Ternoa: Rising NFT Blockchain Releases New Launchpad for Exciting Early Stage Participation in Quality DApps

2022.01.20 08:43 procryptoclass Ternoa: Rising NFT Blockchain Releases New Launchpad for Exciting Early Stage Participation in Quality DApps

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2022.01.20 08:43 heartsnewreddit Where can i read the DAL Light Novel?

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2022.01.20 08:43 Tripletriplesuplex Does anyone notice something up with turn prio?

i think it might be something that needs to be patched, but it seems that you are unable to respond to you're opponents phase changes (I.E activating a trap or quick effect at the end of standby phase) like you can in simulators/IRL. wondering mostly if anyone else has noticed, or if im maybe just mis-remembering my games.
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2022.01.20 08:43 Zealousideal-Cicada7 For those of you in jurisdictions who have stupidly decided to administer this exam with absolutely zero breaks despite needing to wear an n95 the entire time…

First off, I’m sorry (particularly to those with disabilities facing 9 hours (or more) of masked testing a day with zero breaks). It makes absolutely zero sense why we would need FEWER breaks than when we were AT HOME without masks on. What clown is making these idiotic decisions?
Second—have any of your jurisdictions returned to using actual booklets for the MPT/MEE or are they just picking and choosing what’s most convenient for them at this point? Like are we being forced to work with the world’s smallest glitchy window again?
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2022.01.20 08:43 pawan7000 Make FSD easier - move the camera icon nearer to the driver

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2022.01.20 08:43 osheac10 Lelit Bianca - My first espresso machine

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2022.01.20 08:43 Apprehensive_Cow_845 CFA worth it?

Hey chaps! Just cleared FRM exams and to be honest it wen't much more smoothly than expected. Thought about challenging myself by going for a CFA. What do you think? Waste of time or useful?
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2022.01.20 08:43 ZealousidealJuice287 Watch "Manipulation? Shocking revelation discussed with my Silver Bullion Dealer..." on YouTube

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2022.01.20 08:43 Average347 Sad reality

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2022.01.20 08:43 Loud_Draw_8489 Dom'le chestia cu vaccinul e ca...

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2022.01.20 08:43 Kiwizoo What is the best method for using toilet paper - the scrunch or the fold?

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2022.01.20 08:43 TronicBoy Facebook Group Marketing Mastery 2022

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2022.01.20 08:43 Hellen-Morey More than half a million Afghans jobless after Taliban takeover: ILO - The News International

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2022.01.20 08:43 thompson743 "The Ruined King" adventure didn't end well for Ahri

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2022.01.20 08:43 beautifulleyes Review 🥰

Thankyou🌸🌺they're an amazing tarot reader💖 and they also told me what i would need to do 💖. reading reasonate too🌺🌸
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2022.01.20 08:43 Hellen-Morey Seven hottest years on record have all been since 2015: UN - DAWN.com

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2022.01.20 08:43 Inevitable-Boss Hear the incredible Aston Martin Valkyrie's V12 wail on public roads

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2022.01.20 08:43 MrSinevich Twitter thread (3 posts) (2) by MrSinevich#4106

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2022.01.20 08:43 asdfpickle Anyone else experience stuttering or just lower performance in general in Iberia?

Does performance for anyone else go down when driving in Iberia, particularly in southern Spain and just about all of Portugal? I don't have a great gaming PC by any means, but with my specs (Core i5 4440S @ 2.8GHz; 8 GB RAM; and Intel HD Graphics 4600), ETS2 is certainly playable.
Stuttering does occur, though in most parts of the map it only stutters for fractions of seconds, and not very often, at that. Otherwise, I'm able to run the game at okay settings at around 20 to 40 frames, which for someone like me who has never played on a gaming PC, is perfectly fine by me. What isn't fine is when the aforementioned stutters occur more often, and there's no place in the map that seems to stutter worse than Iberia.
I took a job from Sassari, Italy, to Faro, Portugal, via Barcelona and Seville. During this job, performance was okay from the beginning up until I got to about the middle of Spain, where stuttering began to really take its toll. It seemed as if from about Córdoba to Faro, every five seconds were greeted with two or three seconds where I was completely frozen, over and over. I lowered my graphics as I neared Faro, which decreased the length of the stutters, though they were still happening far more often than I would've liked. The whole time this was happening, I was getting less than average frames, though I really would've had no complaints with lower frames if not for the stutters, as without them, it would've been perfectly playable.
To contrast, immediately after this job I increased my graphics back to where they were originally and took a job from Södertälje, Sweden to Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine. This time, performance was far better. During the entire job, I probably only stuttered a few times, and each time it was for fractions of seconds. My frames during this job were also back to where they usually were. Why is it that my PC was able to handle this job so much better than the first? I know it's something to do with Iberia, as yesterday I took a job from A Coruña to Lisbon, and I also experienced the same awful stuttering; I even had to reload after crashing in Porto because the lag left me unable to turn in time.
Currently on 1.43, with the latest versions of ProMods, PM Middle East, PM trailer and company pack, RusMap, Southern Region, Romania Extended, Paris Rebuild, and the Red Sea Map, and no other mods. After posting, I will try driving through the laggy areas without mods as a test.
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2022.01.20 08:43 UnfairlyLoved My husband is faithful but only because he feels obligated to do so..

