When you accidentally push with the wrong squad | /u/andymac0022

2021.12.05 14:09 Bot_Highlights When you accidentally push with the wrong squad | /u/andymac0022

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2021.12.05 14:09 Berg_auf 3 schwere Skitouren im Kaisergebirge

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2021.12.05 14:09 Tabrizi Malik Adnan - recipient of Tamgah e Shujaat - interview regarding the sad incident in Sialkot

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2021.12.05 14:09 Bot_Highlights Happy Sunday! I made this, hope you like it. | /u/CjJcPro

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2021.12.05 14:09 MartianAndroidMiner Junkie XL, Elvis - A Little Less Conversation [eletro/funk-rock] [2002]

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2021.12.05 14:09 RSBennett Eve 6 are going to release a song every month of the 6th on the run up to their 5 album releasing later next year!

Super exciting news, not sure if it’s going to be album tracks and then a compilation of those songs along with maybe some new stuff but I’ll take any music they want to put out!
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2021.12.05 14:09 urmomsacow Janitors door inside a stall

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2021.12.05 14:09 shoshi6583 Myopia changes and prism

So this is more out of curiosity and wanting to see if any professionals would like to weigh in.
I am myopic and have a moderate astigmatism. I’m 38 for age reference and for a few years my glasses RX hasn’t changed too much (roughly around -7 in both eyes). Just recently went for an eye exam and I mentioned that I am really on the struggle bus with computer use and pretty much near work. It’s almost like everything is toooo sharp. My doc and I went back and forth testing a few different options and it seems that adding +.50 took some of the edge off (had me look at the computer for a bit with the trial pair and then of course looking in the distance), but didn’t affect my distance vision so I am waiting on those lenses to arrive.
I have also been wearing a Neurolens for VH (.75BD in left eye and .50 BI in both eyes). He mentioned that the prism is pretty small and I do find it helpful with eyestrain and I was struggling with major motion sickness which also has decreased a bit (still a challenge, but better), but still struggling like my glasses have been over-minused. Admittedly, I work on the computer a lot and near work is a more predominant part of my life due to the pandemic. I know there is a source of contention on whether this affects myopia, but the struggle is real even if it doesn’t.
My question is due to my age bc I know Presbyopia is a thing after 40 so I’m not saying I have that, but can there be some accommodative issues that pop up as you approach that special age where you actually have to have your minus reduced? I haven’t worn contacts in about two years but my previous optometrist prescribed a +1.5 glass to wear over my contacts for computer work (my contacts were -6 in one eye and -6.25 in another, and I was complainingof eyestrain for reference). That seems like a pretty significant difference to my glasses RX in regards to near work (I know they will be different)?
While I know prism doesn’t affect refraction directly (correct me if I’m wrong, of course), can the ease of strain with the prism due to not having to work as hard for binocular vision have an affect on your refraction over time?
I’m also doing some Vestibular Rehab and gaze stabilization exercises to give a little more background where I’m at in treatment if that has any affect on anything.
TIA for your responses.
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2021.12.05 14:09 Brilliant_Stress_515 Venmo buyer protection program after being scammed.

I was scammed out of $203.8 on venmo recently. I was however able to choose the goods and services option when purchasing. I realized it was a scam after doing some research on the seller and filed a dispute the same day to get my money back. The seller obviously ghosted me after the payment was sent and I opened the case and sent tons of pictures to venmo. I am 100% sure this is a scam, and I am 100% sure this guy does not have a tracking # or the product I bought. What are the odds I get my money back from venmo? I think the seller is going to pretend he doesnt know who I am, because this morning he texted "Who are you" on the same messages where we have a back and forth already. Thanks for the help.
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2021.12.05 14:09 SnurtyMurpheson FFXV deck, looking for help

I haven't touched the final fantasy tcg in a couple years now, but ffxv is one of my favorite games, so would like to build around it, kingsglaive, noctis, the whole boy band. I just don't really know where to start. Anyone have a list I could look through?
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2021.12.05 14:09 nerdynerd999 Way too many recommendations and high memory usage in lsp-mode for Haskell

I am currently using lsp-mode with Haskell in Doom Emacs. Unfortunately, when I try to open my Xmonad config in Emacs, my memory usage spikes due to the Haskell language server(takes apprx. 1.8GB) and my screen is filled with recommendations as in the image.
I wish to remove the gray inline requests and only keep the light-bulb requests on the right. I have looked through this page: https://emacs-lsp.github.io/lsp-mode/tutorials/how-to-turn-off/ but I cannot find out how to remove the inline requests. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. I have also noticed that the inline requests are actually duplicated, which is even more confusing.
For the high memory usage, I don't even know where to begin with reducing it. It's so high that it completely eclipses the memory usage of the rest of Emacs.
Thanks in advance for any help
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2021.12.05 14:09 shepherdish Birth Class Video Recommendations

Sadly because of covid, we weren't able to take any in person birthing classes and instead were pointed to the website which only had one video. It was informative but I'm looking for more!
What videos would you all recommend? We're going for no epidural, so videos specific to that type of birth is important. But any types of videos that helped you all feel prepared and informed are good, and especially videos that helped your support person/spouse are appreciated! Thanks!
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2021.12.05 14:09 Bot_Highlights Fuck guys like this in particular. | /u/Googleflax

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2021.12.05 14:09 cocainebeat i have such small hands and feet its so weird when grown men randomly stop and comment on them

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2021.12.05 14:09 machal_furi Sellin aqa papers :)

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2021.12.05 14:09 DeeOco34 Come home to find Octavian just soaking it in ..........in my outdoor shower. Seems like a good spot

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2021.12.05 14:09 Quartzcat42 Gen Z and Millenials really won't have a future to look forward to

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2021.12.05 14:09 lolhawk How are your PCs coping with the new increased limits?

ngl, my laptop with 32gb memory and 3k rtx graphics cards sounds like it's about to take off on a 999x999 with barely anything in it so far. Is my laptop gonna start burning to death if I dare to put a 20 station monorail in it? I don't wanna spend a good couple of years on this park unless I know my laptop isn't going to erupt into lava and kill a small family
What have everyone else's experiences been?
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2021.12.05 14:09 Stealthex_io This is rigged

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2021.12.05 14:09 Bot_Highlights If it’s tiny I’m sorry!! | /u/LolaSweetFox

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2021.12.05 14:09 c188974 Bootleg vinyls?

I want some fishmans vinyl in my collection but don’t wanna pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for a single record. Does anyone know of any bootlegs of Long Season or 98.12.28 ever being made?
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2021.12.05 14:09 CityPlush Holiday Xmas Sloth

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2021.12.05 14:09 bAMEIXA All hail big skunk

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2021.12.05 14:09 CataleyaJackson How are you different from your past self and what brought about that change in you?

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2021.12.05 14:09 graceisbored Is the brown sugar shaken espresso a set amount when getting it with light ice/ no ice?

Sorry if the title is a little confusing, I just wanted to know if I get light ice/no ice, it’s not supposed to be filled to the top.
There’s this one Starbucks store I went to where I would ask for no ice, but they would only fill it up to about 3/4 of the cup.
However, the other 2 Starbucks stores I go to, they just fill it up all the way. So, with pure respect and curiosity, is there a standard amount of the brown sugar shaken espresso baristas are supposed to pour and it’s supposed to come with a lot of ice?
Thanks so much!!
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