Gminer 2.70 rtx 2060 low hashrate, anyone nows the problem?

2021.11.29 09:03 khmaies5 Gminer 2.70 rtx 2060 low hashrate, anyone nows the problem?

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2021.11.29 09:03 monogatarist Rei feat. Lilas Ikuta - Houseki (360 Reality Audio Music Video)

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2021.11.29 09:03 AlphaKennyWhere Immigration Officers - Long visits under VWP while waiting for visa?

US Citizen here. My fiance quit her job (she hated it and can live with family) and is coming here so we can spend more time together and get married. We plan on applying for an CR1 Visa after getting married. Under the VWP she can't stay here over 90 days, so can she go back to her home country and come back for another long visit? I've heard the general rule is that she should stay out of the US for as long as she was in the US, but that it depends on the immigration officer.
- How strict are they at the LAX airport?
- Could proof of an IR1 Visa in progress sway an officer to convince him that she's not trying to come in and stay illegally?
- Has anyone tried this? Or are 3 month trips every 3 months the safest option while we wait for the visa?
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2021.11.29 09:03 BuckGB Monomyth Update - Current Progress and Level Design

This month's Kickstarter update for Rat Tower Software's Ultima Underworld-inspired dungeon-crawling RPG Monomyth brings us up to speed with the game's progress before picking up where the previous update left off and sharing a bunch of info on Rat Tower's level design process.
Here are the text parts:
Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!
It's been a few weeks so it is time for another update! A lot of things have happened and the project is on a good way! So without any further ado, let's get started...
Current Progress
As you may remember, I am currently in the middle of the content creation phase or, more precisely, in the middle of the world-building process. This process has a few stages. It starts with the creation of the level designs "on paper" (or in planning software, as you will see later in this update). It then continues with a blockout phase, where the basic building blocks of the designs are put into place. The finished blockouts are then re-iterated on and eventually replaced with actual game assets (i.e., 3D models of the level geometry, mostly split up into modular parts). After that follows the so-called "detail pass", where detail assets (furniture, rubble, wall decorations, vegetation, etc.) are placed in the level. The whole process is then concluded with a lighting pass, audio assets, visual optimizations, and level logic.
Monomyth is currently in the re-iteration stage (here and there I am already adding details, but mostly I am trying to stick to one task). All areas in the game - from the beginning to the end - have been blocked out. This was an important step because it narrows down the actual scope of the project and keeps it manageable. The levels of Monomyth are no longer just "on paper" designs that could be changed at the drop of a hat. Instead, I am now dealing with a finite set of concrete work tasks, which is infinitely better if your goal is to get things done.
After reviewing my schedule I decided to take a little break from level design and do some game system refactoring (that is, a reworking of the code to make it more maintain- and extendable). That means for the next two weeks I will be doing some coding which I would have otherwise done in January. Level design is a comparatively straightforward challenge from now on and I am trying to prepone any tasks which may cause unpredictable problems. Coding has a tendency to cause such problems, even though I already figured out most of the refactoring on paper, so, fingers crossed!
Once the code refactoring is done I will continue with the detail pass of the level design. This brings us to the main part of this update...
Level Design
In the last update, we spoke about level layouts and how to structure a semi-open game environment. We discussed, how levels in various classic games were essentially a set of largely independent sections, interwoven with a separate "connector" section. Today we will take a closer look at the sections themselves and talk a little bit about their creation.
A section is essentially just a collection of rooms containing encounters. Such encounters may be enemies, friendly NPCs, puzzles, etc. The first question is, how to approach a section's design. Just as with the level layouts, there are essentially two ways to go about this process:
a) Top-down: You start with a rough overview of the entire section and you continue to go into detail for every single room as a part of the whole. This approach puts an emphasis on coherent interconnections between a section's individual rooms. However, these rooms may require restructuring once the full design becomes more concrete.
b) Bottom-up: You start with a collection of readily designed rooms and compile them into a section. This approach puts an emphasis on gameplay-driven design. However, the rooms may become incoherent with each other and the connections between them may feel unintuitive.
A room, respectively a section can be anything by the way. It does not need to be a "closed" space. Practically, it can be any area with a finite set of entrances that connect it with other areas of the game. Talented level designers can create a collection of such areas and connect them in a way that seems like an entirely open world.
A very good example of this is the map of Gothic 2, which is presented as an open world environment, but strictly guides the player through various bottlenecks (i.e., entrances) from one area to the other. Fans of Gothic 2 may be very familiar with the northwestern area of the map, which is enclosed by the sea, the city, the ancient forest, the bridge, and a valley of aggressive monsters. Unless players get very "creative" (e.g., by climbing onto walls and roofs where they technically shouldn't be), exiting into another area of the game without going through one of the bottlenecks can be very difficult.
