2021.12.05 15:21 Truman429 Black

I dont know why it bothers me but it does. It seems every team has a black uniform at this point. How do the Jets have a black uniform, there has never been black in their colors. The NFL might as well make every team just have a black home uniform and a white away uniform with their colors as the accents. One Nation, they just all want to be us.
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2021.12.05 15:21 username-Garbage dumbass monkey #6567436345367 (costs 1 reddit gold 4 lambos and a ticket to the peppa pig movie) /s [NFT contest]

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2021.12.05 15:21 fahim152 Is there any subreddit where I can make Japanese friend?

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2021.12.05 15:21 Letti- Ideas for non tacky holiday nails?

I’ve been trying to get an idea of what I want to do with my nails for the holiday season but everything just feels so tacky. I think my idea is a subtle holiday vibe to it, but not overbearing.
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2021.12.05 15:21 ASICmachine Crypto is like poker. Most of it is luck but you still gotta know how go play your cards correctly (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.12.05 15:21 nikkicocoa7 Cant find "Adventure Time - The Secret of The Nameless Kingdom" Anywhere

This game was taken off the physical and digital shelves in 2018 and I can't find it on any trust worthy site. Does anybody know how I can find this game on PC?
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2021.12.05 15:21 mrlol3973 so hype for the new chapter cant believe they did a split gate collab

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2021.12.05 15:21 Macroc0sM congrats it's a chad

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2021.12.05 15:21 rangerguy4 Installing new MSI Z270 PC Mate Motherboard, EZ Debug LED lights flash white from CPU to DRAM but never progress to VGA or BOOT and doesn't display.

I've been trying with a bare bones setup of

The debug lights flash white from CPU to DRAM but don't progress to VGA, which indicates a display issue. I tried using an HDMI connected to the integrated graphics through the mobo and also installing the GPU and connecting the display to that but there is still no display to the screen. I'm also fairly certain that the issue isn't with the CPU and DRAM because I believe the flashing lights indicate that these components are working, but if anyone can confirm this that'd be great.
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2021.12.05 15:21 Magic-Spinach New 5a advice

Hi everyone,
I finally got a pixel and I'm super excited. Any advice for a new user? Coming from a Oneplus 6T.
(Yes, I know I could've gotten the 6, but I just wanted to try something proven first rather than diving straight in.)
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2021.12.05 15:21 art-lover111 [japanese>English] an enamel sign I bought

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2021.12.05 15:21 ASICmachine Why you should never accept unexpected free cryptocurrency (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.12.05 15:21 el3rod عروض رامز الامارات|طازجة|6 حتى 7-12-2021 #عروض_اسواق_رامز_الإمارات #العروض #el3rod #تخفيضات #خصومات #تسوق #عروض #تخفيض #خصم #عرض #اخر_عروض_الامارات #الامارات #عروض_الامارات

عروض رامز الامارات|طازجة|6 حتى 7-12-2021 #عروض_اسواق_رامز_الإمارات #العروض #el3rod #تخفيضات #خصومات #تسوق #عروض #تخفيض #خصم #عرض #اخر_عروض_الامارات #الامارات #عروض_الامارات submitted by el3rod to el3rod_UAE [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 15:21 DancHunt8 My BF is concerned that his friends think I’m “hard to read?”

My bf is 33, I’m 27. We’ve been together 2.5 years and have lived together for 2 years.
Last night he was out with his friends and when he came home he said they were all talking about perception and how they are perceived by people. They said my boyfriend comes off as judgmental initially, but then apparently they started talking about me and said that I’m “hard to read and don’t seem like a real human being.”
They told my boyfriend that I’m always nice and happy and very engaging in conversation and asking questions every time they see me, but that I don’t talk about myself and that it’s been 2 years and they know nothing about me at all. They think I put up a front of kindness and that I’m hiding a lot of things.
My boyfriend is concerned about what his friends said, but I told him that they never ask me questions about myself and that I don’t really talk about myself to people unless they ask. I also said how is me being a good listener and remembering details about their lives and asking about them “not a real human” when they’re the ones not asking me about my own life?
My BF wants me to be more open with his friends but I feel more uncomfortable now in doing that. What do I do?
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2021.12.05 15:21 Cosmic_mew_boi 1 minute long ad on a 9 second long video. Sure I can skip it but it's still really annoying it's there to begin with.

