I’ve only had major crushes on men and male celebrities and never had any feelings towards women except they’re beautiful. Does this mean I’m straight?

2021.12.05 14:52 Brokengirl96 I’ve only had major crushes on men and male celebrities and never had any feelings towards women except they’re beautiful. Does this mean I’m straight?

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2021.12.05 14:52 B0arder060 Baby Formula North Alabama

Offer: I have 8 quarts of alimentum baby formula that expires Feb. 1 22.
If you're in Huntsville or Decatur and in need of formula, especially if your baby has allergies, post here and we can arrange something.
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2021.12.05 14:52 GongTzu Prepare for round 2, Schumacher just crashed Crypto 😅

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2021.12.05 14:52 ConversationEnough41 I just got disconnected from facebook and the app tells me this. Is it the end of PCR? 😢

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2021.12.05 14:52 23methrowaway712549 What are some fun, exciting, or unique hobbies of yours?

I will be spending the majority of my winter break on campus alone. I plan to work, but I’ll still have an ample amount of free time.
I don’t have many interesting hobbies, much less lots of time to do them during the school year. I like reading, watching films and TV shows, etc.—much like >90% of the population.
Basically, I hope I can make up for lost hobby time over winter break. What are some fun, exciting, or unique things you do/hobbies you partake in, preferably alone?
I live in a very large American city, so I have access to museums, parks, lots of diverse neighborhoods, and so forth.
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2021.12.05 14:52 anon59601 Should I get my genitals checked?

I know asking the internet for medical advice is a terrible idea but there’s something I’m not sure about and need clarity on.
In late August, I accidentally masturbated with hand sanitiser. It looked and felt like lotion so my horny monkey brain thought it would be the same. After I came, I felt an odd stinging sensation, but thought nothing of it. Then on September 1st my physical health felt all over the place so I went to the doctor but didn’t mention anything about down below. He asked me back for a blood test a few weeks later so I did and haven’t heard anything back since.
Now the only physical concerns I have has been there since early September; the underside of my ballsack is red, my balls have some kinda hard bits to them and there’s a weird red mark on my urethra. Sometimes I also feel the same stinging feeling I did when I nutted with hand san.
I’m probably over worrying about it, and I won’t be surprised if people criticise the shit out of me for this but, should I go to the doctor’s again and get it sorted?
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2021.12.05 14:52 bsmith2123 Best store for Tequila in Manhattan?

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2021.12.05 14:52 mr-rocketry Obligatory Safety Post

It seems to be a pretty common occurrence in this subreddit that a user will post about their plans to build their own rocket motor, and will then be promptly cautioned and chastened by users who most likely already have some experience getting their eyebrows burned off. I work with the guys at Space Concordia (mostly in a non-technical capacity) and, rather than further try to dissuade these enterprising young rocket scientists, I wanted to try to communicate what Space Concordia does to remain safe around big rockets.
Space Concordia's practices in maintaining safety are very involved. All students must go through a battery of training courses (hand tools safety, machine shop certification, WHMIS, Lox safety, etc.) before they are allowed to get their hands dirty. Students are also trained to file incident reports. These are submitted for everything from injuries, to small cuts and bruises, to near-misses. The incident reports are monitored constantly so as to catch any trends that may indicate a shortcoming in safety practices, and make any changes to avoid incidents in the future.
All the practices and operations of the team are reviewed with the help of professional engineers (professional engineers are regulated in Canada just like doctors or lawyers) to make sure that everything is as safe as it can possibly be. In addition, hazard analyses are performed for potentially dangerous operations to catch and mitigate any risks. Rehearsals of dangerous operations are performed regularly, so that everyone is familiar with safety practices and so that any potential hazards can be caught early. Rather than treating safety as a set of rules and regulations, Space Concordia treats safety as a mindset and culture.
Space Concordia hasn't been completely free of accidents, but they are few and far between ...and they don't happen twice.
All this isn't to say that users on this subreddit shouldn't get inspired to try to build their own rocket motors. Rather, they should pursue it in a safe and well considered way. Start by building your own internal safety culture. Do your research, design carefully, rehearse your operations multiple times before doing it for real, and always seek the advice of experts. This way, you can enjoy building rockets and keep all your fingers.
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2021.12.05 14:52 DainaBurnwood Hope, then pain in the eyes

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2021.12.05 14:52 tiffanysecret Happy Sunday😊

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2021.12.05 14:52 exiledmantis blursed safety sign

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2021.12.05 14:52 homesteadinghoney I love my friend, but not her child. Is this the end of the road?

