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His final transformation

2021.11.29 10:01 Master_Television166 His final transformation

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2021.11.29 10:01 jplank1983 GeekStop Games Cyber Monday deals are live!

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2021.11.29 10:01 gnomewrangler1 H: 100 nuke cards. W: offers.

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2021.11.29 10:01 lasagneking007 Gauthier Hein Goal | FIFA Puskas Award 2021 Nominee

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2021.11.29 10:01 Blargg92 [Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition] - #164

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2021.11.29 10:01 Chicaben UAE stresses importance of concerted international efforts to combat human trafficking

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2021.11.29 10:01 choccymuffinman Gear ID

Hi all, I saw an instagram ad a while ago for an IFAK and stupid me never saved the ad. I liked what I saw and I am on the hunt for it now. It was a drop-leg setup with 5.56 mag pouches closest to the body and a rip away IFAK. When you ripped away the kit the mag pouches stayed on person. Thanks!
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2021.11.29 10:01 CookieTeamInstinct 4331 5631 4547 Cresselia on me now.. lvl41

4331 5631 4547 Cresselia on me now.. lvl41
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2021.11.29 10:01 killingmemesoftly Just kinda sorta

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2021.11.29 10:01 IndiaDanker 0

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2021.11.29 10:01 Keltik "Tin Can Alley" Target Game from Ideal, Chuck Connors TV Commercial (1977)

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2021.11.29 10:01 BigmanCee93 I lost my business because a co-director was a drug peddling thief

A few years ago, I was a director for a small production company who's mission was to bring skills and experience in film, radio and theatre to people in a rural community. We'd run weekly training sessions, comedy evenings, put on stage productions and made a few short films over a period of a few years. There was a time when pretty much every public event in our area was being orchestrated by us or one of our team and we started getting noticed by producers from the BBC and other companies distributing on a national level.
One of our directors, who I'll refer to only as F, had always been a bit of a loose cannon. F was a mover and a shaker, knew how to get things done, but he had some pretty odd ideas for the business and refused to present professionally (he once turned up to a meeting with a theatre manager stinking of cat piss and wearing a filthy sweater full of holes). There were admittedly a few red flags all along...
We had him largely doing administrative work, keeping him out of the way of harming PR. For the first couple of years he was really great at it and we bounced from opportunity to opportunity. Times were golden and we felt like big things were happening. The BBC had been in touch and I'd landed a commission with them, the regional theatres were sniffing around and we were gearing up for the next film festival season.
That time of the year rolled around when all our paperwork needed to be done with HMRC. About two months before the deadline, F told us that it had all been filed and we thought nothing more of it until we had a reminder sent through that it was still expected.
F acted all confused, saying he'd definitely done it, that it had taken him a whole weekend etc etc. No worries, we thought, let's just submit it again. We waited for the confirmation from HMRC. It never came. Now, anyone who's dealt with HMRC before will tell you that they use some pretty convoluted and arcane systems, so we weren't too worried. After another couple of weeks, news came through from F that it had all gone through. I requested proof and he went quiet.
Then we had a fine come in. Obviously, I was furious and demanded to know what had happened. Still F played the innocent. There must have been some technical glitch, he protested. I'm no stranger to computers going wrong myself! But all the same, the board decided to take the responsibility away from him and to hire an accountant to do some emergency heroics. We'd made the decision there and then to fire F, but since we still needed his co-operation, we stayed our hand.
I requested that all our paperwork be sent over, all our receipts, expenses, cashflow etc. Basically all the work F had said he'd done for us. What I got was a couple of had written scrawls in a cashbook and an overly complex spreadsheet that even our accountant couldn't make heads or tails out of! We had to start from scratch, which cost us more than we had in our bank account.
At that point, F had our cash box, which had a few hundred in it from a recent show that we'd yet to bank. The amount in there would cover more of the accountant's fees and our ever increasing fines.
But F went to ground. He was literally uncontactable for 6 weeks. I must have called him hundreds of times in that period trying to get in touch with him. In the end, I camped outside his flat for a few hours and by a stroke of luck his mum popped round. She let me in and I found F on the floor of his flat, half naked and surrounded by drug paraphernalia, throwing a temper tantrum that we'd arrived unannounced.
Surprise surprise, the money was nowhere to be found. I absolutely lost it, called him all kinds of names and threatened to call the police. His mum calmed me down and offered to get to the bottom of it. A week later, she handed me a wad of cash that she said was the money F had found (all in crisp clean brand new £20 notes, even though the show in question took place before they made it into circulation).
But at least we had some of the money. We paid the accountant, paid the fines. A significant chunk of the money came out of my own pocket as a loan to the company. We fired F on the spot, but as a kindness to him we promised not to tell any of the team why. We instead told everyone that he'd resigned to focus on his family. All that meant was that he got to control the narrative! But it had been such a long and arduous process, we hadn't the energy to fight.
On the advice of our accountant, due to all the legal and financial mess caused by F, we closed the business and had to start from the ground up on a new enterprise.
About a month later, F was assaulted and bundled into the back of a van by the local gangsters, to whom he owed a lot of money. It turns out that he'd been using our weekly sessions to build a client base where he could sell coke (a few of these people very publicly took F's "side" and we had little choice but to just remain quiet). He'd been snorting his dealer's supply and had racked up a massive debt. He'd stolen our money, money from his mum and from a few of our mutual friends to pay them off.
It's been about 18 months now and it still breaks my heart. Had he come to us months before saying "I've got a problem and I don't think I'm up to this work", we'd have understood! But to lie and steal and endlessly try and cover his tracks at our expense, taking advantage of being given the benefit of the doubt... It hurts, man.
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2021.11.29 10:01 lanasveta New title screen. I might change it in the future but I think it works for now :)