Coming back to Monomyth, I am mostly using a top-down design approach. This means, I first draw a rough overview of a section and I start re-iterating on the design. At this point, I am also annotating most of the rooms with a location name or a first idea of an encounter.
There are numerous ways to draw section overviews. Some people prefer working on paper, while others use dedicated software. For Monomyth I normally use Dungeon Painter Studio (DPS), a tool that was originally developed for Pen & Paper DMs. It allows its user to draw tile-based maps, much like on graph paper.
Having all the map designs in a digital form has a big advantage. Once I am satisfied with the design I export the map as an image file and I import it in the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). With the right scaling, the image file can be applied as a texture on a simple plane, which then serves as an exact floor plan for the blockout stage.
During the blockout stage I align the floor plan with UE4's top view grid and I use blueprint actors to build the environment according to the design. These blueprint actors represent various building blocks of the level, such as different kinds of walls, floors, doors, and so on.
Every actor I place is of a certain class. This has the advantage that once the modular meshes for the respective area are done, it is not necessary to replace the entire blockout. Instead, I simply adjust the blueprint classes, which then automatically updates every actor. Take for example the following meshes[...]
I simply plug these meshes into the blueprint actor classes and remove the original gray building blocks in them. All instances of the adjusted classes are automatically updated and the blockout will be significantly closer to the desired end result. At this point, it is also a good idea to think about encounters.
Once the basic geometry is there and I am satisfied with the look of it all I usually continue by adding detail meshes and lighting. This is called a detail pass, respectively a lighting pass. In these stages, I also visually optimize the scene by adding particle effects, fog, etc.
At this point the only things that are still missing from the level section are audio assets (e.g., ambient sounds) and level logic. Level logic describes any level-specific functionality within the game environment. This may be something that affects the level design (e.g., a collapsing hallway or a suddenly flooded room), in which case it is recommendable to already consider level logic during the blockout stage. Sometimes, however, level logic can be something as simple as an automatic door[...]
And that's it! During the entire process, it is of course recommendable to test the section again and again. Especially with regards to scaling, encounter pacing, item distribution, and so on.
It should be noted, that this approach is slightly different from the industry standard and requires special consideration in terms of verticality. Usually one would use so-called geometry brushes, which are simple 3D shapes that are combined into whatever you wish to block out. UE4 does provide such geometry brushes, but unfortunately, this feature has been slightly neglected by the engine developers, meaning it is not very performant, and comparatively impractical to work with (at least in UE4.26).
Either way, the process I am employing works very well for enclosed spaces and dungeon crawling environments. Next time we will take a look at rooms and encounter design. Until then!
Best wishes,
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2021.11.29 09:03 Good-Plane-1020 Just Fair-launched!🚀 A Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to 🔱Aqua Shiba's investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign ! Join our Heroic Crusade to become the greatest community token!

Just Fair-launched!🚀 A Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to 🔱Aqua Shiba's investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the #1 DeFi Token in all of Crypto. Join 🔱Aqua Shiba Today.
🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Lend us your strength join the crusade!
🌐BSC Scan:
Liquidity is locked:
Contract Ownership is Renounced:
📝Contract: 0x37B8996C92f9143aE82183280b120a3499Ab0b3C
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Aqua Shiba has assembled his greatest generals to form the Royal Atlantian Marketing Council to market our token far and wide by advertising via multiple avenues such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Token Listing sites, and much more.
The Bounties of Aqua Shiba's Heroic Campaign will be shared with all his loyal hodlers via Heroic Reflection Rewards, Token Airdrops and Community Awards and Prizes.
Our Tokenomics are as follows:
Auto-Liquidity: All Aqua Shiba transactions contribute 7% to our liquidity pool ensuring price stability, sustainable growth for all his Aqua Shiba investors. Multiple liquidity pools and stable coins parings with BUSD & USDC will be added as our community grows.
Safe & Secure: Aqua Shiba puts the safety and security of his Army as his top priority and has ordered that Contract Ownership be Renounced at launch & 100% of Liquidity be Locked, therefore, ensuring that his token is decentralized and no individual, group, or entity has control over his royal token and ensuring safety and security for all his investors.
Heroic Reflections: All Aqua Shiba holders will observe their token balance grow through Reflection Rewards at intervals as the community grows. This function will allow holders to effectively earn interest over time and will scale as the community grows.
Heroic Marketing: Aqua Shiba has formed the Royal Atlantian Marketing Council which will utilize the Royal Atlantian Treasury of which 3% of every transaction is contributed to launch a Marketing Campaign covering multiple avenues such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Token Listing sites, and much more. Aqua Shiba is going to save the entire crypto world and rain riches down on his loyal soldiers!
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2021.11.29 09:03 BodybuilderStrict152 Creating separate accounts in IBKR?

