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He's taking a poop, let I'm alone

2022.01.20 07:08 LamaJstar He's taking a poop, let I'm alone

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2022.01.20 07:08 iiiWARCHIEFiii Free NFT Giveaway follow link

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2022.01.20 07:08 pinghome127001 Best AIO cooler for 5800x

So, im thinking about upgrading 5800x cpu cooler (currently dark rock pro 4) for better gpu accesibility and maybe better cooling performance, and i was wondering what AIO cpu coolers are the best currently, looking at both cooling performance and it being quiet. My case ir Define R6, and it says that it supports up to 420mm AIO coolers in the top, so i am wondering what benefits 420mm vs 360mm gives - more quiet ? better cooling ?
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2022.01.20 07:08 fatback88 Is suicide a trip to eternal damnation?

Hi eveybody since I'm anonymous I'd like to ask a quick question. Would suicide damn me to hell? I grew up in the church, but for some reason I've never seemed to get a good grasp on the Bible. I'd appreciate the answers
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2022.01.20 07:08 Vavrin33 Do you like Czech beer?

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2022.01.20 07:08 RonEmeraldia Saw this on Youtube, Me react to "BanG Dream vs D4DJ Community Song Ranking"

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2022.01.20 07:08 AssignmentNo247 I need my dick between a smooth ass.

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2022.01.20 07:08 iamcalifw 🌟 FlokiBonk Stealth Launched To Give Everyone A Fair Shot! ✅ Renounced Ownership💎 Admin Team From Around The World! 🔒 LP Locked for 1 Year 🔥 Dont Miss This 100x meme token! Only 0% Tax Fee

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LP locked :
This project is SAFU. This project is fun. This project will have a big day. This project will have a big future.
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2022.01.20 07:08 DaHeavnlyKid What do you listen friends call you most often?

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2022.01.20 07:08 thefunkygibbon Spider Face, Spider Face, Friendly neighbourhood Spider Face

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2022.01.20 07:08 American-Review-Org RT @org_review: RIP Bob Saget Bob Saget, a stand-up comedian and actor beloved for his role as Danny Tanner on the 1990s sitcom Full House…

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2022.01.20 07:08 SeaAdhesiveness4989 Overnight chew

Not sure if such has been posted before, but lol, I left my Rite Chew Bag (No.4) on my teeth and fell asleep at midnight. Was too lazy to even move so took it out 8AM. Didn’t die, didn’t swallow, my teeth got really brown, nicotine depleted but the bag was still tasty.
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2022.01.20 07:08 Mental-Translator601 Since all pro-choice arguments rest on this, please answer these questions: why should I believe that women have bodily autonomy and rights? What first principle does this rest upon? And why does this principle not apply to unborn children?

The above.
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2022.01.20 07:08 saleemshahk15 ALTO Millionaire Package is Still Valid

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2022.01.20 07:08 theartofoneus Time and liminality in ONEUS's Valkyrie and Twilight.

