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2022.01.20 08:48 Ikblox Four people now :o

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2022.01.20 08:48 Ed_Niko Wrecker Bad Batch - I had so much fun making this helmet , lets go.

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2022.01.20 08:48 weezyerieglass Chunky bonfire heart💚🔥

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2022.01.20 08:48 WestFieldv1 [QUESTION] Which guitar is a good Fender Strat replacement and which Amp would you buy if you want a "Pink Floyd"-Sound?

I play for ½ year now and what to upgrade my setup. I was searching for Strats, but the ones from Fender are too expensive for me. My price limit for a guitar is 400€ and I'd like to know which one would you recommend. I thought about the Squier CV 60s Strat. My favourite band of all time is Pink Floyd. I'd love to play like David Gilmour. Means the clean smooth tones, with a lot of bendings, effects, ... . Which Amp could you recommend? I thought about a Boss Katana 50 Mk 2. What do you guys think?
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2022.01.20 08:48 CouldFindAUsername Pokemon Ruby ESP

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2022.01.20 08:48 JingaMikage What did I see?

This happened several years ago. I was listening to music on a computer and I started spinning in my office chair, while I was spinning I got chills and saw something that looked like a dementor, it didn't even look at me. I think it entered my back door and was passing through the house. A couple minutes later and I checked the front door, the curtains had been moved. I know because at the time I was scared of the dark so I would take the curtains and block any darkness.
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2022.01.20 08:48 Browsingharvest Zed nerf R from 100% AD to 65 % AD

What the heck is riot thinking here? They nerf Zed so badly, he was in bad shape already. But buffing Yone and Yasuo while their overall kit is strong as hell? Riot logic is in the bum, as a Zed main I can hardly keep up beating Yone and Yasuo lately.
Whatever build I go, Zed is mainly dependent on his teammates while Yasuo or Yone can beat everyone as solo split when everyone crosses their path.
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2022.01.20 08:48 Serious-Trifle9311 Does anyone remember Jacques LaLean from the Beetlejuice cartoon? He's my favorite character, of course.

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2022.01.20 08:48 Mikina Question about hydronephrosis caused by vein blockage. 26M

I'm a 26 years old male from Czech, and I have recently been diagnosed with hydronephrosis in one kidney, caused by (if I understood it correctly) genetic defect where veins/arteries are blocking the outlet from kidneys to bladder. I have some questions I would love to get a clarification on. Since I am pretty much diagnosed, I don't see the benefit of including the mantadory info, but just to be sure, it's at the end of the post.
I am 26, so if it's a genetic defect and I was I presume born with it, does it mean that it was found really late? I'm supposed to have a surgery in two weeks, but it has already been almost half a year since it first got found, and I'm getting more and more nervous that it's late. According to the scintigraphy (? might be a Czech term), the results were, if I understand it correctly, that my kidney is working at 32%. (I might misunderstand what they were telling me, the results in the medical report state "DSL: L:P 67%:32%". Again, might be in Czech. My guess is that it means DSL - Dynamic Scintigraphy of Ledvina (Kidney in czech), L:P = L:R (Left, Right in czech)), which does not sounds very good. Those results were two months ago.
I have several questions - Is it bad, or will the kidney recover ok-ish? And if I understand the above results correctly, does it mean my "healthy" kidney is working only with 67% efficiency? That sounds awfully low, given how young I think I am. Or is that normal? Or are the base of the results 50:50, so one is slightly worse and one overcompensates, since the reuslts add to 100? (I would feel a lot better if it's 32 out of 50 instead of out of 100 :))
Out of curiosity - do I understand it right that this is something that I had my whole life, and should have been discovered when I was an infant? I don't plan on blaming anyone, but I am intrigued, since I was born two months early and spent a lot of time in incubator and in hospital.
And is there something I should do or avoid, to put minimal amount of stress on the kidney as possible? My guess would be that since it's a "mechanical" blockage, the only thing that matters is the amount of urine I produce, and it doesn't matter what it was (so, drinking i.e alcohol would be as bad as drinking water), and there is basically not much I can do.
Are there any symptoms I should watch out for and get ASAP into hospital, or will I probably be ok if it's in two weeks? The stress associated with worry is slowly starting to get to me, and I'm starting to feel a slight pressure in the area of my right side, especially when going to sleep. But I think that's mostly psychosomatic since I'm focusing on it too hard.
Thank you for any reply. It's nothing important really, but it would make me feel a little bit better, since the stress and fear of the situation is slowly starting to get to me.
Mantadory info, just to be sure:
Height: 180cm Weight: 71kg Race: Middle european? White. Primary complaint,duration: See above Any existing medical issues: None, I have been really healthy and never been at urology for my whole life I think. Current medications and doses: None Whether you drink, smoke, and/or use recreational drugs: I drink a lot, several times a week. Stopped drinking after new year to prepare for the surgery. I don't smoke, but use Nicotine pouches, never smoked. Recreational drugs: On festivals and bigger parties, once every month or two. None since new year, will avoid it due to surgery. I used Kratom, about 5g three times a week for the last two years, also stopped at new years until surgery.
Country: Czech
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2022.01.20 08:48 MeredithElise Does anyone love racing games? Recently, I was looking into some racing game or any blockchain game. And Nitro League came across, it is a P2E racing game, an ideal NFT game that combines with fantastic gameplay, token economics and metaverse into one package. Undoubtedly interesting, take a look!

