Igor's tinder "girls"

2022.01.20 08:42 Seanc26_ Igor's tinder "girls"

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2022.01.20 08:42 bo0ob68 Aiavatars project. Look the description to have more information. 🤐😘

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2022.01.20 08:42 -en- @BBCWorld: New Zealand and Australian aid planes to land in Tonga in hours https://t.co/G5jwvH92Ed

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2022.01.20 08:42 Thatdudewhohasnolife Cursed_Sunscreen

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2022.01.20 08:42 JeRocha Conferência pós-jogo | Académica x Rio Ave

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2022.01.20 08:42 Mortal_Glare First time player (Extra Fluffy list)

Hey folks! I have come to the great craft world Re'ddit infinity circuit in need of help. For the last couple of years i've been working on a big narrative project that basically gives me an excuse to build 1,000 points of pretty much every faction and i've finally come to building my Eldar list after seeing all the new releases. The idea is that a Necron tomb world is waking up and the nearest Eldar group saw this in a vision and so are sending a small recon force to scout out the planet and prepare for a most substantial force to arrive later.
I imagine that rangers are a must, especially the new bike ones, but with your fluffiest, casual lore brains on. What sort of stuff do you think might fit into a 1k list like this?
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2022.01.20 08:42 Dawnl3ss A Rant On .22LR and Concealed Carry

The following article is purely for entertainment purposes. The opinions expressed by the author are in no way to be taken as legal advice. Always follow proper firearms safety, read your firearm's manual and warnings on boxes of ammunition. Adhere to all Federal, State, and local laws regarding firearms in your region.
I love how so many authors go around writing like they are some kind of "operater". Any time I'm reading about a mouse gun there's a really high chance I'm going to read something like "Of course no serious hand gunner would consider .22LR effective for defense." A statement like that is opening a whole can of worms. What about the elderly? People with all manner of physical ailments? Or people who just don't have much hand strength? Those people often still need something very compact to conceal and yet can be easy to control. Often these people are on a tight budget too, so that makes feeding a .380 ACP, .32 ACP, or .25 ACP rather expensive.
When it comes to concealed carry the choices about what guns and calibers are are best become very personal. You have to pick what makes you most comfortable and safe. Outside of military and police work there isn't really a black and white division between what is and isn't going to be an effective defensive set-up for an individual. If possible it's best rent out guns and just try as many as you can before committing to one. If you inherited a gun or had to just get what you could afford then hone your abilities with the gun as much as possible and make sure it's reliable.
This notion that .22LR if ineffective is arbitrary nonsense spread by keyboard kommandos, range nazis who give advice no one asks for, and many other fake experts. To be fair there is certainly some truth to .22LR being far from a first choice for defense. It doesn't have much kinetic energy, the priming system isn't so reliable if you're not using a premium ammo like CCI. Most .22LR also isn't designed for pistols, although that's changing with the introduction of Federal Punch and Winchester Silver Tip. .22LR can certainly be lethal if it hits vitals, but like many pistol calibers it may not be immediately lethal, even with a center mass hit. .22LR handguns are often not extremely mechanically reliable, however there are some very dependable models around if one seeks them out. The Beretta 21A bobcat, M&P22 pistol, Ruger LCP 2, Ruger LCR, Taurus TX22 and PT22, along with NAA mini revolvers, as well as a few others are well known to be dependable guns especially when paired with good ammo.
Finding good defense ammo is paramount. CCI Velocitor is no slouch when it comes to performance, even in a pistol. Lucky Gunner has done extensive testing with this ammo among a myriad of other similar and very dissimilar loads. Generally CCI Velocitor came out ahead in most performance metrics.
Effective is relative and subjective to the needs and circumstances of the user. Police and military deal with completely different situations from the average civilian 9/10 times. Law enforcement and military personnel are kept to a minimum physical fitness standard and are generally speaking more than capable of handling most any caliber handgun you could give them. This idea that a caliber is objectively bad for all individuals in regards to defense is toxic and will force people into buying a firearm they can't really use and they either can't afford to or don't want to practice with because of the physical or financial pain it causes, or both for that matter.
Two affordable guns that might interest someone loot for a CC .22LR are the Taurus PT22 and the Ruger LCP 2 lite rack.
The Taurus PT22 Poly is an ideal pistol for the right person. It's ultra light and compact, reliable when fed with CCI Mini mags or similar ammo, has a decent capacity of 8+1 rounds of .22LR and if affordable around $200-$300+ right now. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty when bought new and features a tip up barrel for easy loading and unloading. That tip up barrel also means no slide racking is necessary if that is a difficult action for the user. The PT22 also features a manual safety which is a plus for new shooters who aren't yet comfortable with passive safeties only like on Glocks. The double action only trigger provides enough resistance to also reduce the chances of an accidental discharge while still being easy to manage short range shots with for most shooters.
The Ruger LCP 2 lite rack is a bit more expensive ranging from $300 to $400 depending on where you' find it. It has a 10 round magazine, low profile sights and a thumb safety that goes forward and backwards rather than up and down. These little pistols have been proving themselves in the firearms community. The slide is extremely easy to manipulate, making up for the lack of a tip up barrel. Additionally many holsters for the popular .380 ACP LCP pistols will also fit the LCP 2 .22LR. The LCP 2 lite rack can also provide a smooth transition into a .380 ACP LCP and would double as a cheap to feed practice gun.
Getting back to the ballistics debate. If we really want to go chasing after the most objectively effective defensive calibers it will be a ballistic steroid arms race. .44 Magnum Snubbies, .41 AE Desert Eagles, .454 Casull Magnum carry revolvers, 6.5 CBJ Glocks in case you get mugged by a para military unit wearing level 4 plates... All because some prick who writes articles decided "No serious gun owner would use 9mm for self defense, look at how often it fails to stop a threat even with the best ammo on the market." Approach calibers and articles with common sense, take everything you hear and read with a grain of salt until you get the full picture yourself. Thanks for reading my rant.
You don't let someone drive an 800hp drag racer when it's their first time behind the wheel. You don't make a broke college student go out and buy a 4x4 F250 diesel as a daily driver. So why force people into a situation they're not comfortable with or can't really afford with a firearm? Likewise you also don't want to turn someone loose on the interstate with a 40hp Volkswagen Beatle or start arming police with .22LR Taurus TX22 pistols.
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2022.01.20 08:42 Satanic_Garlic28 Performers of Reddit, what are your horror stories?