My husband I have been together for 12 years. We are both 30 and I could not imagine my life without him. We have 4 beautiful kids and he’s just the best father to them. We had a very rocky start in our marriage just like any other couple. It was rough. But even with the years between us, I started to notice my husband wasn’t happy.. As in, He wasn’t happy being with me.
So one night after the lights were off, the kids asleep and we were in bed, I finally had the courage to bring it up to him and I opened up about it. He actually surprised me by unleashing everything he'd been holding back from me. (He's kind of reserved most of the time, it's how he's always been.) Now I'm a hot head to be honest, and listening to it all without getting angry was very hard for me.
He told me he thought we had gotten married too young and sometimes he wished we could Just have separated, but the only thing that made him stay was he couldn’t bear to see another man raising his kids had I decided to start dating someone else. He even went as far as telling me he fantasized about girls at work because they were always attracted to him, (he's a very attractive man) and he was especially attracted to a very close cousin of mine (who is married with kids). His biggest fantasy is having a damn threesome. But he's never acted out on any of his thoughts because he knows he's married and that he loved me and the kids still, but just not in the way I wanted him to love me... I listened quietly to him in the dark without a single interruption (that's a first) but at the same time I was deeply hurt. I was silently crying which he didn't know and Just hurt and sad and heart broken all at the same time. Just so many emotions. I just felt so betrayed but for some reason I ended up being the one apologizing for not being a better wife I suppose... after the "talk" he said he felt so much better that I allowed him to open Up without any criticizing or nagging and that he wishes I could be more open like that. This has happened about a month ago.. and to be honest I haven't been the same since it's happened. I've been a complete wreck and just so devastated while he's just been happy-go-lucky and telling me he's felt like our relationship has changed for the better. But deep down I'm miserable. I've been miserable since that "talk"... been miserable since realizing that I am just someone he settled for because we have kids together and that he could just one day have an affair behind my back and leave me... I don't know.
I guess what I'm looking for on here is not for a space to just vent, but also to hear from anyone who is going through something similiar or just has any kind of advice or suggestion that could help steer me in the right direction. Do I continue to be "supportive" and act as if nothing or his thoughts happened and not make a big deal, or should I put my big girl pants on and leave? I just don't know what to do. I just don't know anyone I could love, the way I love this man. Just sucks.
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2022.01.20 08:43 tickh3a4 Coincidence? I think not!

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2022.01.20 08:43 Odd_Refrigerator1592 Ads aren't showing

I'm so excited to release my game!
Would appreciate some help, as I'm stuck in the final stretch and I'm not able to add Ads like I've planned. This is the code:
public void PlayAd()
Debug.Log("reached playAd");
if (Advertisement.isInitialized)
Debug.Log("advertisment is initialized");
Debug.Log("Video is showing");
the phrase "Video is showing" appears in the console, but no video, nor window is showing.
Why isn't it working?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.20 08:43 TronicBoy Kickstarter Mastery 2022

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2022.01.20 08:43 GoneToDevNull Coinberry Referral Code - $30 bonus when you sign up with Coinberry and buy/sell $50 worth of cryptocurrency (Canada)

$30 bonus when you sign up with Coinberry and buy/sell $50 worth of cryptocurrency! No holds, can withdraw anytime.
Link: https://app.coinberry.com/users/sign_up?referred_by=3cbaf699b10
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2022.01.20 08:43 Hellen-Morey New law, new hope - DAWN.com

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