I met a great girl a few years ago and we immediately hit it off. We like the same games, we both love to cook and bake, share many hobbies, and both dream of growing and raising all of our own food. The biggest difference is we both have vastly different views on parenting. I believe in structure, encouraging self-discipline, positive reinforcement, and believe education and independence are extremely important. They believe in allowing their child to be "free-range" by drawing on the walls, never telling them "no", and giving them a hug whenever they are disrespectful to their parents or other people.
Until recently, I've been indifferent to our different opinions on child-rearing and have attempted to respect their decisions as parents. However, her child is a spoiled brat who is an embarrassment in public and a wrecking ball in our home. When attempting to enforce ground rules in our home, we were told to not tell their child "no" and that they're old enough to make their own decisions (such as eating in the living room on my $4000 imported rug, and spilling Pepsi, that they did not ask for, on my Xbox).
After informing my friend that due to their child's behavior and blatant lack of respect for the items (and pets) in our home, that they are no longer welcome over with the child and that we can meet out in public, somewhere child-friendly, if they can't find a babysitter.
For reasons unbeknownst to me, they continue asking if they can come to our house with their child. I would love to see my friend, but we truly dislike their child's terrible behavior and can only see it getting worse the older they get. It's been months since I've seen my friend; I feel like a bad friend, but it's no longer an enjoyable experience to spend time with them.
Has anyone else experienced something similar?
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2021.12.05 14:52 Mich3llem0 Working IC full time?

I started doing IC in COVID lockdown but then got a job at a gym as a personal trainer. Pay got cut there so I started doing IC again a ton more and I’m making more with that then my real job!! Anyone else notice this? Is it worth doing IC full time or at least like 30hrs a week and cut my other job hrs?? SOS
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2021.12.05 14:52 Strostkovy Knocking when about to overheat

I changed the timing belt and thermostat on my 1995 Toyota T100 3.4l V6 2WD truck with 120k miles, and as is common the thermostat had an air bubble and didn't want to open. I later got it to work by disconnecting hoses and priming things as best I could and bleeding air.
During the first start it ran perfectly, and I let it idle to warm it up, but once it hit about 80% of the way to redline on the temperature gauge it began to knock. Is this normal or indicative of an issue?
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2021.12.05 14:52 NDgunnit Thank you Swinub day! Been waiting to max this out for awhile now

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2021.12.05 14:52 Budget_Painting_4715 Corona Pixus on a Mission

Corona Pixus on a Mission Corona Pixus has the passion and mission to stop this corona pandemic. Therefor Pixus support WHO covid fund to get all people vaccinated.


If you like the vision, mission and passion - please feel free to like the colletion.
The Pixus #NFTs are very nice additional ;).

LIKE the collection, please
UPVOTE please
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2021.12.05 14:52 culpam I just finished Ubik, my first PKD book

And I loved it, but it feels like two stories, one of which just stops in the middle. At first i figured it would go into a sort of Spy-thriller kind of direction, when after the first act everything just goes crazy and turns into something completely different. What irritates me here is that a large part of the setting just seems really irrelevant to the plot after the first act: the telepaths. I thought the concept was quite interesting, but after act 1 it lost any relevancy, Runciters company couldve been any security provider and it would not have changed much of act 2/3. It just feels like Act 1 was a setup for a different novel (exaggerating obviously, as Half-Life and the main cast were established) and Act 2/3 were its very much own thing. Thoughts?
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2021.12.05 14:52 PappyOmar Celine vinyl on eBay if someone is looking for one.

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2021.12.05 14:52 trainerfry_1 Reunited

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2021.12.05 14:52 Severe-Draw-5979 German Superlab Builder Crew Question (spoilers)

This is my first official rewstch if BCS after having watched every episode previously week to week as they aired.
Confirm or disconfirm my suspicion / vague remembrance:
Does Gus have the German man builder crew all killed after they finish the lab?
I certainly hope he does not, but I feel like it’s something he would do, as that’s a LOT of potentially loose lipped people wandering freely around, masher back in a foreign country, with a LOT of knowledge Gus wouldn’t want them to have.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.05 14:52 Dimi1590 Zekrom on me adding 10

6938 1596 4441
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2021.12.05 14:52 magicrectangle A Song in the Dark 4