Does anyone love racing games? Recently, I was looking into some racing game or any blockchain game. And Nitro League came across, it is a P2E racing game, an ideal NFT game that combines with fantastic gameplay, token economics and metaverse into one package. Undoubtedly interesting, take a look! submitted by MeredithElise to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 08:48 anime_fan2007 We are so fucked.

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2022.01.20 08:48 Stopthemadness42 How You Can Play 888poker's XL Winter Series on a Budget

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2022.01.20 08:48 rorygilmore111 I [15F] don't know if I should break up with my boyfriend [16F]. My pro and con list makes it seem like I should leave, but my attachment and love for him say otherwise. Help


the con list makes it seem like i should leave him but i am going to miss him so much if i do and our relationship is fantastic besides those points
am i being too harsh? Am i blaming him? i feel bad for him because i have been doubting him for a while and he is getting tired of me talking about this
note that the relationship started in june, we ended in early august then came back together in november. my dads cancer surgery was meant to be the day after we had gotten into the relationship but then it got delayed and so it was two weeks after i got into the relationship
the ending for the first break up is not related to any of my cons that i listed however i did feel back then that i was unmotivated ever since i had gotten into the relationship
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2022.01.20 08:48 Apart-Pride-9954 For those of you that drink, how do you factor in alcohol while doing OMAD ?

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2022.01.20 08:48 sunnydaze8 Coworker was super passive aggressive to me. Am I being dramatic?

I work in the Emergency Department as the secretary. I love my job, I love my coworkers. There is the Osurgical charge nurse, we’ll call her “Candice.” Candice is very unpleasant every interaction. She’s older than me and has been in her position for a long time. Very flat, condescending, flat out rude, hard to please, etc. It’s my job as the secretary to get patient charts around when they go to surgery, but not to fill out consent for procedures as physicians do that and explain the procedure. The doctor came down and took the consent for procedure and filled it out accordingly earlier that day.
Candice came down to grab the patients chart. To try to appease to her I put the consent for procedure right on top so she could see it and that it was filled out correctly and what not. Before she looked at it, in the nastiest most condescending tone goes, “why isn’t it filled out right?” And I go, “I presumed it was as Doctor (insert name) took it and signed it.”
And before I could finish my sentence she snatched the remaining papers so hard out of my hand she scratched my hand, didn’t say anything, turned around and walked away. There were four nurses sitting around me who saw this happen. I immediately was flustered and shooken up.
This was sort of the straw on the camels back for me. I immediately called the nursing supervisor and told them what happened and told the surgeon. While telling the surgeon I started crying out of frustration and she was genuinely concerned. I’m embarrassed about that.
It’s just, no matter how flustered I’ve been with a coworker I’ve never aggressively snatched something so hard out of their hand to the point I scratched them and was disrespectful.
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2022.01.20 08:48 Inside-Obligation-74 No disable sticker

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2022.01.20 08:48 gsvamsi The asteroid that ended the dinosaurs was technically the highest ratio of killing birds to one stone in Earth’s history.