Sort of related to the ONEUS universe, this thread is my personal take on the flow and halt of time, and liminality through ONEUS's MVs. I'll also talk a bit about chiaroscuro and how the fascinating play of light and shadow in the videos contribute to the ambiance and the overall universe story.
Please note that my knowledge about these are extremely limited so most of my observations will be from whatever I know so feel free to add or correct me.
The Valkyrie MV, in its entirety, is dedicated to space and liminality. Liminality refers to an intermediate space that is often seen as a crossing from one end to the other. In many cases, it implies transition, both horizontal and vertical. The name of the song itself, Valkyrie, is suggestive. A valkyrie is a liminal deity. They are angel-like beings who deliver valient warriors who die in war to their next life in Valhalla, so they exist between life and death.
A lot of scenes take place in liminal corridor-like spaces, some of which are restricted with walls on all three sides that are visible from the vantage point of the camera, and some with a glimpse of an infinite space at the other end of the corridor. The video gives slight claustrophobic sensations where the members are shown be "struck" or situated inside these close-walled spaces. We neither see the sun nor any glimpse of the concrete outside world here. It is only a very mechanical and artificial indoor setting where the entire action takes place. However, here comes the catch. In about two frames with Seoho and Ravn, we see the universe at the other side of the liminal space. My take is that the opening that reveals a nebulous sky to us could be reminiscent of Plato's ideal world.
For those who aren't familiar, Plato, a classical Greek philosopher, postulated a theory of mimesis or imitation whereby the material world is seen to be a mere copy of the real world of Forms, which is often interpretated as Paradise in theology. In his allegory of the cave, he explicated that humans are situated inside a dark cave with their backs turned towards the ideal world so that they cannot acknowledge its existence. Only true philosophers and thinkers can access that high knowledge and people must aspire to the truth, rather than its imitation in this concrete world. As we can see, the members as well have their backs turned toward the ideal world, initially.
In this scene, Ravn is the first one to be shown to witness the nebula-like structure in the sky. Prior to this, we see rays of light fall on the faces of the other members which might imply that they are witnessing the ideal world as well. You might ask why Ravn seems to be watching a dark sky and the rest watch the sunlight. Well, my take is that the ideal world here is a universe and as physics has it, the light of the sun can only travel so long, so the entire universe wouldn't be engulfed in light. I think it also depends on the space/location from where the members watch the ideal world.
This ideal world is also about transition, as I mentioned earlier, and so is liminality. The liminal spaces indicate a movement from one place to another. In the member introduction scene, Seoho is seen elevating, which in the Platonic and Hermetic sense could be the elevation of the soul to the ideal world of Forms, to salvation. The light is shown shining vertically on Hwanwoong as well, and the scene reminds us of the narrative of the "grace of God", which also entails the ascent of the soul.
During Leedo's rap, the particular liminal space he inhabits, lined with tubes of light, looks like a negative of the rest of the corridors, which is super cool. Leedo is wearing the exact opposite colour of the outfit he wore before: black.
The basement kind of place is also very interesting in the video. It seems to a wooden structure with slender long wooden blocks supporting the ceiling. Its liminality is quite peculiar, in that it embodies both darkness and the light of the sun. Even here, we don't directly see the outside world, but only the sun rays that seep in through the wooden planks. I believe this particular space is a sort of a culmination-area where ONEUS become ready for ascent or descent. I say "ascent or descent" because we don't see all the members ascend so that's something one can think about, in terms of the ONEUS universe story. That also brings me to the idea of mobility of humans in the great chain of being. Pico della Mirandolla's On The Dignity of Man (c. 15 CE) states how humans can either rise up to reach the same status as the god head or can lower to the level of the beast. By and large, every member gets touched by sunlight so there is indeed some ascent for all.
Janus is the god of liminality or the threshold and I think this one move in the choreography for Keonhee and Leedo is similar to the figure of Janus. Keonhee moves to the other side and immediately Leedo turns toward the camera. At moments like these, I wish reddit had the option to add images so I could explain better. There is a constant representation of binaries in this video (Leedo and Seoho's Yin-Yang binary), two sides of the same coin but two different sides, nonetheless.
I think the best play of light and shade, though not chiaroscuro in its strictest sense, is where lasers of light and shadow parade through Xion's frame. It kind of gives the impression of a rotating film.
As for time in this video, I'm not sure it exists. Many oneus theories read this video as post-Helios curse so time does not exist anyway, since Helios, the sun, is time itself from a mythical point of view. Here, time is eternally suspended because Plato's eternal world doesn't have time either as far as I know.
In Twilight, the temporal plane spans around the period between early evening to dusk. The video does not show quite the twilight hour but it's almost around that time. I found some interesting stuff rewatching the MV. This is one of the very few MVs where we actually get to see the outside world but, going by Plato's eternal world idea, the world we see here is corporeal, a mere shadow of the real world that lies beyond the cave of illusions. I can back this up by referring to the scene where sand slips through Xion's fingers. From dust to dust - a Christian narrative of impermanence of life and the world. This fact of transience is also depicted through the ruined state of the place they navigate. We see broken pavillions. A recurrent motif in the Time Cycle of Shakespeare's sonnets is the ruined state of buildings which indicates demise of everything material.
The interesting thing I noticed is that Seoho is shown to be walking through a cave, and his journey is outward. The cave reminds me too much of the cave Plato talked about but here, since the world shown is the corporeal one, it could be that Seoho is at the material side of the cave, unlike in Valkyrie where the members were at the eternal side. Here too, the sunlight touches his face in the same way as in Valkyrie.
In one frame, Keonhee holds up a ring through which the evening sun shines. In Christian theology, a ring represents eternity because its path never ends. It is basically infinity. In medieval and Renaissance iconography, angels and saints are shown to have halos around their head which indicate higher eternal knowledge. Moreover, in Hermeticism, the anatomy of the universe is shown in terms of concentric rings, the outermost of which is the ring of eternity. So there is clearly some indication or aspiration to the eternal world of Forms, but then the ring falls into the cage so the aspiration gets hindered.
This video goes a long way in terms of representation of liminality as well. Rather, it shows a strange symmetry. In this particular frame where Leedo and Seoho perform the mirrored choreography, if you divide it from the middle, the two parts are absolutely symmetrical, almost like a mirror world. There are other images of mirrors and water surfaces as well that reflect a dual reality. So it was Black Mirror long before we knew it. This mirroring also pertains to Plato's idea, as has already been explained. Now, hold that thought for a post on the Black Mirror MV.
Liminality also manifests itself in a peculiar way here because we see a lot of doors and gates and it's always like the members are transitioning from one room to another. There is a large gate too, like a portal to another dimension. So, in one concise sentence, the oneus universe is always at flux.
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2022.01.20 07:08 Techkid86 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, E-YOOSO 2.4G Cordless Full-Sized Ergonomic Keyboard Mouse with Wrist Rest and 3 Level Adjustable DPI Wireless Mice, for PC, Laptop, Windows, Mac OS Desktop - Price: $13.49 With Promo Code: HARVYNMC