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2021.12.05 15:21 ShineReaper Squaddie Sniper with 73 Aim

So, since UFOPedia seems to be down ( I remember that there was an article stating, how many of which stats soldiers gain over the course of their career) and I just finished a mission (first month, so I partially have to run with rookies who get promoted to random classes), I have to ask this here:
Most of my rookies got okish Class selections, but that particular soldier became a sniper with 73 Aim. That kind of seems low, but I can't remember, how much aim they exactly get when being promoted from Rookie to Squaddie Sharpshooter, but it appears to be low nonetheless.
With high ground, lone wolf and damn good ground and a good stock I maybe could balance this a bit out and get him over 100, but then I have to think of enemies sitting in high cover or even partial cover and him dropping under 100 aim and that is for me for a sharpshooter not exactly good enough :D
So I consider making him a holosniper instead and maybe an officer later on. He has 5 HP, an awfully low will of just 18, mobility 14, dodge 13.
What do you guys think, both paths seem to be somewhat viable, but he probably wouldn't be a reliable master on any route.
Also thinkable for me is to put him on the DFA route and make him an haven advisor, I made rather good experiences with a DFA sniper as haven advisor in my 2nd campaign, where that one mopped up enemies from afar in the rendevouz missions.
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2021.12.05 15:21 GSCanLMN How do you Crucible mains tolerate and enjoy this garbage?

The matchmaking in every activity is utter garbage
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2021.12.05 15:21 dragon_xzero The truth behind Lovekov

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2021.12.05 15:21 floridaboy8502 29 M [chat] [friendship]

Any lovely ladies want to chat? I am looking for someone to talk with all day. If you fit that then message me
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2021.12.05 15:20 LiteratureActual4794 What’s everyone’s favorite local bar? I haven’t been for while since undergraduate, but now finishing MBA and looking to set up a Happy Hour.

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2021.12.05 15:20 AeughTime 😏

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2021.12.05 15:20 Inertigo CM Review 12/5/2021

Happy Siege Day! Good luck in your battles!
Dodgeball Louise 500 gems Score 2.5
Louise’s blernsball athletic combo. Actually a decent combo for blernsball, with cripple, crazed, and payback. Has some possibility of you can make an all blernsball deck with Louise and Stan, but would take some time to build.
Solo Party 500 gems Score 3.0
Luanne’s current drunk combo, made with soda Celebration, signature cocktail, fine wine ida, food-o-Matic martinis, and Pawtucket Patriot line of objects. Decent amount of cripple, leech, and enlarge. Hard to destroy, but doesn’t do a lot to help you win or lose.
Future Meg 1000 stones Score 0.0
Meg’s old drunk combo made with Welcom Mojitos and Pawtucket Patriot along with the items that make Viking Peter. Just sturdy in low amounts.
Jo-Gene 1000 stones Score 0.0
Gene’s combo made only with rare card Slurm but does not have the hyper trait show only cheer all and bomb.
9-10 Top of the Top: I’d spend 2250 in gems for cm2 if I had to.
7-8 Still Darn Good: I’d drop 4500 in mastery stones for cm2 or 500 gems for cm1
5-6 Good: I’d throw 1000 mastery stones for cm1
3-4 Average: If I was loaded with mastery stones I would think about cm1
1-2 Poor: There’s something there, but I’m not spending resources on it
0 Lousy: Really Kong, take it out of the game
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2021.12.05 15:20 Haunting-Mine9123 Sell account genshin 150$ Paypal or 3.000.000 vnđ
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2021.12.05 15:20 GrimSurgeon Teasing 2024 White House bid, fat load of shit Christie urges GOP to move past Trump

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2021.12.05 15:20 TriforceRoyale At this point it's just pathetic

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