Shark Teeth, fabric paint on Vans, me, 2021

For me, van life means exploring hidden spots far away from the crush of humanity. But with that comes times where we need to van camp in a city. I wish you good luck and fun times in your campervan. Where do you like to stealth camp that we left out? Other stories to check out! 40+ ways to make money on the road; The 8 best affordable campervans People with six-figure incomes showing state-of-the-art Sprinter camper vans had me disheartened about hacking it full-time. Theirs were all polished wood, custom futons, and beautiful cabinetry. I hadn’t touched a power tool since shop class in seventh grade. How could we outfit our old $4,000 Ford Econoline into a livable DIY campervan? GENERAL INFORMATION Phone: 1-800-284-6397 or 402-444-1000 - Login/Other Issues Online feedback form or Phone: 402-346-3363 Score your Deal Omaha Phone: 1-877-531-3216 Newspaper delivery ... Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace Scales! Talons! Teeth! Piercing (absolutely gorgeous) golden eyes! The dragon was far and away not the biggest dragon Mac had seen since coming to Elsewhere, but she was big enough! That was for damn sure! And she was beautiful, the most beautiful creature Mac had ever seen! Galaxy Vans, Custom Vans Shoes, Custom Sneakers, Custom Vans, Galaxy Fashion, Space Vans, Nebula Vans, Unique Sneakers, Painted Vans ... Bape Shark Teeth Custom Old Skool Vans DoYouCustoms 5 out of 5 stars (50) ... Hand Customised with Walking Dead Zombies Fabric. HelenGibsonDesigner 5 out of 5 stars (424) $ 84.95. Add to Favorites Latest Cheap Fabric from Fabric Land. We try our best to have a wide selection of our Cheap Fabrics available to buy online but if you don’t find the correct fabric that you are looking for please phone up our head office on 01425 461444 or email us on and we will do our very best to find what you are looking for. Galaxy Vans, Custom Vans Shoes, Custom Sneakers, Custom Vans, Galaxy Fashion, Space Vans, Nebula Vans, Unique Sneakers, Painted Vans ... Bape Shark Teeth Custom Old Skool Vans DoYouCustoms ... Kids to Adults, Hand Customised with Walking Dead Zombies Fabric. HelenGibsonDesigner 5 out of 5 stars (424 ... We asked athletes, influencers, stylists, hotel pool loungers, and beach fanatics about their favorite swim trunks for men. Featuring flattering fits and bold prints from brands like Orlebar Brown ... A Promise by Moonlight: 7 Part Series: A Promise by Moonlight Pt. 01 (4.55): Elsa and Ken get ready for their Archaeological Dig. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/24/17

2021.12.05 13:59 jayyyck Shark Teeth, fabric paint on Vans, me, 2021

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2021.12.05 13:59 RavenDB_v5 Desire Features in Software Architecture

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2021.12.05 13:59 Project_Independent Summon/Diamond Guide

Is there any Guide die summoning / spending diamonds? Like do I only use diamonds for summoning? Is the 2,7k summon worth any time? ...
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2021.12.05 13:59 LoveofLearningKorean 211206 Taehyun [Weverse]

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2021.12.05 13:59 Middle_G-33 NFC card

So, when I used to scan my card a month or two ago it would be active for 12 hours. Now when I scan my card, it’s only active for like three hours sometimes for maybe a little more. Anyone know why this would be?
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2021.12.05 13:59 bethevoid [FS] 12 NMTs [LF] 1.2m Bells

Just a newb trying to sell some hard earned NMTs :D <3
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2021.12.05 13:59 TobiasSaaby A good DAW for a guitarist jamming for fun.

Hey. I am looking for a good DAW to jam with my guitar on, and i wanted to hear some suggestions, to what DAW might be suitable for that. I would prefer if it was a DAW with a good set of FX for guitar fitted into the DAW, (i.e. Compressor, Reverb, Saturation exc.). But since it is for amateur jamming purpose only, i would prefer a low-mid end budget DAW, but that is not to say i'm not open for suggestions in the mid-high end. I have tried Cakewalk for a bit as a free option, but I'm sort off growing a bit tired of the kinda outdated FX's and display, and is therefore looking to invest in a DAW.
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2021.12.05 13:59 sh1eb Reshiram raid on me right now!! Starting as soon as 10 people respond. Add 0787 9477 1561and be online!!

0787 9477 1561
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2021.12.05 13:59 LuckystrikeFTW My Echeveria agavoides Romeo and my Echeveria laui are going to bloom soon, maybe I can create a new Echeveria Champagne!

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2021.12.05 13:59 AmateurZombie If you like Pauper, that's cool but you're wrong

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2021.12.05 13:59 thelosthedgehog Great Resignation Around the World