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, E-YOOSO 2.4G Cordless Full-Sized Ergonomic Keyboard Mouse with Wrist Rest and 3 Level Adjustable DPI Wireless Mice, for PC, Laptop, Windows, Mac OS Desktop - Price: $13.49 With Promo Code: HARVYNMC submitted by Techkid86 to DealAndSale [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 07:08 TheKidfromHotaru Finally completed my classic Unown collection. The ancient Mew was a filler haha

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2022.01.20 07:08 sushiburger12 I can't understand why my parents have never realized they are too incompetent to give advice.

Long story short, I am an Asian son in my twenties. My parents are in their 60's
My parents, especially my father like to give advice in various areas and wants me to listen to him.
I hate that because 90% percent of the time their advice is non-sense, extremely stupid, sometimes they just want to help, but it is a waste of my energy to listen to them.
My father often said, "you should listen to me because I have life experience and have read a lot of books blah blah blah".
But from my perspective, not only is their advice so stupid that cannot pass the basic logic test, but their "life experience" is actually solid proof that they are completely incompetent in certain areas. I intentionally don't go into details as it may make this post long. But one simple example like my father has never been successful in stock investment, after 30 years of learning, and he wants me to learn investment from him. How on earth does he think he is qualified to teach anyone???
As a son, I would seriously hurt his self-esteem by telling him directly "Your advice is utterly worthless, it is a waste of everyone's time, why don't you stop talking?" So my usual coping strategy is to do change the topic or just leave the area.
I want to clarify that I see myself as a humble person who proactively learns from competent people, but my parents are just ... far from competent.
So dear Redditors and parents, how would you explain this phenomenon? Also, if you were me, how would you cope with that?
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2022.01.20 07:08 newsdk Gensyn med pistol gjorde tiltalt for masseskyderi glad

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2022.01.20 07:08 newsdk Lakserester bliver til olier og proteiner

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2022.01.20 07:08 sourkimnwedges frequent urination, nervous for pelvis ultrasound.

hello, i’m a female and 21. im writing this to reach out and see if anybody else has experienced what i’m experiencing right now.
for as long as i can remember, i’ve had ‘flare up’s’ or frequent urination but they would go away after a week or two. i have been tested every time for diabetes and everything like that and always negative, i’ve had my kidneys and all that tested and always nothing wrong. i’ve also had an abdominal pelvis exam and also nothing wrong. but this time it’s different and it makes me so anxious.
this time i am going to have an internal pelvis ultrasound and i’m terrified, but i know i need to get this done because i need to get to the bottom of this and see what’s causing me to have this issue. i would love to know if anybody has also experienced this and your experience with a internal pelvis exam? also, i do not have any UTI symptoms, just more frequent urination and sometimes minor cramps?
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2022.01.20 07:08 m_1993 Muse’s Madness live performance @BBCTwo was actually something incredible. Matt’s high vocals literally send shivers down my spine. No falsetto at all.

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2022.01.20 07:08 newsdk AaB's forhandlinger med Randers FC er brudt sammen

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2022.01.20 07:08 Nusrathjahan Pafdao Hopefully, this project will be able to present itself as a much bigger project in the future.

Pafdao Hopefully, this project will be able to present itself as a much bigger project in the future. I advise to everyone to Join and get high profit. #dao #pafdao #bitcoin #crypto
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2022.01.20 07:08 swagNextTuber Forgotten Winter Olympic sports: Speed skiing

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