Hi all,
I'm looking to set up an account for holding my long term investments, and a separate account for options selling. Is it possible to do this with IBKR?
Could be the same user account, but just want to put the two in separate boxes !
Thanks! :)
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2021.11.29 09:03 MinimumRhode Why isn't there a poro TFT skin?

I've dropped back in to play TFT, and I'm wondering why there aren't poro skins for TFT? Like, it seems like the most obvious thing, you have new cute cuddly characters and a set of old cute cuddly characters that people like. The art should already be there? Am I missing something?

Pls riot take my money I just want to be a ball of fuzz.
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2021.11.29 09:03 bad_boy_hesus Am I racist now

Moi: damn. I love the barghasts and their weird culture!
DoD: D:
Just that. Im still digesting things... Rip cafal and hetan
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2021.11.29 09:03 BuckGB Hellgate: London - London 2038 Development Update #18

This new development update for Hellgate: London's London 2038 multiplayer mod lets us know what the team is currently working on (balance tweaks and new content), what they plan on working on in the future (in-game events and two expansions), and shares a quick personal message from the project's community manager.
Check it out:
Hello folks. This marks a special diary entry, so I’d like to keep humor and fluff to a minimum. To those who prefer my quirkier entries, my apologies in advance – you’ll hopefully understand this change in tone by the end of this one.
The past
First, should any players have missed the announcement 4 on our Discord server, I’d like to briefly note that the Retrainer replacements have started. Anyone who has lost a tutorial questline Retrainer prior to hotfix patch 1.5.6 may now DM me on Discord (or here) to schedule a replacement. I will need some time to collect the information and confirm the losses before reaching out, but rest assured your replacements are on the way.
The present
Next, I’d like to cover what the patch currently in development is shaping up to include, as there have been questions about it. In brief, its highlights are: - Drop rate tweaks. Australia will become far less generous, as you suggested. In contrast, all Champions and bosses across the game will regain some of their former generosity, in line with your feedback. - Nerfs. Our data and tests, as well as your feedback, highlighted some overperformers that should be reigned in. But fear not, none of these nerfs will leave any class broken or underperforming. - New content. Finally, we’ll be adding some unique new content, as well as a select few items with some unique mechanics of their own. As of writing this entry, most of them are finished.
As regards the nerfs in particular, please remember that no changes in resource gains or class performance are any one individual’s choice. We discuss and test both nerfs and buffs as a team, and have our Shady testers confirm their effects prior to each release. Should any change, positive or negative, miss the intended mark, it’s your civil, constructive feedback that we rely on to revise it and get it right.
The future
Finally, let me discuss some of what the future holds. Here I may go into some more detail, as a prelude of sorts for this section’s conclusion.
As the last Halloween event was received very warmly, we’ve come to refocus our efforts toward events. This is why my last diary entry 2 included a mention of Christmas events – which I cannot promise we will get working in time. In either case, the future will certainly hold more events, and certainly more than the ones Flagship had created.
The endgame expansion
Next, the oft-mentioned endgame expansion is in the pipeline. This you may remember me teasing in April, and the only reason for its delay is our very limited time and workforce.
This expansion intends to provide a serious endgame challenge, as this descriptive dub suggests. Challenge won’t come through inflated stats, Regen, and cheap tricks, but through brand new mechanics that challenge each class differently. In turn, however, this means that it requires tremendous work – and many among the additions require effort, creativity, and plain patience as the game refuses to behave in specific ways. Couple this with Alternalo’s schedule and his work on his own game, let alone his and my work on all the patches since, and delays may become more understandable.