Throwaway account because I still have to survive in this's a long rant
It was surprising for me as someone who lives halfway across the world from most of the people in this group that we've been experiencing (suffering) the same things. I've been anxious since graduating many years ago of the thought of working every single day. I wanted to take something like a gap year after graduating but I was constantly criticized by the people around me that I was being lazy and that I would miss so many opportunities if I didn't get a job immediately. I was constantly guilt-tripped and asked why I didn’t have a job lined up yet and what I’m doing is stupid. So I'm sharing my story because I still come across posts where people are feeling guilty for wanting to quit their jobs/not working.
Worked in a Fortune 500 company and earned what I thought at the time was a relatively good salary for people my age, but I was constantly miserable (and realizing severely underpaid given all the work I was doing). I should have ran when they said they had a fast-paced company. My fault, i guess. The turnover rate of the company is high (which HR said was the normal turnover rate according to industry standards and for a Fortune 500 company and I totally believe it since they're all terrible) I was assigned to work the jobs of 3 people and thus, ended up answering to 3 different supervisors. I was constantly working overtime every single day, weekends, and even on holidays without extra pay. Every week, I would turn off my laptop but would immediately get a call to go back online. I brought this up with my main supervisor (Let's call him supervisor A) and A told me that I shouldn't be complaining because I had a high salary and that there were older people who worked so much more than me and never complained (Let it be clear that all those people earned hundreds and thousands A MONTH compared to my measly salary. They take advantage of the young people here), but he understands what I'm feeling and that he's very grateful for my work. Well, I don't need your gratitude. What I need is being paid for the work I'm doing (is what I should have said).
I was mentally and physically exhausted with this job. We had a lot of meetings at night which were unpaid because these are “learning opportunities” and we should be “proactive”! It got to a point where I would cringe every time I got a call or message because my immediate reaction was that it’s a work notification. I took it as a very bad sign and I decided at that time that I should at least try to stick it out for 3 years so that my resume wouldn't look bad.
To be fair to them, all of the employees in this company are so overworked, even my own bosses. But it seems that most boomers and older millennials here don’t have a life outside of work. And to be unfair to me, all of my supervisors decided to give me a bunch of the work that they were supposed to do but can’t finish and treated me as their personal assistant because apparently I was the only one who could do the job. I do know that early on they were hiring someone for one of my jobs but weren’t pleased with any of the candidates but were very pleased with my output so they stopped looking for a replacement. So I constantly got calls from them after midnight to finish more work or be woken up on the weekends because something had to be submitted immediately. There were times that they could clearly finish the work by themselves, but they insisted to keep calling me until I answer the phone and that I be the one to do it.
Supervisor C, in particular, loved giving me work that he should have done himself (as in his job description). Sending out emails, having things delivered, scheduling meetings, responding to queries because he did not know the entire process and didn't understand the problems. I complained, to my main boss, that I had a lot on my plate and I don't have time to be doing another person's work. Well, I was answered by a very annoyed boss that someone has to do it anyway, so just finish the work.
I could go one and on about the amount of crap I dealt with. Like one time I had to work 3 hours extra because Supervisor B said he left his laptop…
The last straw for me was taking a sick leave because I was vomiting and supervisor B kept calling me non-stop to ask me about work. Between all the vomits, I didn't answer but he told me to call him back immediately once I was available. I submitted my resignation letter later that day because I wasn't going to put up with anyone's shit anymore. Supervisor A tried to persuade me to stay and offered someone to help me out with the work. I don't understand why he couldn't have done that a year before I offered my resignation when I was already drowning in said work. Also I had to message him every single day to sign my resignation letter and he ignored me for an entire week which delayed the entire process, but he figured out in the end that I was not taking his shit either. I still had a lot of work because we needed to give a one-month notice (this is the only way we can get clearance and is a prerequisite for many other companies) but because I'm leaving, he didn't bother to find someone to help me anymore. I deleted all of the contacts from my phone and they have tried contacting me because they don't know what to do. I didn't respond. I hope they were miserable enough without me but as with any huge company, they can still survive without my presence. My supervisors are still earning hundreds and thousands monthly and at most, I just caused the people I worked with some extra stress. Sadly, I do understand that me leaving would not break their company.
Many people in the company have wanted to leave but don’t because they feel bad about leaving their boss and team with so much work and because of the pay, not realizing how underpaid they are for the hours worked. You may be friends with your coworkers, but ultimately every big company thinks you are dispensable. Anyway, I'm lucky enough to have found work with a company and boss who respects my time off. But work is still work, and I'm still not happy that I have to do this every day.
Also I do want to note that labor here is very cheap and many international companies take advantage of this. Found out through friends and family abroad that me (and countless others in the country) are being paid only a fraction of what our counterparts earn in other countries. While a lot of my peers are quitting their jobs, they have quickly found slightly less miserable jobs. I think it’s unfortunate that the anti work movement hasn’t reached many countries outside the western hemisphere. I wonder what it’ll take to create change that will ripple across the world.
So lessons from a fellow anti-worker

  1. YOU DO NOT OWE THE COMPANY ANYTHING (Also I'm saying this only to anyone who has the capacity to leave. I understand that with rent and food, not everyone has the privilege to be doing so). YOU ARE NOT FAMILY. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. They will not be paying for your hospital bills when you get sick and tired. None of them can return to you the time wasted that could have been spent on family and friends and happiness.
  2. Your mental and physical health should be your priority
  3. Everyone knows life is short but many (who can) don't take it into practice. Don't wait until you're old when you look back and regret how much time you wasted on people who don't matter
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2021.12.05 13:59 sexpressed It is an absolute crime that when you start a new game it skips the intro movie.

I am about to start my second playthrough of HZD in anticipation of Forbidden West. However when I started a new game, it starts from the "...six years later" portion with young Aloy. The intro movie is skipped! You can still watch it by going into the settings of the main menu, but it's such a beautiful and touching scene, I really wish it would be there permanently when you start a new game up and seamlessly transition into the opening scene.
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2021.12.05 13:59 That_Weird_Girl_107 This photo perfectly captures life with cats

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2021.12.05 13:59 dyl_h What are "safe" target weights to achieve?

I am getting really into building strength and muscle, but I am very concerned with long-term joint and spine health.
You see guys like Ronnie Coleman who can barely walk because of the ridiculous weights they were lifting during their careers, and I was just wondering what a reasonable, sustainable target is to reach for each of the major lifts (OHP, Bench, Squat, DL)? I'm obviously in no danger of becoming Ronnie Coleman, but is something reasonable like a 315 squat or a 405 deadlift going to have long-term implications later in life?
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