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2021.11.29 10:01 Scuffedcurl do I just suck or is life pretty fucking high standards

I wanna say fuck it but in a world where they ask you a thousand hours of experience before being able to work. Even trying in school is impossible they ask a lot of stupid teenagers who only wished that they could enjoy it. I cant say fuck it cause I will lose everything. Damn it
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2021.11.29 10:01 Objective-Disk3100 SAFe-Architect

hello. Are you familiar with SAFe-Architect training? if yes what are your opinions about this? Is it worth it?
how difficult the exam is?
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2021.11.29 10:01 yfewumosari I ate a some food for the first time in 4 days

Are u proud of me
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2021.11.29 10:01 CustomMiniatureMaker Free Fully Supported Stone Pillar STLs for basing or terrain

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2021.11.29 10:01 Azaxz Input on TrueUClinics?

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2021.11.29 10:01 RychschaX What to do with excess logs

What it says in the title: what's a cood use for all of the logs you get while chopping trees for sticks? Really wish there was some way to chop them up or something...
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2021.11.29 10:01 Nostalg33k Guide on how to vote : Nostalpouet for Exit scam

Let's be real, I sold my stack, came here to say it, and you gave me more. Since then I haven't spoken here.
I exit scammed you. You should vote for me !
If I win I'll exit scam with the Bananos.
Vote Nostalpouet for Exit scam !
Bring the news to your friends

Big effort post
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2021.11.29 10:01 Wylde117 Comment on appelle ça : paresseux au chocolat ou chocolatine pendue aux arbres ?

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2021.11.29 10:01 opcoupon #CyberMonday >> 50% off >$259.99> XIAOMI 24.5-inch Fast LCD Monitor Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Czech Warehouse]

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2021.11.29 10:01 Virtual-Assistant2K BTC BROKER JOB

Hi there I am a crypto broker looking for people to help me with my work. The job pays good and i can pay in fiat or crypto. Requirements you need to be 18+ from USA or CANADA and you need to be available a few hours a day. I will teach you everything you need to know for the work. You do not need funds to get started. Shoot me a message if interested.
Discord: Noach#8438 Telegram: diceroll101
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2021.11.29 10:01 _Olorin_the_white Would you like the final arc to be made in one (or more) movies?

Imagine we are in the manga final arc. One or two volumes are released per year. The final arc takes about 10 volumes. Would you like those to be released in movie special, being the movie and the manga volume launched almost at the same time?
As for the anime, the movies could later be broken into several episodes.
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2021.11.29 10:01 Spirited_Work_4997 💎 Crosswise DEX IDO Presale 2nd Round on BSC 💎| 🌟 Sold out Round 1 with 1.1 Million BUSD Hard Cap 🌟| 2. Round with 750K BUSD Hard Cap | 2Cross-Chain with own Bridge & Gasless Feature & Many Features | Soft Cap Hit after 14 Min | Audited by TechRate & CertiK ⚡

Crosswise is bringing together the best of two worlds: the support and variety of functions you are used to from a centralized exchange and the widespread technical possibilities of a decentralized exchange. They are offering accountability and support on their DAPP which retail investors are missing on other exchanges.
A few Key Points:
⚡️ Ongoing ICO Presale currently at Stage 2 with 0.7 BUSD per Coin
⚡️ Price @ 0.95 USD at launch in December
⚡️ IDO Challenge ongoing: Win 2x 1k CRSS Coins (worth 1500 USD) & every 10. Investor gets his Investment refunded
⚡️ Soft Cap hit after 14 Min. Soft Cap @ 200k BUSD, Hard Cap of Stage 1 hit with 1.1 Million
⚡️ Stage 2 start 25.November 2021 at 8am UTC
⚡️ Audited by TechRate and CertiK:
⚡️ Partnerships with Chainlink & Biconomy
⚡️ Cross-Chain DEX launching in December 2021
⚡️ Experienced DOXXED Team
⚡️ Complex Tokenomics with 2 Coins, whereas one is used for Vesting of Farm Rewards
⚡️ Many unique features, including Gasless Features, Advanced Statistics, Limit Orders with Orderbook, LaunchHub Token Incubation Area, Auto-Compound, Real Live Support and much more
⚡️ Development ongoing for 6 months with strong Dev Team (10 Devs)
⚡️ Founder NFTs for the first 500 Investors
🚀Ticker: $CRSS
🚀 Max Supply: 50 Million
🚀 Emission after Launch: 1.2 per Block for 14 Days, 1 after 14 Days
🚀 8% Emission going to Dev/ Marketing Wallet
🚀 Farm rewards getting vested within 5 months with 20% unlocked every month
🚀 Deflationary mechanisms: 0.1% fee on Coin for Buyback/Burn, 5% Fee on Profits from Auto Compound, and much more
🚀0.2% Fee on Swaps, 0.3% Fee on Cross-Chain Swaps with Bridge
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x7C90E681F25BD248aDB105f05f36d3844759cf21
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x7C90E681F25BD248aDB105f05f36d3844759cf21
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7C90E681F25BD248aDB105f05f36d3844759cf21#readContract
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