For what it’s worth, this won’t just be a storyless new frontier. Within Alternalo’s initial creative vision, I’ve crafted a plot for this expansion that should hopefully keep the more story-minded interested in-between epic fights.
The other expansion
Finally, the “other” expansion is still on the drawing board. This is because it intends to be an entire new campaign, with a new story, mechanics, and gameplay significance. This you may see dubbed as “my” expansion, as it has indeed been my brainchild since the project began, but it’s by no means just a personal project.
This one’s delays I can explain in more depth as well. Story-wise, this always intended to provide some continuation to the main story – and it is here where I’ve concluded I can use the remnants of Flagship’s Stonehenge that never was 5. But plain texts aside, there is only so much of Flagship’s material left to use. We will need new assets, new voice actors, perhaps new cutscenes, and more, so as to frame this bold endeavor properly. Development-wise, then, this cannot simply be a rehash of what players have seen and done before. This cannot be a Second Attack; it was always meant to be a love letter to the game and Flagship’s vision, and our tools and assets will need to improve to get this right.
My step back
Now, with all this covered, I may finally conclude with a personal note. With no fluff and daft puns, here I’d like to announce I will be taking a step back for a while. After patch 1.5.7 is finished and released, of course.
This is not due to interactions with players, rest assured. Yes, recently there have been some rather unpleasant ones across various platforms, as I’ve mentioned before 2 and as some of you are aware. However, those come with the job, and are to be expected. We have been doing this for 5 years now, and I would not let those few bad apples discourage me into delaying the content I wish to produce. I also know the majority of the player base is not those few people, and that’s who we ultimately work for.
It is simply exhaustion. I became a grunt-level content developer in May 2, and have not stopped exercising my newfound abilities since. However, these endless hours of work come with a toll. These duties piled up on top of my regular ones, as a CM, GM, and tester, across the forums, Discord, and internal platforms, and on top of my professional obligations across 2 jobs in real life.
This does not mean I’m quitting, by any means. I will still be around, and I’ll still be available. I will still do the diaries to keep you informed on what we do. I will even continue working on “my” expansion, as it fulfills me creatively, so as to have a solid blueprint to work on when the time comes. I will just need to rest, and this will require a step back.
For just a bit.
And with this I may leave you, kind reader. Should 1.5.7 be released before next time, I hope you will enjoy it. In either case, I hope you continue to enjoy your journeys into the dark corners of what was once proud London. All the best.
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2021.11.29 09:03 introsort [Hiring] AI/ML - Machine Learning Engineer - Multi-modal Systems, Siri Understanding - Careers at Apple (Apple)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see AI/ML - Machine Learning Engineer - Multi-modal Systems, Siri Understanding - Careers at Apple
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2021.11.29 09:03 slackbabbathe Lesbian bars?

Reddit - where does a lady go to meet other ladies around this city. Any spots near UTSA?
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2021.11.29 09:03 coljavskiyi ⚡ Wanamoon BSC Token | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | ownership renounced | $40k Jackpot Draw Today | Unique Tokenomics | Active Community in Telegram | Don't Miss This x100 Potential Gem


WANAMOON is a new token that rewards holders and new buyers with the opportunity to be entered in to a weekly JACKPOT draws! 50% of the jackpot goes to one holder paid in BUSD. The other 50% will be used to buy one of the hottest meme token of the week and distributed proportionately to qualified holders. You goto be in it to win it! Initially launching on BSC Blockchain, Wana Moon will then rapidly expand to other blockchains including ETH very soon!