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2022.01.20 08:48 peesooshhvusog [HIRING] 25 Jobs in nurse Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Conway Regional Health System Operating Room Nurse Mayflower
Barton Associates Nurse Practitioner - Urgent Care Central
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN - Excellent Pay! Palo Verde
NP Now Family Nurse Practitioner / FNP - Primary Care Brawley
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN - Excellent Pay! Clearlake
NP Now Nurse Practitioner - Outpatient Behavioral Health Coachella
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN -Short Term- Excellent Pay! Covina
Geer Village LPN / Licensed Practical Nurse - Canaan, CT- Skilled Nursing & Rehab Facility Canaan
Stamford Hospital Outpatient Temp Registered Nurse Riverside
Dialyze Direct Registered Nurse De Funiak Springs
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN - Excellent Pay! Euharlee
Great River Health Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)-NF/SNF 40 hours per week Klein Center West Burlington
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN - Excellent Pay! Brookfield
Barton Associates Nurse Practitioner - Primary Care Bay State
NP Now CRNA/Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Winterville
Cass County Medical Care Facility LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Cassopolis
TherapyTravelers School Nurse – LVN - Excellent Pay!- Short Term Robbinsdale
Fairview Health Services Registered Nurse (RN) – Critical Care Float Pool Wyoming
NP Now Family Nurse Practitioner / FNP- Primary Care: 20 hrs Tabor City
JobSquad Staffing Solutions (Formerly Hire Scene) Nursery Specialist/Especialista de Vivero Willard
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - Full Time LPN Allendale
TherapyTravelers School Nurse- LVN- Excellent Pay! Upper Montclair
NP Now Family Nurse Practitioner / FNP- Primary Care: 32 hrs + Benefits! Artesia
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - Part Time LVN - Excellent Pay! Osino
Glens Falls Hospital Nurse Residency Program Clifton Park
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 08:48 rainbowafterSnow Tanuki and Japanese Badger Take a Selfie

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2022.01.20 08:48 Ok_Cup_134 Did You Know? Amitabh Bachchan Once Caught Katrina Kaif & Gulshan Grover Kissing In Close Room! Here’s What Happened

For those who do not remember, despite the film flopping at the box office, her infamous lip-lock with Grover was much talked about.

Katrina Kaif may be one of the leading ladies in Bollywood today but her debut film is pretty forgettable. While some assume Katrina entered the Hindi film industry with the 2005 political crime thriller, Sarkar, she in fact debuted in 2003 critical and commercial failure Boom, co-starring Gulshan Grover and Amitabh Bachchan.

In today’s throwback piece, we take you the time Gulshan opened up about kissing the actress. For those who do not remember, despite the film flopping at the box office, her infamous lip-lock with Grover was much talked about. But did you know, Sr Bachchan walked in on them practising? Well, scroll down and read on about it.

As per an International Business Times report, Katrina Kaif and Gulshan Grover practised the kissing scene for two hours in a closed room before it was actually filmed. It was during this period that Amitabh Bachchan walked in and caught them locking lips.

In a past interview with a leading daily, Gulshan Grover got candid about the kissing scene with Katrina Kaif in Kaizad Gustad’s Boom. Calling it one of the most difficult sequences that he had ever done in his career, the Bad Man of Bollywood revealed that the team apparently had only two hours to shoot the lip-lock scene in a submerged aquarium at Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Continuing further, Gulshan revealed that while he was practising the lip-lock scene with Katrina, their Boom co-star Amitabh walked into the room and cheered him on. The actor concluded that this ‘cheer’ only increased his stress further.

On being asked about the same controversial scene from Boom, Katrina Kaif had once said, “What’s there to react in the first place? And what’s new about those scenes. ‘Boom’ has always been all over the Internet. I don’t deny I have done the scenes in the past but I wasn’t comfortable.”