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2022.01.20 08:42 JustALostBoyy Thoughts? Quality? Starting to get the hang of it… keeping the flame low and practicing patience.

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2022.01.20 08:42 sommxxpa How to handle restarts while uploading files to cloud server from device

I've a device that uploads files stored on a connected SD card, to a cloud server. But the problem I'm facing now is, if there is any issue and the device restarts then how do I keep track of the last file uploaded or the last file the device was trying to upload.
I was initially thinking of storing the filename of the currently uploading file to EEPROM and keep rewriting the address. However I don't think it's a good way handling this situation/good practice. Sorry for the noob question, I'm new to this field.
The device is just an ESP32 with SD card connected that logs data into 20Mb files. I want to upload those files to a cloud server, local PC for now.
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2022.01.20 08:42 aapovaliaho Still waiting...

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2022.01.20 08:42 Fattatron3000 A new Duck Worshipper

Hey! I also happen to have worshipped the Cosmic Duck for a while, and today upon making my account, I found this! I am a devoted quacker who makes duck revolts on Discord and spread the word of the Cosmic Duck almost everywhere I go. I am devoted enough to have made a Discord server in honor. I hope my offering of feeder fish and earthworms is accepted by the Cosmic Duck.
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2022.01.20 08:42 CLGAWAY Where would you place the furtniture in this living room? Can’t figure out what the best configuration would be in this ~36sqm apartment

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2022.01.20 08:42 RLCD-Bot [Fennec] [Sky Blue Fennec: Ombre] [Black Cirrus] [Black Nucleon Clutch] [Warp Wave]

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2022.01.20 08:42 Consistent-Break-568 Question to women: do you prefer circumcised or uncircumcised men?

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2022.01.20 08:42 assagitaz Arturia & Solanca - Ways of Walking [Nothing But]

Publisher: Nothing But
Out Date: 2022-01-18
Quality: MP3 16.89 Mb / AIFF 74.20 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Arturia & Solanca - Ways of Walking / (Key Fm, BPM 120, Length 7:00)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=528026
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2022.01.20 08:42 Perfectscorer10 Davante Adams 2021 Regular Season Highlights

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2022.01.20 08:42 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://globalvoices.org/2022/01/20/police-violently-break-up-afghan-refugee-protest-in-indonesia/

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2022.01.20 08:42 chirau Why do so many pictures of Jesus have him wearing a cross?

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2022.01.20 08:42 itsNina9001 Looking for artist to animate pre-made emotes!

Posting on behalf of a friend.
We are looking an artist who will be able to animate some of our current emotes. Please plug yourself or artists you reccomend.
Thank you <3
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2022.01.20 08:42 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.euronews.com/2022/01/19/kazakhstan-president-fires-defence-minister-following-protests

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2022.01.20 08:42 CrazyTheme7789 If I have hardly any side effects does it mean it's not working as well as it should be

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2022.01.20 08:42 rqcmmdug A beautiful present for my best friend's bday.

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2022.01.20 08:42 NAFOD- Sierra Rhodd murder: Suspect also charged for unrelated assault count in alleged inmate attack

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2022.01.20 08:42 Rude-Cartographer-23 a game about the bubonic plague

I had this idea for a game about the Bubonic plague. you would play as a citizen of a small town during the plague. the game would have a currency system using coins you would use the coins to buy food and water to survive. you also need to sleep which you can do in beds you start with a normal apartment with a bed in it. each time you sleep a new day would start. you can earn coins by helping people but some people could have the plague. if you interact with people that have the plague there is an 85 % chance of getting the plague. if you have the plague there would be no way of telling. once you have the plague it's game over once you sleep. In the town, you live in there only lives 26 people 5 of them being doctors. doctors have a smaller chance of getting the plague each person would have a different name if a person has the plague the next day that person would die decreasing the population. I know this is a pretty bad idea but it's my first concept for a game
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