsterZX Ethics shifting

I am currently playing in a mp game with two friends and tried to shift away from pacifism to Authoritarian fanatic spiritualist. However when I embraced FS I lost authoritarian ethics and am having a hard time getting them back.
Is there a way to tell what ethics will be dropped when you go from 3 to a fanatic? Also any advice to get my authority back? Also any general advice? I am still struggling with game terms so I would need some clarification for those.
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2021.12.05 13:31 chanma50 House of Gucci grossed an estimated $14.8M internationally this weekend, including debuts of $2.8M in Russia & $1.9M in Germany. Estimated international total stands at $33.6M, estimated global total stands at $67.2M.

House of Gucci grossed an estimated $14.8M internationally this weekend, including debuts of $2.8M in Russia & $1.9M in Germany. Estimated international total stands at $33.6M, estimated global total stands at $67.2M. submitted by chanma50 to boxoffice [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:31 marsovec anyone using a custom rom for their fold 3? thoughts/recommendations?

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2021.12.05 13:31 yangyangxxx Anyone need homework done?

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2021.12.05 13:31 EggEducational7718 Im boy 18y i want sextin

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2021.12.05 13:31 themysteriousman0990 What in gods name

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