At that time, speculations were rife that Kaif’s lip-locking scenes with Grover were chopped off from the film’s initial DVD as Salman Khan had compelled the makers to do so. Besides the above-mentioned tri, Kaizad Gustad’s Boom also starred Jackie Shroff, Padma Lakshmi, Madhu Sapre, and Zeenat Aman.
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2022.01.20 08:48 BroMandi Thermalright True Spirit 120 Rev.B Plus CPU Air Cooler $29.25 [Deal Price: $29.25]

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2022.01.20 08:48 SheepShagnStepSister Brand new Lodge dutch oven came chipped like this. Should I return it? If not, how do I fix it? TIA.

Brand new Lodge dutch oven came chipped like this. Should I return it? If not, how do I fix it? TIA. submitted by SheepShagnStepSister to castiron [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 08:48 SouthofAsia3 i keep ev training chromox for Speed and SpAtk and i tried to grind for SpAtk but for some reason it doesn't add? This is my first ev training.

i keep ev training chromox for Speed and SpAtk and i tried to grind for SpAtk but for some reason it doesn't add? This is my first ev training. submitted by SouthofAsia3 to PokemonClover [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 08:48 SufficientDistrict10 Becoming a Child - Chris's Blog

I realized recently that perhaps one of the biggest hindrances to my growth is my own arrogance, ego, ignorance, pride and evilness (which I intend to make a separate blog post about). The answer to overcoming these issues that hinder me so much is so become like a child again as Jesus described it. What this really means is that you become more accepting of things that you may otherwise disagree with and put efforts in reducing things like your arrogance, pride, ego, ignorance etc because as a child you realize that you don’t know it all and so are more willing to accept different things.
Another thing I also realized is that my cup was full, in terms of all the things that I had incorporated as part of me, arrogance, pride, choosing to be ignorant etc. This meant that I wasn’t as easily willing to accept certain things; I.e things that may be beneficial for me, but would hurt my pride and so not being like a child hindered my spiritual progress.
Furthermore, I made the analogy that everyone has their own cup of water which represents all the things that make up who they are and what they incorporate into themselves. Generally most people’s cups are full and so they already have a lot of things incorporated into them, but its unfortunate that most of those things are things that hinder progress, I.e arrogance, pride, ego, ignorance, evil etc. Therefore, its important to put efforts to emptying your cup so to speak so that you can remove all these things that are hindering your progress and so that you can become more like a child again so to speak.
In my personal experience, I already was aware of Jesus saying you should become like a child again to progress towards God, but never fully grasped its significance until I had first hand experience at how much my own ways were hindering my progress and realizing that the only way to overcome these things was to accept that I don’t know it all and become more like a child (or put efforts to become more like a child). In doing this it allows me to open myself more to new possibilities and empty my cup of water some more to that I can remove it of these things that were hindering my progress and add better, more holier things in my cup.
In conclusion, its very important to become more like a child again so that you can further progress towards God and progress in spirituality. In putting efforts to become more like a child again it will allow you to empty your cup more and allow you to more easily remove things like arrogance, ignorance, pride, selfishness, evil etc. I also realized that growth in spirituality is very much just a process of becoming less ignorant of the reality of things. I also want to add here that you can put efforts to become more like a child at any age, even if you are elderly – its never too late to make progress in spirituality.
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2022.01.20 08:48 Steffendg My BNB and Sin City is lost on Pancake Swap

Good day everyone,
I have been trying to purchase some coins off of Pancake Swap, and it has been a challenge, to say the least for me. I am new to Pancake swap and I have lost some coins through my transactions, and hope someone can help me recover them.
I had my wallet connected to pancake swap and then purchased USDT to fund the account. I was not aware that USDT was not a common coin used on PS so I tried to convert the USDT to BNB with my wallet connected.
When I had done the swap from USDT to BNB it asked me to verify the trade on my phone, so I did. Then it disconnected my phone from Pancake Swap, and it will not allow me to connect it again, and I do not know where my coins have gone.
I did an etherscan, and see the transactions but I do not know how to get them back into my wallet. There is not a ton of money in there, but I would like to get it back so I may at least let the money sit in a coin instead of BNB out there somewhere.
Can someone look at my transaction history and guide me on what I should do to get them back into my possession? Here is my wallet address...

Thanks in advance for any help you may have,
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