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C

TL;DR ⚙️
⁃ Weekly Jackpot Token, first draw takes place
⁃ WanaMoon Contract Fully Audited by SolidProof
⁃ Team Fully Doxxed & KYC Verified
⁃ Liquidity will be locked
⁃ Full Dapp Release on Launch to track Jackpot Entires and Total Worth
⁃ Full Detailed aggressive marketing plan
⁃ BIG Token Partnerships in talks
⁃ Team with a detailed roadmap plan of execution

⁃ 1% reflection to all holders
⁃ 2% Weekly jackpot
⁃ 3% Buyback and auto liquify
⁃ 4% Marketing

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C
✨Pinksale Locked


⛓️ Website:
✉️ Telegram:
⚽ Twitter:
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2021.11.29 09:03 starkiller743 Love the Reputation Tour

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2021.11.29 09:03 shitPosterreforMed Ice poker

Can someone please show me or point me in the right direction 🙏🏻
I’ve been trying to figure out how to even get a chance at minting ice poker NFT’s but I can’t figure it out I’ve seen things saying you need to have something staked to DCG
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2021.11.29 09:03 notcoolboiii [17M] [Chat] Im Alex from Hockenheim, Germany. Found people on reddit to be super helpful in terms of giving advice and looking to make more friends on here. Recently broke up and you guys have been crazy good in helping me get back up. Feel free to hmu and we can ft or just vibe over text :))

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2021.11.29 09:03 L3K21 Straight whitelist for the first 20 people who join our discord and follow our twitter❤️🦓 link in comments

Straight whitelist for the first 20 people who join our discord and follow our twitter❤️🦓 link in comments submitted by L3K21 to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 09:03 No-Dog8251 Hi I am new beginner at blender and I can't get the monkey head to set on fire. It just look like this.

Hi I am new beginner at blender and I can't get the monkey head to set on fire. It just look like this. submitted by No-Dog8251 to blender [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 09:03 BuckGB The Lord of the Rings Online - Upgraded Visuals and Console Release Planned

Enad Global 7, a Swedish video game holding company, recently held an investor presentation apprising those investors of some upcoming developments in the company's portfolio. This WCCFTech article shares a fairly concise overview of the main takeaways.
The biggest item for RPG enthusiasts there is that fact that with Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series looming on the horizon, Standing Stone Games' The Lord of the Rings Online will soon be getting modernized in some way and getting a console release.
On top of that, the team behind DC Universe Online is currently working on some Marvel MMORPG. But with that game not releasing anytime soon, here are a couple of paragraphs on the upcoming LOTRO overhaul:
The other tentpole of Daybreak's lineup is Lord of the Rings Online, which recently received the Fate of Gundabad expansion. EG7 is confirming the earlier commitment to revamping the aging MMORPG's visuals, modernizing the experience, and launching it on consoles. This will be done to capitalize on Amazon's upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series, of course, especially after the new Lord of the Rings MMO was canceled due to a contractual dispute between Tencent and Amazon.
While a timeframe wasn't provided for the LOTRO overhaul, it sounds very much like the goal is to catch the hype train of the first season, scheduled to start airing on September 2nd, 2022 exclusively on Prime Video. EG7 Acting CEO Ji Ham noted that when IP owners and licensees invest as much as they are doing in this case (the Lord of the Rings TV series is rumored to be the most expensive ever made), that brings a huge opportunity for games based on said IPs; he also added that New World's success proves there is a large appetite for a Western MMO.
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2021.11.29 09:03 babysummerbreeze27 smart devices unresponsive

i haven’t had this problem for a very long time, so i don’t remember how to remedy it!! several of my smart devices (bulb and plug, tp-link/kasa) became unresponsive through the alexa app last night, but respond in the kasa app. the last time this happened, they began responding again of their own accord after a few hours, and the time before that was some big hullabaloo, but like i said, can’t remember how i resolved the situation. i tried disabling and re-enabling the devices, but that didn’t do anything. what should i do??
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2021.11.29 09:03 becomethesolution Disable warning lights on e-class

Is it possible to disable the following warning lights (not reset) on my 2014 e-class?
-Brake pad wear
-Auxilary battery malfunction
-Trie pressure warnings
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2021.11.29 09:03 01Cloud01 6 month and longer charts for bitcoin

I noticed on coin gecko you can view The performance of a coin or a category by one hour 24 hours and 7 days. Is there a website available to check a coins performance by month and year? I’d like to be able see if coins have done good within longer periods of time but have them listed the same way CoinGecko does with separation of coins by category.
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2021.11.29 09:03 m00nbum Good Molecules: $15 Skincare Mini Fridge will be in stock today at 10am PST / 1pm ET

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2021.11.29 09:03 piscialletto Pricecheck for V25FF15v enclave plasma

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2021.11.29 09:03 Spooktobercakeday123 Whos got more game

View Poll
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2021.11.29 09:03 anal__ease spotted in boston

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