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Slaps roof of SUV meme

2021.12.05 14:05 Winterpup16 Slaps roof of SUV meme

Slaps roof of SUV meme Artwork used is by Rick Griffin, it's funnier with context.
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2021.12.05 14:05 JufKatrienMamaVan10 8.000 demonstranten op coronabetoging in Brussel: waterkanon en traangas ingezet, politiecombi’s beschadigd

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2021.12.05 14:05 code_hunter_cc React - setState() on unmounted component

In my react component im trying to implement a simple spinner while an ajax request is in progress - im using state to store the loading status.
For some reason this piece of code below in my React component throws this error

Can only update a mounted or mounting component. This usually means you called setState() on an unmounted component. This is a no-op. Please check the code for the undefined component.
If I get rid of the first setState call the error goes away.
constructor(props) { super(props); this.loadSearches = this.loadSearches.bind(this); this.state = { loading: false }}loadSearches() { this.setState({ loading: true, searches: [] }); console.log('Loading Searches..'); $.ajax({ url: this.props.source + '?projectId=' + this.props.projectId, dataType: 'json', crossDomain: true, success: function(data) { this.setState({ loading: false }); }.bind(this), error: function(xhr, status, err) { console.error(this.props.url, status, err.toString()); this.setState({ loading: false }); }.bind(this) });}componentDidMount() { setInterval(this.loadSearches, this.props.pollInterval);}render() { let searches = this.state.searches || []; return (
{ searches.map(function(search) { let createdDate = moment(search.createdDate, 'X').format("YYYY-MM-DD"); let downloadedDate = moment(search.downloadedDate, 'X').format("YYYY-MM-DD"); let records = 0; let status = search.status ? search.status.toLowerCase() : '' return ( ); }
Name Submit Date Dataset & Datatype Results Last Downloaded
{search.name} {createdDate} {search.dataset} {records} {downloadedDate}
); }
Hide resultsThe question is why am I getting this error when the component should already be mounted (as its being called from componentDidMount) I thought it was safe to set state once the component is mounted ?
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/reactjs/react-setstate-on-unmounted-component
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2021.12.05 14:05 iiidddOOF 30k slap on a Midway with Montana

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2021.12.05 14:05 Allthis_andwar So my acceptance rate is now below 70% and I seemingly are not getting any requests.

Like at all. Is this how Lyft operates or is it just this damn slow in metro Detroit?? Damn
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2021.12.05 14:05 skell1e The gucci banna vendor

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2021.12.05 14:05 iiPurpose PC Case Suggestions?

I’m looking for a new case with some good airflow. I’d also like to eventually look into water cooling my system as well. Also trying to stay around the $100 mark. I have a MSI MPG X570 gaming plus MB, 2070 super, and Ryzen 5 3600x. Any suggestions appreciated:)
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2021.12.05 14:05 Personal_Operation89 Reading…

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2021.12.05 14:05 KevinWard54 Kitsap Washington.........

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2021.12.05 14:05 PlantainLumpy4238 Tez Dzpnzr on Hicetnunc.art

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2021.12.05 14:05 CyberJitt444 Found this in a box at a little store while in paris, thought it could be interesting, could anyone educate me?

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2021.12.05 14:05 DuckHunt83 Oh the Raptor Ranger Possibilities. YES PLEASE

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2021.12.05 14:05 LocalMistake818 My Pul your Fal. Double time

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2021.12.05 14:05 hotdog1628 Figure Skate Laces

My skate laces are beginning to fray and it’s definitely time to replace them. What are some pros and cons to different brands of skate laces? I’ve had Edea laces for a while now but they’re a bit pricy where I live. Has anyone had experience with Risport or Jackson laces? There’s also a cheaper brand called A&R but have no clue whether they work well or not.
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2021.12.05 14:05 Orcasareglorious Do you still contact your teachers? Why or why not?

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2021.12.05 14:05 pablointer5272 Depressed that I'm not a better/more successful musician.

I've been playing guitar since I was 14, bass since I was 15, and drums since I was 16. I'm in my mid-30s now. I used to have a real passion for playing, playing as much as 8 hours a day sometimes, but around my mid-20s I started playing about 30 minutes a day. These days I only play enough to not lose any skill.
I feel for the amount of time I've put in over the years, I should have more to show for it. I really am a very average drummer, guitar playing I have done some challenging stuff, stuff I thought I would never be able to play. However I don't get a lot of feedback for my playing, I'm not very comfortable sharing it because I'm not confident in how good my playing is. Because of this I mostly only share anonymously, and when I do people rarely say anything. Listens will go up but nobody comments, so I don't know if I'm doing a good or bad job. IRL I used to play drums for a church and they have paid me, but outside of that I've only been able to play at open mic nights, nobody has ever asked me to drum for them in a band or to play with them to fill in at a gig or anything like that. At one of the open mic nights the lead singer actually stopped singing for a while to get after me for how I was drumming. Like I said I am only an average drummer.
Today I am just really bummed thinking about this, I've probably sunk 3000 hours at least into all the instruments I play, I've written some songs, but I don't have anything substantial to show for it. That didn't matter to me when I was younger and just having fun, but now that I'm older, I can't help but feel like I just must not have been good enough to get any kind of success with my music - though I have heard plenty of bands and wonder how they ever got booked to play live, but then I think "Man I must be really bad if absolutely nobody cares about what I do".
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2021.12.05 14:05 DubiousDancer Accolade to smash XP signs with a certain car...

So I already smashed all xp signs, but now I see there's an accolade to smash 100 with a certain car. I was wondering if there's anyway to do that even though I already smashed them all.
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2021.12.05 14:05 activex7etki Özlü sözler 2012

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2021.12.05 14:04 Drduck17 Poor octrain just tryna go home to support his family

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2021.12.05 14:04 EarthChainMod Launch of NFT's!

Attention Earthlings, with the launch of the NFT’s as well as the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/331495691698693), we are having a little competion; all you will have to do is become a member of the Facebook group and make a post.
In this post you write why you like EarthChain and what is your favorite NFT animal is and why.
The animals are: Mountain Gorilla Giant Panda Bengal Tiger Sloth Javan Rhinoceros Pink River Dolphin Great Philippine Eagle
Everybody who does this simple task before the deadline Wednesday 8th of december will be part of a random draw. The winner will receive 50k EARTH tokens. We hope that many will participate as we want EARTH to continue to grow and spread our reach to as many people as possible. We are all in this together.
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2021.12.05 14:04 Trick_Education_8673 Which one merch on they brothers more

View Poll
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2021.12.05 14:04 anirbaaaaaaan Us moment?

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2021.12.05 14:04 Lessxd your brain on randomizer, it will randomize your brain. IT DID WITH MINE ON 170 HOURS OF WORK. It was fun

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2021.12.05 14:04 UndeadBrave 100 Player Minecraft Sheep Game (Squid Game)!!!!!

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2021.12.05 14:04 Virgiliusz EUW T3 support looking for a team

English speaking/ friendly and motivated to win. Can play anything but prefer engage/hard cc supports
IGN Ligriv
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