First - Previous
Gret was laughing.
The alien, Annabelle, had just vanished. He knew how she'd left. Not the mechanics of it specifically, but he'd seen his first breach the previous day, when everything had gone to shit. A darkness that seemed to swallow the nearby light, something beyond just black. This breach was clean though. It was only open for a moment, then the alien and the breach were gone.
"What the hell are you laughing at?" The general stood in the doorway, scowling at Gret.
"What did you really think was going to happen here, general? She must have arrived in my wife's room the same way. The surveillance cameras in the hall never saw her enter. I'd say she was remarkably patient, given how you treated her."
"Stick to the science Gret."
Gret continued to laugh. "General you just completely bungled our first contact with an alien race. I doubt you'll be in charge here much longer, so I don't think I'm much inclined to continue pretending you're not an idiot."
The general's expression softened slightly. "You're under an incredible strain Gret. I'm not unsympathetic to your wife's condition. I'd have excused you from work if it were possible, but this research is too important. That said, if you disrespect me where my men can hear, I'll have no choice but to punish you severely."
He continued. "Now then, that was a breach, wasn't it? So the creature was attracted by your experiment. Too much of a coincidence otherwise. Possibly a spy sent to gather intelligence."
It was Gret's turn to scowl. "General she didn't go to the breach chamber, or the records room. She went to my wife's bedside, then hit her head on the ceiling and knocked herself out. If she's a spy she's the worst one in the universe. Whatever she was you made it pretty clear she was unwelcome, so she left."
"Get some rest Gret. Go see your wife. You've got a lot of work ahead of you. The creature just proved breach travel is possible. We're going to have as much funding as we want to scale the project up now."
Gret walked as quickly as he could to the ward. He entered his wife's room and closed the door behind him. Annabelle was there, and he was not surprised. He hoped the general would assume she'd gone home, but Gret was sure the alien's interest wasn't in technology or military strength. Why would she care about technology that was laughably primitive compared to her own? No. Everything she'd done since arriving was about Laktis, and the song she'd written for his little Sinda.
Annabelle was doing exactly what he expected to find her doing. Kneeling by his wife's bedside, stroking her fur, and singing softly to her. There was something new though. The entertainment system on the wall behind her had its housing removed, and several wires ran from it into the alien's head fur. She had also apparently found a spare bedsheet in one of the drawers and wrapped it around her body. A replacement for the cloth coverings the general had taken, Gret supposed.
He looked at his wife's IV and catheter bags. They were full, and empty, respectively. Good. The nurses must have made rounds shortly before Annabelle arrived, so there was at least a little time. He didn't know their schedule - he hadn't been allowed enough free time to spend with Laktis after the accident. But he guessed they'd have a couple of hours, so long as none of the monitors she was hooked to threw off an alert.
Annabelle gestured to a chair, and Gret nodded (would that translate?). He pulled it over to the bed, sitting as he took his wife's hand in his own. Exhaustion caught up with him almost immediately. He lay his head down and slept.
Gret woke with a start, but when he looked around nothing had changed. He wasn't sure how long he'd slept. There were no clocks or windows in the room. Annabelle was trying to get his attention. She made a gesture with her hand, like she was grabbing something that wasn't there, then bringing it to her mouth. Of course. She was hungry. He hadn't eaten in almost a day either. He nodded and left, being careful to close the door behind him.
Gret's mind wandered as he walked towards the cafeteria. Annabelle was almost two meters tall, twice his height. If he were that tall, volumetric scaling would mean his mass would be eight times as much. But Annabelle was comparatively slender. He guessed she'd only be four times his mass. Metabolism scaled with mass by a three fourths power rule, so she'd need a meal a bit less than three times as large as his. He would look suspicious piling that much food onto one tray. He'd get 4 trays, one for him, 3 for her, and use one of the carts to bring them. It wasn't uncommon for teams to send someone for meals, nobody would give him a second thought.
Then there was the food itself. Would she be able to eat it? He'd caught a few glimpses of her teeth when she sang. Tearing teeth in the front, grinding teeth in the back. An omnivore, like him. But that didn't guarantee anything. The food could contain something toxic to her. He supposed she knew what she was doing. He'd gather a good variety of food and she could pick the things she liked. Maybe six trays then, just to be safe.
After he'd loaded the trays Gret took a second look at the little plastic utensils. Could the giant alien use those? He returned to the buffet table. Looking around to be sure nobody saw, he pilfered one of the large serving spoons.
As he wheeled his cart around the last corner onto the ward, his heart sank. Men with guns were gathered outside Laktis' room. One of them stepped up to him, holding up his hand. "There's a security situation, I'm afraid I can't let you in right now."
Gret reached to one of the trays. "That's my wife's room! You'll let me by or so help me I'll carve your eyes out with this spork!" He brandished the pathetic plastic utensil in the man's face.
"Is that Gret? Let him in, soldier." The general's voice came from inside the room.
The general's eyes appraised the cart and its six trays of food as it preceded Gret into the room. "So, you did know it was here then."
"Her interest in Laktis was obvious, I'm surprised you didn't think to check before now." Gret looked around the room. A soldier stood on each side of the door, with rifles aimed at Annabelle, and as such aimed much too close to his wife for comfort. The general was in the corner of the room farthest from the alien.
Gret allowed irritation into his voice. "Would you point those things away from my wife? What makes you think they're even a threat to Annabelle, she doesn't seem the least bit bothered."
The general thought for a moment. "The ceiling did a good job on its head before. Guns, will work just fine."
Gret's anger flared. "What are you hoping to accomplish here you ignorant brute? You didn't antagonize her enough when you stole her coverings and tied her to a table? You want to make her into an enemy, because you don't understand anything else?!"
Whatever the general's response was going to be, he was cut off. A melodic voice spoke, "Gentlemen, please, there's no need to fight."
Gret turned. Annabelle was in his line of sight, her lips hadn't moved. When the voice continued he identified the source.
The entertainment system on the wall spoke again,
"That's better. Now we can finally talk."
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2021.12.05 14:52 runrungirl Gingerbread kits - will royal icing dry out in bags?

I'm making some gingerbread kits for people this week. I was going to put a few colors of royal icing in plastic piping bags ready to go but now I'm wondering if the meringue powder will dry it out? Does anyone have info on how long the royal icing will keep it's texture in a tight bag??
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2021.12.05 14:52 tsmrnt I'm wearing a pink shirt with grey pants. AMA

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2021.12.05 14:52 Gullible-Gas939 Should I change my voice?

I'm feeling so confused about my voice and I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm 20(F) and my entire life, people have said my voice is soft and a lot of people have a hard time hearing me. I would get comments that my voice is very mellow and that I need to speak up. No one said anything else about my voice until this year.
Until this year, some people started to say that my voice is monotone and when I ask them why it's because it's not energetic or that it's smooth or chill and they are not trying to be rude when they say that but I can't help but take that super personally because I sometimes think it's a polite way of saying my voice is bad or uninteresting and I see comments on the internet how there's not much emotion in a monotone voice and I'm a very emotional person. It started this summer where a bunch of acquaintances had a hard time hearing me and then I asked is my voice really that quiet and then they responded with yeah it's monotone and then I ended up crying in front of them because I was offended and didn't see them since. Then a doctor judged me this year and made me feel insecure about my demeanor. So I asked my best friend if she thinks my voice is monotone and she responded with a little bit but it doesn't mean anything and it's not bad and that it's normal. Our friendship almost got ruined because I took it too personally and lashed out out of being hurt. I also asked my coworker the same thing and he said the same thing but doesn't think it's bad or boring. Then yesterday, someone I was doing a fashion show with said that too but was more of compliment and that she loved my voice since it was smooth. Even though she wasn't intended to hurt me or be offensive, I still felt offended.
Some people don't think that my voice is monotone though when I asked and said that is just soft and unique. But I just feel super confused because no one said that about my voice until this year out of all my 20 years and my voice has been this way for all my life, it didn't change this year. So it's almost out of the blue when people started to say this. I even took a public speaking class and my teacher never said that I need more emotion or expression in my voice when she gave me feedback. I really don't think my voice is monotone so to be honest, it is ruining my self-confidence when people say that because people never seem bored by me when I talk and it makes me question if my voice is worth keeping because the last thing I want is to come across as boring to people. So I wish people can stop fucking saying that.
I would upload an audio if I could but I'm just too upset to do an audio because I just don't know what is wrong with my voice. I'm probably caring too much about other people's opinions but I just wish no one else can say that because it's confusing me and it makes me concerned about my voice even though my family said there's nothing wrong with my voice. Does anyone have advice? I really don't think my voice is monotone, it's just super soft and low-pitched. Am I caring too much about what other people think? Should I change my voice? I just feel so fucking insecure right now.
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